HI Spy: If you could ask your horse one question, what would it be?


    What is the one question you would ask your horse?The language barrier between horses and humans can be cause problems in an otherwise harmonious relationship. You can sort things out most of the time, but occasionally, your horse presents a mysterious quirk. Wouldn’t life be easier if you had a horse-to-English translator?

    If you had the opportunity to ask your horse a single question, what would it be? Would you want to know what’s so scary about those purple flowers by the barn door? Or why he insists on chewing up his blankets? Or what he was doing out in the pasture when he got that scrape on his left hock?

    Perhaps you’d go for a more philosophical slant. What does he think of humans? Does he mind being ridden, or would he prefer to be left alone?

    Or would you succumb to the temptation to seek affirmation from your horse? Does he really like you? Does he like you better than his previous owners? What could you do to make him like you better?

    Tell us what you want to ask your horse by clicking “Submit a Comment” below. Choose carefully! You only get one question.

    Some of the answers may appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated. One selected response may be selected by the editors to win a monthly prize! If you would like to be eligible for the prize, please include your email address in the comment form (email addresses are not publicly displayed.)

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    1. If I could ask my horse one question I would problably ask her “what was the happiest day of your life?” I hope she would say,”The first day I met you”,because I know that was the the happiest day of my life.

    2. There are so many questions I want to ask my horse, but the one that I desire to ask her more than any other is, “What can I do to better serve you?” I hope with all my heart that her response would be, “Nothing more than you do now.”

    3. I would probably ask my horses- is this what you want out of life? or are you happy with your life? My biggest thing is that my horses are happy and healthy and doing something that suits them. It’s not fair to make a horse that so badly wants to run to be a pleasure horse, or to try to turn a dressage star into a racehorse. Ultimately happiness is the biggest thing!

    4. I would ask my horse “Do you really enjoy me caring for you and riding you?” and I would hope she would respond with “I love when you come and see me and I am glad to have such an amazing rider guiding me but you can give me some more grain every once and a while.” I love my horse and I hope she loves me back.

    5. I would ask my welsh mare,Kadie, about her background. Where she was from, and how they treated her. I’d ask her if she’s ok with me getting another horse to run barrels on. I’d tell her I love her a ton and that I’m very proud of her. (She places in trail shows all the time) šŸ™‚ I all ways wish I could find out what she’s thinking!

    6. I would ask her what she likes to do best! and tell her thats what will do for the rest of your life! Theres nothing i like more then pleasing my horse!

    7. My daughter’s horse Shiloh has some neurological problems that causes her back to be sore and drag her hind legs. I would love to ask her where it hurts so that we can pinpoint the area that needs help. I hate seeing her in pain and wish so badly that we could “fix it”.

    8. I’d really like to know what her previous owners were like and whether that is why she lacks trust in humans. Seems like no matter how far I get the slightest thing sets her back. I’d tell her that I’m not gonna give up on her though.

    9. I would ask my lazy Quarter Horse gelding,”WHY ARE YOU SO CONTROLLED BY YOUR STOMACH?!” All he ever wants to do is eat!It doesn’t matter whether I’m grooming him or riding him….he ALWAYS wants to eat!

    10. i would ask my horse, if he thinks the way wa humans use them in their life is what they really want. I would want to see if he enjoys living and working with me or if he would like to be free like a mustang. we never ask a horse for their opimion on being used for work. i think it would be interesting to see what they though of about being used this way!

    11. My horse is deaf, so I’d love to look her in the eye and tell her how much I love her and need her. I always tell her when I go out to the barn, but it’s different with her being deaf. We have a very special bond.

    12. wow lets see to sum up my questions i guess i would have to narrow it down to this lakota do you trust me the way i trust you so we can ride without ever having any accidents for you or me…now if there was one thing i could tell him it would be that i am sorry you had to meet thhat stud through the fence and loose the hide you did but as hard as it was for you … it was harder on me to see you that way and to know you were torn threw two layers and as well threw your hide but the time i spent with you in caring for you was very much worth it as the vets said that you would take up to a year to heal and because you are four and i was so dedicated to you …you healed in one month three days i love you more then words can say but when i pull into my yard in my truck and you come running with that nay i know you to do not have the words to say how much you love me to

    13. If I could ask the horse I ride one question, it would be about his history. He is 20 years old, with interesting bloodlines. He has halter champions in his blood, along with Count Fleet, a Triple Crown winner I’d love to ask him to tell his stories about his past, and all the stuff his last owner missed out on. It would be cool to hear all those stories of years ago.

    14. I would ask him if he misses me as much as I miss him. I have had to board him for the last 5 years and I miss him so Badly.

    15. I think I would ask my horse if she loves me. Of course, I might also ask why she won’t stand still in cross-ties. Or for the farrier.

    16. I ride a nervous Connemara mare who thinks that just about everything is scary! Nothing ever changes in the ring, but she always thinks there are boogy monsters lurking to get her around every jump, gate, wall, etc. So I would ask her, what can I do to make these things not bother you anymore? I would love to experience a pleaure ride together with no frantic leaps in the air or spooking! And I think she would be much happier in the long run too!

    17. I would ask my horse what everyone wonders: What is it like to be a horse, is it hard, easy, do you have a lot to worry about. I would always want the honest answer.

    18. I would ask buddy(my horse) which owner he liked better me or his previous owner, because he spent 4 years with his other owner. i hope he likes me better!

    19. I would ask my horse what it is like to flying with the wind. She almost appears to be flying when she is galloping.

    20. I would ask my horse if there is anything I could do to make his life better, and even if his answer was “Sell me to a better, more advanced rider.”, I would want to hear it because his well being is more important than me being able to say “This is my horse!”.

    21. If I could say one thing to my horse that I was sure he could understand no matter what, I wouldn’t ask a question I’d just tell him I love him and even though we have our problems he’s perfect to me and always will be. But hopefully he already knows that. šŸ™‚

    22. I would probably ask my horse if she thinks that i treat her fairly and if she enjoys my company and our rides? I am happy to say that I am not uncertain about her answer, I really do think she enjoys spending time with me as she always nickers to me, weather I have food or not, and she always walks over to her gate that leads to the trails hoping that I’ll open it so we can go riding. I think my spunky mare and i have a pretty good bond, but she’s defiantly not afraid to tell me when she doesn’t agree with me-and she sure doesn’t tell me in code!

    23. I would ask my horse what I’m doing wrong and right when I ride her, and what I could do to fix it. I figure she would know the best!

    24. I would ask my horse what kind of riding she would prefer me to do with her. She was previously used as barrel horse in 4-H competitions, and now I ride her on the trail. Which does she prefer?

    25. I would ask my horse, “What do you think about me?” That way, I would find out what I do right, what I do wrong, and her overall opinion about humans being ridden all in one question. But I doubt she would have the patience to give such a detailed answer!

    26. I don’t know what I would ask. I can tell in his eyes that he loves me and that he always will. I can feel my horses soul connect with mine to the point where all questions are answered and we are together as one. I know he tries his best for me, so the question I would ask would be, why? Why do you love someone that works you during long summer days. The person that tightens your girth and brings you in from the pasture. I give my horse all of his necessities and everything I can award him with, but I obviously have the better end of the deal. He is the best horse ever, so why does he show his love to someone that gets more in return?

    27. My Morgan gelding Passion who is clearly my passion, has a birthday coming up. I would ask him, “What do you really want for your birthday, Pa?” In return it would probably be endless mounds of treats, which he will certainly get! I have made him a very fancy name tag with his name inscribed on it; it looks like a show ribbon except in the middle it is decorated with is name, and at the bottom says First Place Forever and I spent four hours on it, also I am splitting the cost of a brand new bridle for him, which he will be using in shows and in lessons, and lastly, I am making him a purple noseband cover, purple and sparkly of course! I love that horse like he’s my own blood, all of his questions are answered by our connection, and mine by his eyes.

    28. I would ask my horse, Sugar, “Do I actaly sound half good when I sing along to the radio?” And no I would not want to know the anser to that question. That is why my singing is in reserved only for the barn, when no one is around.

    29. If I could ask my horse one question, it would be “What do you want to do?” Everyone wants to think their horse wants to do what they want to do, but what if they don’t. I love to show. But I want to know if that is what my horse enjoys doing. Maybe she would rather be a trail horse, or a barrel racer, or just a horse. I would like to know what she wants to be.

    30. if i had the chance to ask my first horse one thing, who passed away 2 years ago, i would ask him “are you happy with your life with me?” he was (nearly) blind for 9 yrs of the 10 yrs i had him. i miss him dearly! šŸ™
      if i could ask the horse i have now one thing, i would ask “why do you think everything is so spooky and scary?!” he’s only been with me for 6 months, so we are still kind of new to each other and we still have to build trust in each other. i hope we can build a bond close to the bond i had with my first horse. šŸ™‚

    31. If I could ask my horse one question, I would ask him about what happened in his past, like where he’s been, what’s happened to him, people who’ve ridden him (hoping I’m his favorite), and what he has won. All that information is a mystery.

    32. I would ask my horse about his life before I bought him. I can only imagine him telling stories about when he was a foal, places he’s been, the people in his life, and everything else up until the day we met.

    33. I would ask my horse about the cues he was taught when he was younger, this would definately help with our communication. If I could ask in exactly the way that he understood, neither one of us would be confused!

    34. I would put my saddle on my horse and ask her if it feels confortable, or if it is pinching her. She seems to have alot of problems with saddles.

    35. I would ask her why she is so obstinate about every new thing. I love her more than anything, but it’s wearing me thin. If I knew the answer to that question, then maybe I wouldn’t get tossed on my head all the time, and I could actually win some horse show events!

    36. Three questions come to mind that I would ask my horse, Jack. First, I would ask him if he knows how much he is loved and cherished. I love that boy like he is my own flesh and blood, and I hope he feels that.
      Second, I would ask him which he prefers- being a working ranch horse that he was before we had him, or if he prefers being retired, spending his days eating and being loved on. I already know the answer to that one, but Iā€™d like to hear it from him.
      And lastly, I want to know what is so good about that crunchy stemmy alfalfa!

    37. I would ask my horse what her previous owners taught her and did to her. She’s a 15 year old Arabian and I’m her 6th owner. When I got her, I couldn’t saddle her, let alone ride her. I wish I knew more about her history.

    38. This is a tough question considering there are so many I would ask my horse. The biggest concern that comes to mind is my horses comfort. I would ask him what I could do to make his life more comfortable.

    39. if i could ask my horse any question it would be “What do you want to do today?” but then again i would also want to ask “why are you afraid of chickens?” or “how did you get that nick on you rump?” or maybe “how come you do not let me put the bit in your mouth?” What it really comes down to is “do you enjoy being here with me and having my love?”

    40. If i could ask my horse one question it would probably be,”Do you really like to be ridden or are you just stubborn?” I do think i would want to know the answer!

    41. I would ask him, Do u like me? I don’t own a horse, but I would ask the lesson horses I ride that. I want to know if I’m commuicating to them right and if they trust me when I’m on their backs. Then I’d know what I really need to work on to be a better horseman.

    42. I would ask my horse, “Why do you not like me to put your bit in and what could I do to help” My horse always shuts her mouth and wount open it for the bit so I need a flavord bit to help her to open it.

    43. I would ask my horse “Do you love and trust me” I love my horse and I think I would want to know the answer because my horse always seems to love and trust me.

    44. I would ask him about his life,I rescued him from Arcansas so I realy don’t know about his life,who his parents where and what he was trained to do. I will always wonder.

    45. I would ask my horse how she is so energetic when she’s almost 20! I ask for the canter and she explodes into it at, what, 70 miles per hour?

    46. I would ask my horse why she is so touchy with her back legs, and the sight of the saddle after she came back from Colorado; about a year before I owned her. I’m not quite sure if I would like to know her answer because I’d have to teach the jerk who did that to her a lesson.

    47. I would want to know what she thinks about moving to Arizona (from MN) and her new herdmates – maybe she has some insight into reducing the friction. I’d also like to know what I can do to relieve her anxiety when riding, she’s a high-strung paso fino.

    48. I would ask my boy, Lone Star, if he is going to miss me. We have to sell him (much against my will) and I know a piece of my heart is going to go with him. I’d want to know if he’d really miss being with me.

    49. I would want to know how my horse feels about our many moves this year- we’ve had to change to a couple of different boarding barns in the past year because of various circumstances. I would just like to know if he is happy.

    50. I would ask my horse “Boogie”, why he was so head-shy, and if he was hit continuously at some point, tell him that I will never do anything short of necessary discipline. Or maybe,”where is your favorite itchy spot?” haha lol

    51. If I could ask the horse I ride “Captain” one question… Thats a really hard question!! One question? I have Millions

    52. If I could ask my lesson horse, Lucy, any question, it would be very simple – I would ask her if she enjoyed letting me learn on her back. I had my first lesson on her and we’re just starting to jump – seven lessons in!

    53. I am half-leasing a horse right now, and I absolutley adore him! I want to own him so badly, but I can’t aford it. If I could ask him one question, It would be if loved me as much as I love him. Hopefully someday I will own my own horse. But for now, I love this one!

    54. I would ask my horse what they think I am doing wrong. Then I could find a way to fix it whether it is when I am on the ground or when I am riding her. Then we would be one step closer to understanding each other more.

    55. If I could ask any of the lesson horses I ride a question, I would ask whether they liked having a bit in their mouths all the time, or if it bothered them when someone kicked or squeezed them to get them going. I’m not sure I would really like to know the answer, though, because if I were the horse, I probably wouldn’t have a nice response.

    56. I would ask my horse why he is so ticklish and why he is afraid of the bunny rabbits that are outside at night. He’s a little over 16 hands and he gets scared of the little bunnies. It’s kinda cute, not to be mean or anything. šŸ™‚

    57. I would ask my horse, Guinness, how I can better improve my riding on him and also why he thinks it’s a good time to roll in the dirt after I groom or wash him, erasing my progress completely! šŸ™‚

    58. I would ask the horse I ride if she really likes jumping.She’s a champion jumper.She could jump me!So I would ask her if she really likes it or if she does it just to make her rider happy.

    59. I would ask my horse, Davy Jones, how big of a shock he felt when he chewed through that extension cord and why he repeated this activity two more times.

    60. Cody, why do you insist on bucking off every MAN that tries to ride you? Do they have an offensive odor or do you just prefer the gentle touch of a woman? Whatever the reason . . . I trust you.

    61. I would ask my 4 year old arabian, Hannah, why she put up such a challengs when i try to lunge her. I love her but she can be very difficult! <3

    62. Horsey, what is so interesting about the garbage can that you poke your nose (and head) into it?…is what I’d ask. For some reason my horse loves to stick his entire head into the can and take a good sniff.

    63. I would ask my big sorrel overo if he’s jealous of all the bays that win in our hunter shows. He’s such a loud color that the judges can see him from a mile away! I wonder if he ever wants to just blend in?

    64. I would ask her if she would mind taking me to school every now and then! Wouldn’t it be cool to arrive at school in the parking lot on a horse? We’ll just use the carpool lane at a nice, steady gallop, and we’ll be at school in no time! It’s probobly faster than the bus, anyway.

    65. I would ask my gelding what happened to before I bought him? why is he scared of everything? If there is anything I can do to make sure his life with me is even better than his previous owners.

    66. I would ask my quarter horse Blue, Blue how did it feel to be on stall rest for almost a year? Then how did it feel when you got to walk in the areana after all that time in your stall? Are you happy know that you can play out side again?

    67. I would ask my gelding what happened to him in the years before i purchased him. The only thing i know is who bred him and owned him until he was 3, but there is a gap in information between him at age 3 and age 7, when he was purchased by his former owner. I would love to know where he was and what he was doing in that time period.

    68. If I could ask the horse that I ride one thing, I think it would be something like: “Why don’t you like to stand still while I am mounting?”, or “Why do you get scared at certain noises?”. It would be very interesting to hear his opinion, and see if it is something I am doing wrong, or if maybe he has a certain fear of something.

    69. I have two quarter horses, pleasure riding mostly…first I would ask my mare how I can make her life better? I would love to know that making her paddock bigger and allowing for more grazing time makes a difference In her life or to know what I could be doing to improve her quality of life. And my new gelding I already know what he’d say, he’d tell me he wishes I never had him gelded…ha ha poor guy but they both know already how much I love them

    70. I would ask my horse about his past, the horse legends that might have been passed on during his life time. I have always wondered what life was like for horses back then. We know what happened and what we(humans)felt but, I think we all wonder what the past of the horse was like.

    71. I would ask my friend’s horse Rocky, and my horse Somore’s about his/her past. They both have the same type issues.
      My horses, I have raised since babies.

    72. I guess I wonder more about two of my horses past more thatn anything. Shyner, my mare, “Why don’t you like being ridden? You are so good about being tacked up but no matter how I try to get you to go when I get on you, you refuse to budge? And Radar buddy I know your past owners weren’t to considerate but you know by now I am not the crazy person who made you run everywhere they wanted to go. I would love to take you on a trail ride or just around the yard without your little quirks kicking in. Are you both intimadated by Apache(my draft cross)? Or do you just realize I am a big push over and will let you stay pasture ornaments?

    73. There is an area at the back of my boarding barn’s indoor arena that spooks almost every single horse there. I think I would ask my horse why that area scares everyone so much!

    74. If I could ask my horse one question, it would be if he perferred me over his current owner. I am half leasing him, but I love him more than anything! So im curious!

    75. If I could ask Major something it would be if he is happy or not. Due to his injury. He acts happy but is it for our bennifit. Because we Love him so much.

    76. I would ask if there was anything he wanted to do. I have done everything I wanted, so now I would love to be able to do something that he wanted.

    77. If I could ask my horse any comment I would ask him what type of riding he would like to do. Or I would ask him what his favorite treat was.

    78. If I could ask my horse one question, I would ask her what I could do to make her life better. It would be nice to know a lot of things (like why the trailer is so terrifying), but at the end of the day I’d rather her be happy than me.

    79. If I could ask my appaloosa, Opie, one question it would be; “Would you want to compete in extreme cowboy?” and then I’d let him know that he has to teach me : )

    80. If I could ask my lessons horse, Ace Bo, one question it would be, What can I do to make you more comfortable while I’m riding you?

    81. I would ask my horse if it’s vital to itch ber behind on EVERY beam of the barn,as she has loosened at least four beams from her stall to the pasture door with her massive horse butt.

    82. My Appolusa mare Tribble is the best horse under saddle. She even seems to enjoy teaching children and nervous riders. I would ask her why she is so difficult to catch, (as she seems to enjoy her work,) and what can I do to make her life better.

    83. I would ask my horse what I can do to make the ride more comfortable for both of us when trail riding, jumping, dressage ect. Or maybe i’d ask him to please tell me whats he afraid of so we don’t end up dumping me into the ground almost every ride!

    84. I would ask my western gaming mare why she bolts away from the poles during polebending. She does everything fine at a trot and once or twice at a lope, but after that, she gets upset and runs away. I would want to know the honest answer so I can work with her to fix it.

    85. I would love to know what my 3 year old miniature horse mare, Nosy, thinks of her barnmate. Patience, a 5 year old miniature, is Nosy’s mom, and I always wondered if Nosy likes being around her mom or not. Whenever they are out in the pasture, Nosy is usually at the opposite end of the pasture, but whenever they start running, Nosy runs with her mom. But whenever there is food around, Nosy tries to kick/bite her mom. But whenever Dreamer, the 2 year old stallion is around her, Nosy doesn’t try to hurt him. So that is the one question I would ask my mare.

    86. I would ask her (Jasmine), of all the people who came to adopt you, why did you pick me? I loved her at first sight of course.

    87. I would ask her to let me know whenever she’s not fealing well!! It’s a terrible feeling when you have no clue your horse is sick and then you find out and they can no longer be helped!

    88. Ace, why are you so gentle and caring and never hurt me intentionaly while you, King, could care less about if I get hurt or not so long as you gets what you want? I want to honestly know so that I can get you to care King and thank you Ace.

    89. I would ask Midnight, my welsh morgan grade pony, which game she loves most and because i like them all which ever one she picked would be fine by me

    90. I would love to ask my beautiful, beloved palomino Quarter Horse,
      “Do you really truly love me? I want to make you feel happy, at home, safe, and have friends and family to rely on. You already have all of that, I just want to know if you realize or not. I want to make you comfortable, know if I ride you too hard. Oh, too many questions…hmm…I will ask you this: What do you love about the way me and my little sisters pet you face and braid your pretty forlock, Tango?”
      I love my baby boy, and would love to have him answer so many complicated questions, but I think that the simplest things in life, like that, are some of the most beautiful memories.

    91. If I could ask my horse 1 question, it would have to be, “What was it like to be a racehorse?” My horse is an off the track thoroughbred, and I want to know what it is like to be a racehorse.

    92. I would ask my 26 year old quater horse/arabian if he really likes barrel racing or if he just does it because i tell him too.

    93. I would ask my arab who I inherited 3 years ago from my dear friend. He has been in a show barn since 2 years old, (7 now) I retired him and he has been my trail horse now. I would ask him if he was happier now are prefered showing?

    94. I would ask the horse I ride what she liked and disliked about me riding her, because what’s the point of riding if your equine partner isn’t having fun too!

    95. I would ask my horse Little Bit, “When you are done with your feed why do you pick up your feed dish and either throw it in the feed stall or throw it out the barn door?” Yet I know it is a big joke to her because after that she trots in a circle almost laughing at me, I would still like to see what she would say.

    96. I would ask this horse, Bunny, why, when i’m riding her during my lessons, dosnt she want to move and be so stubborn??

    97. I would ask my sorrel mare…in what ways can i make your life better? very simple. and i would want to know the answer.

    98. I would want to ask my mare about her past and how she was treated. Azrael is a 22 year old Dutch Warmblood that is a retired Grand Prix Show Jumper that was imported from the Neatherlands. She has alot of history. I would like to know what i could do for her to repay her for her love and wings she has lent me when i ride her.

    99. I would ask my two geldings if this was there best home they’ve ever had and if they’re happy. I’d also ask why they are so set on not picking up their right lead!

    100. If i could ask my horse 1 question it would be what do you think of me? Sometimes i think he really likes me and thinks im a really nice person, but then i think he gets mad at me sometimes when he doesnt get his way.

    101. If i could ask my horse one question then I would ask if he was this calm and kind when he was younger. He is a 18 year old Icelandic that isin’t frightened when an airplane lands right next to him! He has a long history and it would be very interesting to hear how his past went.

    102. I would ask the horse I’m leasing why she pulls back on the lead when she’s tied up and why so many things spook her.

    103. I would ask my horse why he won’t stand on the pedestal. I try about every day for him to put just one hoof on and it never happens. I have even tried bribing him with a treat. He will stand right in front of it and lean very far forward to try to get the treat out of my hand, but he won’t step on it!

    104. I would ask my horse why he used to pass gas and then take off galloping. He doesn’t do that anymore, but I am sure there is a story behind it!

    105. Very simple question I would ask my two horses, and that is are they HAPPY! To me that would be the most rewarding feeling that my boys are enjoying there life with me. I really think they are but would actually love to know for sure.

    106. I would ask my horses if they wre happy. If they were happy with the way I take care of them, happy with where they live, happy with me when i ride them, and happy with each other. If there is a problem with any of that, then i would really like to know!

    107. My horse loves children she will run across the pasture when they come to the fence. Me she ignores I call and I barely get a turn of the head. Once in a great while when I am cleaning stalls she follows me like a lost puppy and even nudges me with her head. I’d ask her why she does this.

    108. I would definetly ask my horse why she thinks that she is afraid of my barn cat. My cat loves riding the horses and I have no clue why but for some reason when the cat comes into view of my horse it’s like she’s saying “Uh-oh! Whenever that cat comes around I have to work REALLY hard to give him a ride!” You might say the my horse doesn’t like work!

    109. I would ask my horse Magic why he loves to do reining and western pleasure so much when his siblings HATE western things. Is he just the odd man out?

    110. I would ask my horse who hurt her in the past so badly, and reassure her that she has her forever home and she will never be hurt again. And yes, I would love to know her answer:-)

    111. If I were to ask my horse a question, it would be: “Maverick, am I a good rider?” And, “what can I do to improve?” And then I would tell him that if we NEVER give up, NEVER back down, we can face the challenges of a Word-Champion show!

    112. “Zora,” I would ask my mare. “Why do you hate spurs so darned much?” And she would respond very airily saying that being jabbed in the side even by the nubbiest of spurs is quite like entrance of doom that she will not go through: very annoying and very immature.

    113. Today I’d ask my girl what she sees thru those big brown eyes as she looks towards the field where the green grass will soon be uncovered.Then I ask her for a little more patience. In her own way she says “You can’t even imagine”

    114. my first implusion to ask a question would be “do you really love me?” but when i look into those big brown eyes i seem to know that he does love me. So i would probably ask my horse, “Why do you always put up with my mistakes, i get so angry easily and just want to give up sometimes, but you are always patient and never give up on me, why?”

    115. Everyone wants to talk to their horse, which would definintely make riding a whole lot easier. But what most people don’t realize is horses really do talk to us, but in more subtle ways than we would like. We also talk back to them in actions, attitude and the way we move while in the saddle. Body language is a horse’s way of telling you what he wants or needs. Although I will say that if I was better at understanding my horse and he was better at understanding me, I would ask him “Why, on God’s green earth are you asking that way?!?!”

    116. I would ask my horse if there was anything else I could to do to make her happy and comfortable – that’s all that matters to me!

    117. Well since I own 2 horses, can I ask one for each? I’ll take that as a yes, cool. Alright so for Cocoa I’d ask him,”Why do you hate jumping? Are you afraid of the jumps baby boy?”. And for Blitz I’d ask him, “Are Cocoa and I your best buds for ever sweetheart?”. See, even in my comment I just had to use baby talk while even fake speaking to them!

    118. If I could ask my horse one question it would be “Do you really trust me?” Why would I ask that, because thats the number one thing a horse owner needs out of there horse.And because if your horse didn’t trust you you would need to work on that.And everyone want’s there horse to trust them am I right?!

    119. If I could ask my horse one question it would be “Do you really trust me?” Why would I ask that, because thats the number one thing a horse owner needs out of there horse.And because if your horse didn’t trust you you would need to work on that.And everyone want’s there horse to trust them am I right?!

    120. If I could ask my horse one question it would be “Do you really trust me?” Why would I ask that, because thats the number one thing a horse owner needs out of there horse.And because if your horse didn’t trust you you would need to work on that.And everyone want’s there horse to trust them am I right?!

    121. I would ask my horse what he has been through in his life because he’s a rescue and we know nothing about what happened to him before we got him.But I do know that he’s one of the smartest and most understanding horses I’ve ever met.

    122. If I could ask my mare Katie one thing, it would have to be,what can I do to make your life better? Is there something that you wish I would do or wish I didn’t do? I love her so much I would want her to be truthful and would absolutely want to hear her answer.

    123. If I could ask my horse Chance any question out of one thousand I would have to ask him if he ever wanted to be free. I would want to know if he truly just wanted to jump the pasture fence and go out into the wild and live on his own.

    124. If I could ask my horse one thing I would ask him what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go. Or I would ask if he needed anything to make him stay happy!


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