HI Spy: What riding discipline would you most like to try?


    Carriage driving competitionThere’s a lot more to the world of equestrian sport than simply English and western riding. When you break it down to each discipline, there are dozens to choose from.

    If you’re like most equestrians, you probably tend to stick with one specialty. Sure, you may have dabbled in another discipline. Perhaps you occasionally trade in your dressage saddle for a western trail ride, or maybe you’ve taken a break from barrel racing to give jumping a try. Perhaps you started out in one sport but then fell in love with another and never looked back. Whatever the case, most riders pick their favorite and stick with it, but that doesn’t mean those other sports don’t sometimes sound appealing.

    This month, we want you to share your thoughts on which discipline you’d most like to try. Has the reining craze gotten to you? Are you intrigued by gaited breeds? Do you day dream about 100-mile endurance rides? Think your horse would look dashing pulling a carriage? Click on “Submit a Comment” below to tell us about what new-to-you equestrian sport you’d like to try. Some of the responses may appear in a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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    1. I think cross country would be so fun! I am an english rider, and for the most part I focus on dressage. Sometimes I dream about eventing one day, but the cross country portion of the sport is the only discipline I haven’t tried yet. I can imagine the adrenaline rush and the feeling of soaring over the fun jumps all over the course. I would absolutely love to try cross country sometime, and then maybe even do some eventing!

    2. I’ve always dreamed of riding dressage. Right now my horse and I ride hunters at a lesson barn, which is great because boarding is cheap but the horses are still well taken care of. I like to jump, but I’ve never found the danger all too thrilling. I like the closeness between horse and rider in dressage, and I read about it all the time and I imagine my horse and I having that connection. But there aren’t any dressage stables in my area, and moving barns would probably break my heart anyways. Maybe someday…

    3. I would like to try dressage. i always see videos of dressage. The movement of the horse is beautiful. And how horse and rider are like one. It’s so pretty to watch dressage at shows or horse clinics. Dressage is always one of my favorite events to watch, and i would to try it out on a fully trained dressage horse!

    4. I have been riding western the past few years and now want to return to the riding i realize i love far more than western. English requires more skill and focus than western and most of the sports in eastern riding requires far more bond than western. at my stable i ride a incredible English mare .i would love love love to someday try eventing on her. if i ever went into anything with her it would be her and my first competition with would be great. we work really well together. but Stella is still a horse in training and we both have miles to go but someday i promised her we could compete together. i know that will happen to. i really want to ride eventing for these reasons 1dressage is so beautiful and requires much skill 2 jumping seems like it would be so amazing being able to fly like Beezie madden and Gina miles do they are my idols and i someday hope to be just like them 3 i wonder if any jumping sport could be the thrill of soaring over those huge cross country jumps and bursting out of water and doing all the great cross country things

    5. I used to want to try western, but found that their was practically no contact between the rider seat and the horse and I thought the legs (that I had seen) were very loose and wobbly. I thought that riding in the saddle was too much like a sofa, and am not a fan of the western bits. It’s back to snaffles, jumping, dressage, and x-country for me! But I do respect those who ride western, they just have a different taste than me

    6. WoW, doesnt anyone who goes on horsechanel ride western adn enjoy it? good grief i could say that English is a lot of work but many people who go from English to western are pleased! maybe Ill stick to the western columns if western riding is going to be ridiculed. although i would like to ride english.

    7. I’m very excited about starting to learn Classical Dressage, starting with a clinic with Dominique Barbier! I just bought my own horse, a Kirber Felver, and moved to a barn that strictly trains in classical dressage and driving. They have amazing Lusitano and Lippizaner stallions!! I would also love to try a type of dressage called Prix Caprilli, which is a dressage class that involves jumps as well.

    8. I would love to try jumping! I ride Western and jump crossrails bareback sometimes, but it’s so much fun! Even over small jumps, I feel like I’m like I’m free. I can’t imagine the thrill of jumping high! My second choice would be reining. My favorite horse idol is Stacy Westfall and I would love to hear a crowd cheer after I did a sliding stop!

    9. I ride hunter-jumpers and love it. But I have to say I would love to try x-country. Thr skill and trust that is required is what I believe true horsemanship. This spring my mare and I are going to try an extremly basic x-country course and see how we like it, I’m so excited!

    10. I do Pony Club and basic eventing. I would love to try driving. It looks like so much fun! The communication between horse and driver is incredible. That would be so cool to experience that level of communication.

    11. I ride several disciplines, both English and Western, but one discipline I’ve always wanted to try is sidesaddle. I love the elegance and tradition associated with riding aside, and I think that it would be a real challenge!

    12. I have ridden both English and western for awhile and I’ve always wanted to try jumping. There has to be great bond and a lot of cooperation between horse and rider. I think jumping would be the best way to show off my horse.

    13. I have always been interested in dressage and endurance, but currently I jump my Arabian cross mare. She is an excellent jumper with enough energy for five horses, and she has even pulled off flying lead changes without me even asking her, as well as a few other dressage manouvers. I would like to try dressage and eventing sometime in the future, but I do not plan to compete in 3-day eventing as I want to focus on jumping right now.

    14. If I could try any new horse sport it would have to be cutting. I feel that cutting looks so interesting and exciting. Also it requires alot of skill to compete in, so it would be a challenge!

    15. If I could try any new horse sport it would have to be cutting. I feel that cutting looks so interesting and exciting. Also it requires alot of skill to compete in, so it would be a challenge!

    16. I just recently re-entered the horse world after taking time off to attend school and raise a family. I’m currently taking western riding lessons and plan to show my paint mare this summer but would love to experience endurance riding and perhaps dressage one day.

    17. I started riding and training in dressage when I was young. In my free time I ran barrels at an arena near my house but never competed. I have tried jumping also. I’d like to learn cutting and heading and healing.

    18. Well, I’m already doing my dream sport…dressage. My horse and I are a team like we have never been before and he and I are learning so much about ourselves and each other. 🙂
      But if I wanted to try a different sport, what about sidesaddle? In fact, I heard there is even dressage under sidesaddle so that might be a consideration for a future endeavor!
      I also think that jumping would be fun, long-distance trail riding, endurance,….or vaulting!! Wow there is just so many fun ones out there I just might try a little bit of all of them!

    19. Other than just pleasure riding, either western or english, I have only truly done jumping, and only a small bit. I have always been interested in dressage and finally have the horse for it. I love the gracefulness and cool moves you get to do, it makes you feel like a professional! I have also been wanting to eventually do long distance riding for a fun side thing to keep my horse and me in really good shape.

    20. I started taking lessons from someone who teaches dressage and jumping lessons, and I loved jumping immediately. However, once I started to work on first level dressage movements, I realized that as adrenaline-filled as jumping is, there is nothing more magical than dancing with your horse and knowing that you’re completely connected in mind and spirit. That connection, in my opinion, is far more fulfilling than getting through a course of jumps cleanly.

    21. I would love to go foxhunting. I have taken a couple of months of dressage lessons, tried some eventing lessons, and mainly ridden hunters and equitation, but the idea of riding across the countryside in the morning sounds perfect. I guess it’s not that far of a stretch from what I have already done, but it’s at the top of my horsey “Things To Try” list.

    22. I would like to try cutting. I have an old retired cowhorse and at some point would like to add a couple cows to my farm to have my old girl show me what she can do.

    23. I would like to try jumping! I watch all my friends jump and my favorite Olympians (Beezie Madden) jump. But all I do is western, so I would try jumping, because it looks like so much fun!

    24. I think it’d be neat to try horseball! I suck at basketball and I suck at riding so we’d better name it looking-like-a-stupid-human-101! Still looks like a laugh and tons of fun though!

    25. I’d like to try trail competition. It looks like fun while being age appropriate for me. I’m too old to start jumping anything or running around poles or barrels.

    26. Im still in the process of training my 5 y.o thoroughbred. We are dabbling in jumping and dressage, but I would really like to do some cross-county and endurance with him too!

    27. I would like to try competitive Barrel Racing. I have a horse who is very good at cutting and another horse who is young and needs something to do. He is very good at turns and when he goes to the barrels he just loves it! He just has the spirit for it. That would be fun for me as well as him.

    28. I would love to try Rocky Mountain Horse showing I’am lucky that I get to be involved around/with them a lot and almost everyday a week. Since I work for a farm, who only owns and breeds RMH horses! I’am also very interest in trying Reining, Barrel racing and Western Pleasure!

    29. I would so try jumping! It looks so fast and fun! I always watch my favorite Olympic rider (Beezie Madden) Jump and so now I want too! It might be hard though because I ride Western so I would totally have to change everything.

    30. I would want to try reining and english jumping. I want to try reining because its fast and your slides through the sand. I want to try jumping because I like to jump barrels and thats what I do now so I think I should give reining and jumping a try. My horse already knows how to jump barrels so I should touch up her skills a little bit. She loves to go fast and she runs barrel really well so maybe she would like doing some slide stops. Maybe she would have fun with both of those events.

    31. I have always dreamed of attempting Dressage. I am a show jumper and I enjoy it, but ever since I have seen riders like Anky Van Grunsven and Nicole Uphoff, I have had an interest in the discipline.

    32. Well I already do hunters, jumpers, dressage and some combined training. I’ve also dabbled into western and trail/ ranch horse classes. So I guess I would like to try vaulting, but there isn’t anything like that around where I live.

    33. I did some training level Dressage in my teens & I participate in trail locally and open pleasure classes. I would love to learn the basic of jumping although I would keep it below 2 feet. I have issues with my back & it would limit me. I still think it would be fun!

    34. I am a commited dressage rider, and I love the sport, but saddle seat has intriqued me. I watched Scottsdale online, and watching those beautiful horses with stunning movement and action trotting and cantering around the ring amazed me. I also viewed the reiners, and it was unlike any western sports I have ever seen! They have impulsion and coordination any dressage rider would envy. It really goes to show that every discipline is beautiful in its own way.

    35. I have always ridden Western all my life. I have never done anything else but i want to learn how to show jump, do dressage, and eventing cross country. I want to try this because i want to know how the ones that make a living doing it feel as they fly over a jump or do flying changes across the dressage ring.

    36. I’ve dabbled in lots of English disciplines; I’ve tried jumpers, crosscountry, dressage, Gymkhana games, and I even show in huntseat. But one thing that I’ve always wanted to try is jousting! I’ve seen both the sport and performance jousting and both look really fun.

    37. I have done dressage, western pleasure, barrel racing, and trail riding. I’m loving dressage still, but what would be really fun to try is Competitive Trail Riding. I love the thought of cantering along trails and having fun with the scenery, but yet get a ribbon for it!

    38. I just want to ride! I am about to begin to take lessons, and I’ve decided on dressage! It looks like ballet, but on horseback! It fascinates me how anything can be so graceful and beautiful! Though my friends jump, I just wanto do dressage!

    39. If i could switch to a new equestrian sport, it would probably be sidesaddle riding.I usually ride western, and do not like english. i can’t seem to stay on the saddle! and ive done everything in western. barrels,pole bending, western pleasure, horsemanship (not saying i couldn’t get better at all of those) because i certainly could!!!

    40. I would love to try barrel racing. I love how fast you are going to get a good time and the skill needed for horse and rider to quickly gallop around each barrel. This is just a dream, but maybe some day it will be a reality.

    41. If I chose to start another equestrian discipline, it would most likely be endurance riding. I’d enjoy being in the saddle all day and looking at the different scenery.

    42. If I could try any equestrian discipline, i would try endurance. When I was a little girl i would always dream about riding my trusty steed across the entire United States. I’ve always wanted to do that. The band the riders seem to have with their horses is really close. I’d love to bond like that.

    43. I have always wanted to ride a cross-country course. I love going over fences in a normal jumping ring, but galloping across fields and jumping over interesting and challenging combinations of fences seems like so much fun! It’s like an obstacle course for the horse and rider. I appreciate the athleticism and training that must go into a discipline like that.

    44. If I could try anyone I would try to do show jumping. I am a western rider but, I would like to try to show jumping because I want to feel free and to glide throught the air.

    45. I’ve done Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage (my one true love and discipline), along with some shorter endurance rides and trail riding, but… the one equestrian sport I would erally love to try is: Horseball! It looks fun, competitive, and thrilling (as well as very challenging!!).

    46. The discipline that I would love to try would be reining. I went to a reining clinic this weekend and know a trainer who trains reining horses and it looks like a lot of fun. I would love to have a horse that is that responsive.

    47. I don’t know. I already do Hunter/Jumper, but other than that, I would probably love to try some western sport. Maybe reining. I am a daredevil and I love horses that are too!

    48. I’ve ridden english for 8 years, and am excited to start riding western. The discipline I want to try the most is Barrel Racing. I can’t wait to compete in it.

    49. I have always wanted to try horse racing but unfortunately a 5′ 8″ jockey isn’t in high demand on the race tracks right now!

    50. I have always wanted to try driving, but have never really had the opportunity. But I always look for just a “chance.”

    51. Right now, I am a hunter rider, but I must say I am drawn to the sport of eventing. The combination of dressage, show jumping, and cross-country really displays the natural athleticism and power of the horse. Both the horse and the rider need to be in peak condition, with perfect communication and harmony with each other. From the speed and adrenaline rush of the cross-country course, the elegance and precision of the dressage ring, and finally the challenge of the jumping round, I think the eventing horse and rider team can be considered true athletes at any level.

    52. I do a little bit of jumping and alot of barrels but i like both of them. Me and my sister are on jumping right now but in the summer we go on to barrels. I think that barrels are my favorit.

    53. I would love to try endurance riding and TREC. Unfortunately they don’t have TREC anywhere near me, but hey! I’m not in great enough shape anyway!

    54. i think that vaulting would be something really cool to try. If I had a smooth, bomb proof horse I would really consider starting it. The way the rider makes it look so easy is amazing, it’s like ballet on horseback. It would be a huge change from jumping!

    55. I am a hunter/jumper rider and a barrel racer, but I have always wanted to try reining and cutting. They look like so much fun!

    56. I recently made the switch from dressage to hunter and it has been quite the learning experience! I think that everyone should challenge themselves to enjoy horses from a new perspective at one point or another in their lives. I have always wanted to try endurance trail riding – although trails are the funnest part of summer, they cause me anxiety worrying about the next “big scary monster” I might encounter,even if it’s only a darting squirrel! I think it would be great to conquer the trails and strengthen my bond with my horse at the same time!

    57. I grew up riding hunters and huntseat equitation, so I mainly stick to that. Over the winter I had a chance to take 5 top-notch reining lessons and it was so much fun! I’d like to try it all, but I think cutting looks like maybe the most fun!

    58. If I could seriously try any discipline, I think it’d be barrel-racing. I love watching it, and I think it’s amazing at how much courage those girls have. It seems like so much fun to be able to go that fast and be that close with your horse, and hopefully one day I’ll get to try it.

    59. I want to try valting. I have done some but haven’t gottin real serios. I love cross-country and jumping and would highly recomend it to Somone how hasn’t tryed it.

    60. I would love to do Jumpers! I just rescued a Crabbet Arabian, who happens to be built quite nicely for jumping. I know that with hard work, determination, and maybe some sweat and blood, her and I can master any discipline!

    61. I am right now just taking lessons, but would love to try jumping! I can already do jumps…but not very well, need a lot more practice. I’d also like to try dressage, eventing, and barrel racing. but barrel racing looks a little bit dangerous for the horse, so I have to look at it online and do some research.

    62. I would love to try jumping, but my family is afraid. They go on and on about how dangerous it is. Then again, they also went on and on about the dangers of being near horses and that didn’t stop me.

    63. I would like to try barrel racing or pole bending. I currently trail ride, but my horse is really speedy and we both love to gallop! I hate to admit it but I currently ride in an english saddle even though I like western sports, looks like I might have to get a western saddle if I plan to try these new disciplines, I can just see it now: My horse and me all dressed in western clothes, with an english saddle! Talk about the laughing stock!

    64. I have ridden western my whole life, and in just the past year I am switching my quarter horse to eventing. I have always wanted to try Jumping and Dressage and I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful trainer that would help me with my dream discipline! I will never go back!

    65. I used to do western but then I fell in love with jumping! I think that if I ever tried Western again I would want to do reining. It’s so high speed and I think I’d love the challenge!

    66. When I started riding horses I did Western. I really liked it. Then I was good at that, but then I started English riding. I wanted to try Jumping, I was good at that for awhile. When I started to fall off like one time and 3 other times I wanted to do Dressage. And now I love it. I was in my first Dressage Horse Show last September. I will be in it again. I love Dressage the most.

    67. I ride Western all the time and I absolutely love trail riding. I have tried English and I just don’t enjoy it. My friend and I are going to try and get into competitive trail riding. I think it sounds like so much fun!!

    68. I’ve been fortunate enough to try many things. From Western to Dressage, I’ve jumped some, I’ve gone on long trail rides through the woods and down the roads. I’ve tried my hand at reining…but what i would really love is to ride a professional reining horse. Or a professional dressage horse. While you can say you ride it. Its completely different when you ride a well seasoned athlete.

    69. I have always wanted to try Saddleseat. The high powered horses look like so much fun. I have been riding huntseat and western, but it is always nice to get out and try something new.

    70. I’m an endurance rider now, but I’ve always wanted to try cross country. I like that it requires a variety of different techniques, and It combines two of my favorite things to do: Trail riding and jumping!

    71. I’m a Westerny, cow-poke Cowgirl that loves everything Western riding. But I’ve always had a special spot in the corner of my heart for Dressage. Who says a Quarter horse sliding to a perfect stop isn’t as glamorous as a tall Warmblood prancing in place? If I had the opportunity I’d give Dressage a try.

    72. I’m a Western rider, but I’d love to try out Eventing. It seems like it would be a great challenge and so much fun, too!

    73. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I do a lot of trail riding/camping with my horse and take part in some gymkanas. If I could try any discipline it would be jumping!

    74. I would love to try driving, I have two horses, well matched in size and appearance, and would love to hitch them up and go for a nice ride in the country!

    75. Driving. I forgot how much fun it is, until recently when I had the opportunity to revisit it after 20+ years. Now which horse should I train?

    76. I want to jump with my horse, I have been working with him and he has got a handle on it. Now I just need to learn how to ride english and to jump.

    77. I’ve been riding and training horses for about 10 years. Started out h/j, took 2 years lessons on it, and natural horsemanship. Then I switched to western, and did a little bit of pleasure, then went to pole bending. I do most of my riding bareback…bareback jumping is tons of fun. But this year, I hope to start roping and cutting. I think those would be very interesting.

    78. I would love to try dressage. I am a jumper and bareback rider. I normally ride the school horses(who aren’t trained to do dressage). I am probally getting a mare this summer because my ex-racehorse was sold because he had very bad laminitis. I hope to learn dressage within 2 years!

    79. I would like to try Show Jumping or 3 day eventing. It would be a whole new experience for me. I ride western and barrel race but I know there is more out there than speed horses with quick turns. I think Jumping would really challenge me and my horse as a team and help us improve.

    80. I would love to try Steeple chasing. It looks like the cross-country phase of eventing yet a lot less complicated and way FASTER

    81. I would probly try reining I want to get into it and my horse already knows how. I am a little afraid to try the last time i rode my horse western I got bucked off!

    82. I would like to try barrel racing. the speed of the sport looks thrilling. i hope the speed doesn’t scare me if i try it!

    83. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at barrel racing. I’d love to be able to experience the thrill of turning around a barrel and top speed and being able to do something my mare would really enjoy!

    84. ive always been a trail rider, who loads up and goes to a few local open/fun shows now and then. the contest games are really fun. i just love the speed events! i am thinking about getting more seriuos about barrels, and other contest classes, with my qh this year. but i think eventing would be neat to try. i like dressage, im simply amazed by the things those horses can do!, jumping looks fun, and cross country looks even more fun with speed and jumping combined! there are just so many cool disciplines out there, who can pick just one?!

    85. If I could do any other discipline besides Hunter/Jumpers, I would probably do barrel racing. I’ve tried it a couple of times with friends, and it was a lot of fun.

    86. If I could do something else… It would probably be barrel racing. It’s always been a dream of mine, and when looking for a horse I childishly asked my cousin if the western pleasure horse I was looking at could run barrels! I have actually tried it with my western pleasure horse and I absolutely love it even though he is too slow for them. =)

    87. I’d love to go ripping across a track on a tall, sleek, elegant Thoroughbred as a Jockey, but genetics and all gave me a bit too much in the height department.

    88. I’ve been riding both English and western for a quite a long time. I love both styles but I would really like to do some jumping! But you know, people have to realize that there lucky just to have a horse and get to be around them.

    89. I’ve been riding both styles for quite a time and love them both, but I’d really like to try some jumping and pleasure. But people have to realize how lucky they are just owning a horse!

    90. I would like to try riding barrels, or just western. I currently trail ride and jump. My horse really enjoys galloping and can turn really quick, so I think she would enjoy barrel racing, and if she snjoys it so do I!

    91. I started out riding western pleasure,But at age 8 I saw the big warmbloods preforming the pieffe’s and canter piofette’s and the passage. I told my mom i wanted to do that and i did dressage for a year until i feel in love with jumping and since then I’ve never looked back.

    92. I would love to try polo. I ride western and love speed events like barrel racing. Having to concentrate on something like hitting the ball while galloping would be an intriguing challenge.

    93. i would love to try western– any kind; regning, western pleasure, stockseat, trail. i ride only english and it would be fun to try a new dicipline!

    94. You see I have a hunter and I really want to try dressage with him but I started showing him last year and I don’t want to be him to be not as good after all I only went to 3 shows last maybe after a few more ribbons until I try dressage

    95. I would love to try vaulting. I think that it would be so crazy and fun to do things like backflips and cartwheels on a cantering horse!

    96. I’m the trail riding type and occassional gaming. I’d really like to give endurance riding a whirl. O f course my horse is WAY too out of shape for that!

    97. I would love to get more deeply into the reining craze. Not because is the latest western trend, but because it is simply so beautiful and just a blast. Also, I’d really love to do some cross-country riding. Bring on the adrenaline!


    99. If I could try any dicipline it would be western. I am an english rider with a horse that has non-stop energy. It would be fun to do western because I am used to an extremly fast horse. Going nice and slow would be relaxing!

    100. I always thought it would be fun to be an endurance rider because you don’t have to get of your horse for a long time!

    101. I would really like to try endurance. My riding instructer used to do it and it sounds like so much fun! I wuold also like to do more cross-country. I have a small course at the barn but I like to get out more and try the whole thing.

    102. I have always wanted to try australian riding- it looks so comfertable. And i think it would be cool to do endurance riding. I love seeing all the scenery and going on long trailrides!

    103. I’ve always wanted to try barrel racing because it looks like alot of fun.I own a quarter horse gelding and his previous owner used to race him.The sport looks fun and fast!

    104. I would LOVE to try the rescue thing. It’s where you’re on a horse and you gallop out to your partner in the center of a ring. Your partner jumps on the back of your horse and you gallop back out of the pen.

    105. I used to show in jumpers, dressage, and eventing; now I mostly trail ride with my mare, but I would love to get into endurance riding. There’s a lot of dedication to fitness and knowledge with that particular discipline, and I’m interested in learning more about it.

    106. I have tried pretty much every other discipline besides vaulting! I think it would take some true courage to hop up onto a horse’s back and do something like a cartwheel or a backflip!

    107. I’ve driven a cart, which I was 50-50 with. I’ve showjumped and am now competiting in Hunters. I would love to try some more dressage, or endurance riding. Cross country – even? My friend is going to train her yearling to rope. She wants me to get a Roping horse so we can do some team roping. That’s on my list of things to try!

    108. I would like to try driving. It seems like a lot of fun! It would be a big change from hunter/jumper. I am always ready for a challenge!

    109. I want to try Cross-Country. I like going fast and jumping. I have done Hunter/Jumper and just love the feel going over the jump like I am flying and I think Cross-Country would be a amazing to try.

    110. I can’t choose!!! All the horse sports are awesome!! I ride hunter/jumper. I would love reining, or cross country, or anything else that involves riding horses!!

    111. I am a western rider now, but one sport that I can’t wait and dream of doing is reining. I love to see the horses give it their all. Seeing the horses slide across the arena is magic. Showing the power and ability of the horse, putting them to the test. Freestyle is so fun to watch. Seeing the horses and riders dressed up and coming up with their own patterns is so fun to watch. Not to mention the things people dress up as.

    112. I am dedicated to hunt seat, but I have always found dressage very incredible. I would love to try riding a dressage horse and feel their powerful body underneath me. The way those horses move is amazing. I wouldn’t like to do it forever, but I would love to just try!

    113. I am a Dressage rider and a Huntseat rider. I have been riding for 15 years!! But I really want to try western pleasure like just western in general! B/C All of the people at my barn do western EXCEPT 4 ME!!!!!! So Im like the only one who does Dressage and musical freestyles!!

    114. I would probably try gaming. I would like to try pole bending and barrel racing, but I’m scared of how fast it would be. I think some day I will try gaming in the show ring.

    115. I would love to ride in Endurance races, drive a bit more than I already do and horse racing 🙂
      I put Indiana as my state randomly, don’t live in America

    116. I have ALWAYS wanted to compete in show jumping but i had fallen in love with endurance racing and striving to win a 100-mile endurance race!

    117. I do eventing and hunter/jumpers now with a little local western pleasure on a friends mare. I would really like to try reining though. That friend also has a new horse that is trained to rein and got me interested in it.

    118. I have always wanted to try show jumping, riding show hunters, or hunter hacks. Even though I ride western on a quarter horse. Who refuses to jump.


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