HI Spy: What’s your horse’s nickname?


What is your horse's nickname?Pooh Bear. The Tedmeister. Bubba. Beezer. Any of these names sound familiar? They’re nicknames that have been lovingly attached to real life horses. While a horse may sport a fanciful name on its registration papers, or compete under a prestigious moniker, it’s most likely better known around the barn by a more personalized nickname. That’s because it’s rather awkward to snuggle up to a horse and coo, “How are you today, RH Fancy Frosted Zipped With Chips?” 

It’s much more intimate, not to mention expedient, to shorten the horse’s name to a more manageable Frosty, Zip or Chip.

Other horses end up with nicknames that bear no relation to their official name.  Yet after some investigation they seem appropriate. For example, one gray Trakehner mare had the registered name of Like Stardust. But her nickname was Bunny because she was foaled on Easter Sunday. Then there are horses whose nicknames collectively resemble roll call in a kindergarten class. Nearly every large stable is home to a Jason, Oliver or Sam, or a Penny, Katie or Maggie.

Physical traits can also prompt nicknames. A horse with an alias like Eeyore or Floppy probably has a set of remarkable ears.

And where would the horse world be without equine nicknames that are just plain silly? Goofy words like Pookster, Snuggums and Winkie just seem to fit a particular horse and, once uttered—perhaps as a joke—they stick. Forever.

Regardless of their origins, the nicknames we attach to the horses we own and ride are meant as terms of endearment. We’re eager to call the horses we love by a special name because it demonstrates that special bond between horse and human. So for this edition of HI Spy we’d like to know the nicknames you’ve given to some of the horses in your life. Be sure to include how you arrived at the nickname, even if it seems silly or sentimental.  Trust us. Fellow horse people will understand. Just click on Submit a Comment below and share how you played the Nickname Game. Some of the comments may appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated.

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  1. I have 3 horses named Zuma, Little Bit, and Buster. Zuma is a Appy so I call her happappyloosa, and Little Bit is called Biddie, and Buster is called Fuzzy, Cush, and Buster Bar

  2. My horses registered name is Halleleo, which is kind of strange, so she generally gets called Halle, but has other names like Halle-lujah, Miss Halle, etc.

  3. I have 3 Horses all with Nick Names…
    First we have My “Velvet” Dreams, her barn name of course, Velvet, my name for her, Girly Girl or Velvetine, She is my special girl, we found each other, and she will be with me until the very end.
    Next we have My Mystical Illusion, my daughter’s horse, we call him “Lu”,the lady that had him before us, just called him “Son”, we didn’t like that, more fun to call him Lu Lu.
    Last but least SaHera Knights Luv, her barn name is Hera, but she is my little HeraBear. She’s fuzzy and kind of looks like a panda bear to me πŸ˜‰

  4. My horse’s show name is Take A Doubletake because of her unusual coloring. Her barn name is Doubletake, but I call her Dubs a lot.

  5. I named my horse Kacey (Celtic for brave) because he wasn’t and I wanted a name he could grow into. He has grown into the name and my heart. While he answers to Kacey, he is also my “Buddy” and my “Laddie”.

  6. My favorite horse’s name is Simply Complicated but he has about a dozen nicknames. The most well known are Snap and Snapperdoodle! They fit him perfectly! I love you Snap!

  7. We always nicknamed our horses after friends. So we had Stevie, Sam, Vinnie, Petey, Howie, Ruthie, Mary and Lisa. But it was sort of awkward when our colts had to be gelded, because the men they were named after didn’t find that very funny.

  8. My horses name is Lucky, but my nickname for him is Luckybud. I ended up calling him Luckybud and he walked right up to me, so that nickname stuck (only I can call him that, and I tell everyone around him that). Other people call him Chicken Little (he spooks at everything), Luckyduck, and Lucky George (he squeals like the Miniature Horse stallion they had, whose name was George).

  9. My horse is a black morgan gelding with TONS of personality! His registered name is long & fancy. The barn name he had when I bought him was “Ciggy” in reference to the great race horse Cigar. To me (and most everyone else) he bacame “Cig”. But over the last year my special nickname for him is “Bubbies”, “Ciggy the Bubs” or “Bubs”. It drives my daughter nuts, she doesn’t think it’s “cool” enough. But since it’s just a special name between my horse & I… I like it and he seems to like it too! πŸ™‚

  10. My horse’s name is plain old Lady, but i like to call her Lady Jane,LadyBug, or LoveBug b/c she is the sweetest mare i have ever met, she’s my love =]

  11. My horses registered name is the spanish version of magesty majhestad but since no one can pronounce that his show name is magesty His barn name is magic that is pretty logical. He is often called magic in the show ring because my mom often signs me up for classes and his show name isn’t important to her

  12. My horse’s show name is Sugars only shot, but we call him Junior! I dont know how that came about but thats what he’s called. I also call him my sugar baby!

  13. Chicago Boy, or “Sox” as we call him is our lovely solid paint. When we first bought him we thought they called him Sox for one reason, his four white socks. We later realized that it was also for the Chicago baseball team, the Chicago White Sox

  14. Our palamino mare is “Mama”. When she came to us she didn’t really have a name other than what the gentleman told us his daughter had called her from time to time, which was Buttercup. She’d been abused and was so afraid. As time went on, “Mama” slipped out one day while I was working with her and it stuck. Nows she’s a happy, rotten “Mama” and we love her dearly.

  15. My horse’s barn name is Lola, but I like to call her Coca Lola, just because she’s sweet and bubbly. Oh yeah, and it makes the kids laugh.

  16. This mare that I used to ride and show, her reg. name was Destined To Zip. But her barn name was “Honey.” When she was in s good mood we called her Honey Bunny. But when she was in a bad mood we called her Honey Bear. She was always a little moody but i loved this horse no matter what so i always called her my little honey bunny!

  17. Well, I would say that a horse’s nickname is actually his “real” name. The other is just an appellation that applies in the show ring.

  18. My favorite horse at the barn is Chili. His full name is Blarney’s Chili Pepper because Blarney is his dad’s name and Pepper is his mom’s name. (we call pepper pep-pep or mama) I call him Chili willy because when he was younger he would play around with everything and acted really silly, so one day we called him silly willy and chili willy seemed to stick. He still has a fun, silly personality.

  19. My horse’s name is Diamond’s Persephone. Diamond is her dad’s name and is a famous and sought after bloodline. Thay are very good jumpers. Anyway, I call her Perse.

  20. my show horses name is Freckles Britches cause he comes from a long line of pleasure ponies(he is a POA) and his barn name is Freckles cause he is a leopard with brown spots!! but my sisters appy is name Eyes of the Stars and her barn name is Chancey

  21. Our horses have many nicknames, to the point where new riders think their nicknames are their real names. Our little pony has nicknames like Smo, Devil Child, Smomo, Morey, Momo, Smorey, ect. Our arabian: Bami, ‘Bian, Wabian, Mickel, McBian, Lami, Da Bian, ect. Our other horses have nicknames like J and J boy, Mare, Stud muffin, Fuzzy, Cowbutt, Dork, ect.

  22. I have a few horses and their show names come from their personality; Ever So Clever “Clever” unties knots, Little Miss witchy “Witchy” is the BOSS of the field, i also have Moose who is an appaloosa and unexpectedly grew to 17 hands at age 4!

  23. Lol so right horxses have so many nicknames. 1 hirse i usta ride we called Callie, Cal Cal ,Callie Anna her reg. name was Callie Ana Sloue.
    and my firends horse Sunny we call- Sunny, Sunny Boy, Sunny Oh So Funny, Sunky Dory ect. lots more

  24. a gave my horse Sashay the nickname Sassy because she can be a frisky mare and it’s short for sashay!
    We call another pony at the barn Inter because it is short for the name interlude!

  25. My mare Sierra has so many little pet names..from boo boo to Brat Pony! usually brat mare is what everyone calls her except for my amish farrier, he calls her little horse because she’s so small compared to the drafts he normally works on!

  26. Her given name is La Quintessa and her previous owner was calling her L.A. When she came to me, I decided to call her Tessa. I think she is much happier!

  27. The horse I ride is nicknamed the Trevenator, because his name is Clever Trevor and he continues to do well at shows, even though he’s 28.

  28. My horse is named Pleasure of Mine. I call him Watch because his favorite pastime is watching out of his stall window and nickering to horses coming or leaving he stable.

  29. well the pony i lease barn name is Stormy. But he soon grew the name snowball, since he doesnt get clipped in the winter when we do get aton of snow for sure! but he always turns me into a big old snowball! he also got the name Mr. Mooch since he loves to mooch everyone and anyone for a carrot

  30. Always interesting to see how horse nicknames come to be. My girls dont really have many nicknames but I’m sure with more time they will get some.

  31. I just bought a TB tis summer called Dream Into Reality and her name around the barn used to be baby for about a week no i call her Allie “B” lik in Allie Baby lol

  32. My Arabian’s name is Sudi and my BO as well as one of the young girls out there like to call him Sudilicious. He’s very sweet and lovable – fits him well I think. πŸ™‚

  33. I have a Rocky Mountain horse who we creatively (haha) named Rocky. Well one day he became Rocky Racoon which shortened Coon Dog. I’m not really sure how my brain came up w/ that but he is only known by me, anyway, as Coon Dog.

  34. I have a 12 year old Appaloosa pony (Cisco) who was just gelded last year, and he still acts like a stud sometime, so sometimes we call him Stud Muffin.. but we call him Donky sometimes too, because he acts like donky from Shrek, because he always has to be right up in your face πŸ˜€

  35. I currently have six Rocky Mountain horses whose names are listed first, then their nicknames
    Hersheys Marilyn Monroe- Miss Monroe, Mare, Marilyn
    Fancy Pants- Granny Grunt, Fancy
    Copper Bullet- Red Man
    Candy’s Blue Lady- Candy
    Unfinished Business- Chomper, Memphis
    Big Man On Campus- T-Rex

  36. RBA Rasheed is my horse’s name, after the barn that he was bred at. For short, my sister and I call him Rasheed or Rush, because he loves to gallop around the pasture on windy days!

  37. My horse is a black & white Appy/QH I have nicknamed Phantom. The white markings on his black face originally made me think of the mask the Phantom of the Opera wore. Now, it is especially fitting for him because he is nearly impossible to see when I am trying to find him when he is ‘blending in’ with the darkness…or ‘mysteriously’ hiding behind the round bale! LOL!

  38. My horse came with the name Aladdin, but I find myself calling him Little Buddy quite alot. He is only 14.2 hands high so that’s where the “Little” comes from and he’s totally my “Buddy”. πŸ™‚

  39. My pony’s name is Bud-Light (or buddy), but we call him Bronco cause he bucks and at this one game show we go too, which gave him the name bucking bronco buddy (somtimes shortened by us to bronco)
    he likes it!

  40. My gelding registered name is “Socketts Cotton Joe” and when I bought him they were calling him “CJ” which I didn’t like. I changed his barn name to “Bubba” as he reminds me of a that. He is a very stocky horse. His other nickname is “The Dude” which a guy from the previous barn gave him as he was the only gelding on the place with 6 mares around him. I have since moved him so he isn’t really “The Dude” but I do call him “Dude” every now and then.

  41. My horse’s name is Dakota… but I call him “Cooter” or “Kota”. My other horse’s name is Blake and I call him “Blaker” or “Bla”. They seem to like it, probably not as much as I do, though.

  42. my horses nickname is maya but her show name is destination unknown of featherlite trailers her previous owners liked that brand of trailers no kidding!

  43. I didn’t acctually name my horse, she was named Velvet before I got her, and I thought it might be a little confusing if I just changed it.A few months after I got her, my dad started calling her Velveta Cheena, I thought that was a really weird name, and something that my dad would say, but he kept saying that, and one day I called her that, and she just stopped what she was doing and came over to me. I decided that she listens a lot better when I call her that, I may as well call her that when I what her to listen…

  44. I bought an ex-race horse whos registered name was Senegal Kidd. The people we bought him from called his Kidd. The name was not appealing to me so the fist thing that came to mind was “snickers”. He is the cutest light bay thoroughbred with black socks and a star. Where did “snickers” come from?! Turns out it fit him perfect. He was sweet on the outside and as soon as you made him work you’d most often hit a nut and have to go crunch on the ground before you would be soothed with the carmel.

  45. hey this is a cool place for nicknames, i like to look at them all, i have palomino paint and her full reg. name is jack sprat sandy. her nickname is sandy, well, it is kind of a regular name but we got to name her. jack sprat bcuz her granddad is docs jack sprat at sandy bcuz she is a palomino and we knew she had to have a cute nickname.

  46. my horses show name is mary poppins but at home she has many names like poppy seed, pop eye, poppy, she loves her show name but she addors her barn manes

  47. I named my horse Zach, because sometimes he acts so human it would feel awkward calling him Spotty or Cookie. And when he gets in trouble I can use his full name, Zachary!

  48. i have two horses, a sorrel gelding daubed Modidlly by my shoer since he was a foal, it does not really go cuz his dad is Obsessed to Impress, but it stuck now it usually just gets shortened to mo, i have filly called Falins Double C Rose, we call her falin for short, she is named after a barrel racer, which totally fits her cuz she is such a priss!

  49. ive been riding a horse named bear for a while now and well, since he is a real sweetie he has developed the nick “Teddy” it tottally goes with his real name bear, so it makes hima teddy bear.

  50. My horses name is Cinnamon and we always call her cinn but most of all we call her cinners!
    her show name is cinnamon and spice and everything nice,
    show name- Cinnamon and spice and everything nice
    barn name- Cinnamon
    nick names- Cinn or Cinners πŸ™‚

  51. I love literature so all my horse have names such as Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Emerson, Hemmingway. etc. My thoroughbred mare is named Angelou but we call her “Roo”. The reason is, in most of her headshot baby photos, she resembled a kangaroo.

  52. My boy Manny has collected a number of names over the 5 years I’ve owned him! The ones I use most frequently don’t even match his personality! I call him “Monster Man” the most and he’s the most down to earth sweetheart on earth!

  53. My son has a KY Mountain Saddle Horse stallion. His nickname is “The Bear”. He got this because most of the time he acts like a Teddy bear but on occasion he acts more like a Grizzly bear. His real name is Golden Fury.

  54. For my ruly mustang, Cody, there’s Code, Big Bubba, Sweetcheeks, and my favorite, Chico.
    And for my sweet old friend, although I don’t own him, but spend so much time with, Dalton, is Big D. I’m sure there are many names in, out, around and between that has been called out, these are the ones remembered.

  55. Right now I’m leasing a part arabian pony gelding named Here Comes the Sun. His barn name is Simon, I don’t really know where that came from, but it suites him perfectly. He doesn’t like strangers and was mean to me at first but then I got to know him a lot better and he is a real cutie.

  56. I have a half-arabian named Shooter’s Top Gun. He was called “Dan” when I bought him, but I thought the name Garnet (he’s chestnut) fit him better. There’s a kid named Dan at the barn, so I didn’t want some people to get confused when I say “Dan pooped in the aisle.”

  57. My Mom’s Tennessee Walking Horse mare is registered as Agent’s Shaker Gal but her barn names include Shake N Bake, Shaker Mare, Missy Mare, Little Girl and Girlie Girl. She is a smaller mare (15 hands), was a broodmare most of her life and loves to be pretty

  58. my geldings name is louie the great but around the barn he’s called 2 other name lou lou by my brother & lewis by me and my riding buddys.

  59. I have a 9 year old Paint gelding his registered name is StonyBeau we call him Beau or Piglet. He loves to roll in the wettest part of the pasture and makes sure he covers every inch of his body with mud, even inside his ears!

  60. My filly’s barn name is Feather but we sometimes call her Fender Bender because she backs really fast and I was backing her up correcting her and backed right into my friends really nice truck and dented it so….yeah but she has and new fender and grill now so it’s cool…… πŸ™‚

  61. My gelding’s barn name is Flash, but since he’s prone to doing some not very intelligent things (or just goofy) he’s picked up the nickname Smart, which has regressed into Smarticle, and most recently, since he contracted moon blindness, SuperSmart! He’s a little prince and runs over things… and people in his path, but now that’s worse because he can’t see πŸ™ My poor baby.

  62. my horse’s barn names include Princle because she likes pretzels and tomato because she is black and when she is in the pasture her fur turns red.

  63. My miniature donkey is named Puzzle after the donkey in the 7th book of The Chronicles of Narnia. His informal nickname, however, has become “No, Donkey!” as he always seems to be getting himself into trouble with the dogs and horses on the farm who can’t quite figure out what to do with him.

  64. Mr whiskey hancock, not whiskey, but we call him ben. Benjamin, benvolio, benji and just plain ben. depends on what sort of mood he’s in. naughty: Benjamin! Normal: ben Cute/playful: Benji
    Being gorgeuos and stallionish: Benvolio

  65. My horse, C Me Shine egts caled all kinds of names. Usually I call her C Me, but when she’s in trouble or flingin her water bucket all over the pasture, it’s “C Me Shine stop that!” Her other nickname is Girly, because she can be quite the priss when it comes to mud. She’s only two, so I’m sure we’ll come up with more nicknames for her!

  66. One of the ponies I work with is named Buttercup but when her winter coat gets realy long and when she gets fat we call her Butterball.I think it fits her.

  67. My horse’s registered name is Royal Testimony. But we call him Blinky because he is blind in one eye. He is also lovingly called Binks, and Binkers by me.

  68. The palomino gelding that I lease is named Hercules, but everyone calls him Herky. I get questions all the time about whether or not I’m just a crazy Hawkeye fan, because their mascot’s name is Herkey. “It’s spelled differently,” I mentally correct them, somewhat harshly sometimes.
    Some of his other nicknames include Herkamus, Herk, Herky Jerky, Herky Berky, Trigger, Mr. Ed, and Stupid.

  69. MY old horse’s name was Dawn Dee Reynolds, but nicknamed by her owner Lady Godiva. I called her Lady because she insisted on being treated like a lady; everything had to be perfect-from how she was fed to how she was groomed or tacked up and ridden, or she would though a fit. I came to call her Baby, just because I felt so protective of her.

  70. My old mare has so many nicknames she probably doesn’t know her real one. Starting with the name Millie, we have generated Mill Pill, Millster, Milford, and more!

  71. My horse also has alot of nicknames. Some of these are Gangster,Jammer Jammer, and the Wild Jammer.
    My horse is a mustang I adopted from Idaho, She is a tobiano bay. She is also pregnant right now. She was pregnant when I got her 3 months ago.

  72. My horses show name is Promise Me Dady, and her barn name is Cherokee. Only I call her by nicknames like Pony, Che, and Baby. I call her Che for short, Pony because she is pony sized, and Baby because she is just a baby(in age).

  73. My mares show name is Lady Di. But at home she is called all sorts of names: Ocean, mama mare, the mareness, mama, o-chen, and of course, Her Highness. Her filly is registered as Viktoria’s Secret and is called: Tori, Booga Bear, Baby Bear, Bebe, Teri, and just plain old ‘Baby’.

  74. this sounds about right :] my girl’s name is Slicks classy sassy, but when we’re at the barn i call her sasafras, sas, brat, babe, sassy or just plain old “love”

  75. my Horses show name is angel misty mar but when i am at the barn i usually call her misty or miss piggy because she is always eating ill also call her fruit loop because she can be really funny at times

  76. My horse was already named Jake when we bought him, and we never knew his registered name. I often just call him “bug” or “love” though.

  77. I have two horses one has a reg. name of Warpaint Jackie, I call her baby girl because she is the youngest one in the pasture. My other horses name is Cochin but his nickname is Cochy or big boy. My husbands horses name is Pepper he calls her old girl I just call her Pepper.

  78. i have a horse named batteries not included but i call her bell becouse she has a habbet of ringing a bell that is hanging outside her stall door whenever she wants a treat.

  79. my horse is a four year old anglo arab named Filligree, her barn name is filly but my barn friends and i (as well as my trainer, who started the nick name) call her Filly potatoes

  80. Thanks for coming up with such a fun article. I have a miniature mare called Diamond Lil and I call her Lily. One of my other miniature mares is called Flying W Farms Poetry in Motion and I call her Poe I think that is not so much of a mouthful.

  81. My miniature’s nickname is Timtam. His original name is Timmy. He was named by my 9 year old brother but my dad did not like it it because it sounded too wimpy to him. So he decided to give the nickname, Timtam after the old racehorse.

  82. Two horses are currently subjected to my terrible nicknames. Although, I sure they could be worse. My percheron/morgan mare’s full name is Mia Dulce Bella, around the barn she’s known as Bella or Bellamare. Not too bad. My percheron/belgium cross gelding’s full name is Pour Me Kaluah, but more affectionally known as Bub by me and Curly by all my friends. Mostly because when he was born, he had the curliest tail you ever did see. So his nicknames are a little worse.

  83. My baby boys name is paisley because he has a paisley on his forehead. But his reg. name is Assateague Imaan, because his mom is a chincoteague pony and his dad is Hu Sheikh Imaan

  84. Several of our horses have nicknames. Faster than a Speeding Bullet, aka Bullet, Knuckle-head, or meat-head, Sonitasan Fairfax, aka Evie, Dream on Nita, aka Nita or, in the winter, teddy bear, Docs Hot Dream, aka Baby, Dreams of the Future, aka Dreamer, What a Night Mare, aka Mary, and Hot Doc ‘n Tamaroon, aka Tammi.

  85. Her name is Molly. She’s a haflinger but we call her hoover because she eats every thing and anything. Right down to cajun pepper. ( we tryed to stop her from popping the tops off our vinyl fenceing

  86. Her name is Lightning,but we call her small fry. shes not so small anymore though.The name just stuck with her,accualy shes bigger than my other two horses. She is still my baby.

  87. Had my colt for a few months waiting for something to click for his barn name. Went into the barn one morning and turned on the radio. He had turned the dial to a heavy metal station and broke off the knob. The name Ozzy came to be. After heavy metal great, Ozzy Osborne.

  88. I have a horse named Dunkin’…when she was just born, her mom knocked her into a huge water tank and the owners said she reminded them of a “Dunkin’ Doughnut”.

  89. One of my Arabian geldings is named Neeraz but his barn name has been Stud since I got him 19 years ago. He has such a high opinion of himself and just thinks he is the greatest thing to trot the earth! Of course I completely agree! His other barn name is Naji, which in Arabic means safe, another accurate description especially when he is carrying my two young daughters. Doesn’t matter what name we say, he anwers to all.

  90. My gelding came with his names. I bought him from a friend when he was a colt,and she let her sons name him. They named him Star (for his only marking) but I also call him Bratt for his funny behavior.

  91. My horses barn name is Hank. I dont know how he got it but he is just a hank so i started calling him that now my whole family does!

  92. One of our horses ended up going from Doc to Bulldozer in the name department. While feeding in the winter at our ranch, we use a truck in granny gear and just walk along and toss out the hay flakes. All of the horses crossed the frozen creek to greet the chow wagon, except Doc. The icy crossing delayed him. Finally, he shot across and headed towards the herd. To Harold’s surprise, Doc ran (not slid or almost misssed) right into the front quarter panel of the truck taking out a headlight and rearranging the snow plow on the front. Yikes! He came out of this with only a bruise or two on his chest. From then on, his name was BULLDOZER!

  93. We were told about a “free” horse (if there is such a thing) that a local dude ranch was giving away. As we were trying out this horse (a grade Arabian gelding) we asked his name. We were told, “Tres. Not Trace. It’s Tres for 3 in Spanish since we had 3 Arabians at one time and they were named…you guessed it….Uno, Dos and Tres.” We kept the horse and the name.

  94. I love reading how horses got their nicknames. After winning the 2005 Appy museum raffle horse, we soon decided “Butty” would not do. (E Arrow Bonds Butty) And with 2 Buddies in the barn, Butty was not going to work. My sister in law suggested “meins” as a joke, German for Mine and it stuck! Because he is “MINE”! Now that we also won E Arrow Paha, Paha meaning mountain, we just call him “Pa”. They are both a joy!

  95. My horse was 2 1/2 when I got her and her name was Catrina. I was never really keen on the name, partly because there were so many syllables. Some people at the barn called her ‘Cat’ but I didn’t like it – too feminine. The pet name that just came out one day and seemed to fit was Piglet. She was a 16.1hh 1/2 Andalusian, 1/4 Percheron, 1/4 Hungarian Warmblood, so she was not in the least bit small. But she was very food oriented, so it fit. She will forever be my Piglet.

  96. My horses regesterd name is Jazzes Fire Stare. Named from both dam and stud. I bought him from the breeder at the age of 3 1/2mo old. I took a picture of him to my mom, the first thing she said was “what a pretty blaze.” That’s how his name Blaze came about as well as his dad’s nick name is Tourch and his mom was Fire Star. I thought Blaze fit.

  97. I own an ex-racehorse, he came with the race name Judge Magoo, I changed his name to Judge Me Later. He loves to jump, so he end up getting the nickname Kangaroo, with Magoo and his love of jumping put together

  98. I owned a horse named Nightmare…everyone called her Midnight. So I always said “when I get another horse, I’m going to call him “Horse”. Well, my next horse was named Freckles Blue Gold and called Freckles…I really didn’t care for that so I started calling him “Horse”. Well we’ve been together 18 years and everyone knows his name!

  99. My horse’s show name is Chocolate Moose Tracks, named after my favorite ice cream. I call him Moose at the barn. Some other names he has acquired over the years include: Moose William (when he is in trouble), Moosie, Moosiekins, Moosems, and the like. He is very cute and everyone at the barn loves him.

  100. Horse #1 goes by Rusty 10% of the time and Rust Bucket When he is naughty!
    Horse #2 Reg. Name Sexy Chunka (Father Big Sexy) He definatly is called Chunka. He is HUGE!
    Horse #3 Is gypsy AKA Gypie
    Horse #4 is Eve, AKA pregers

  101. My horse’s real name is Catona. When we got her she was only two and my mom thought it was a bad idea. So, she started calling her TFB (trust fund baby).

  102. My horse has a really long german name that nobody can pronounce, but for short we call her Wren. When we got her we had also aquired one of her foals named Tana, so we began calling Wren MamaTana.

  103. When I bought my horse, they called him Colby Joe The “Joe” part is in his registered name. Since he was 11 years old and already knew his name, I needed to keep it similar but I wanted something with a more “Native American” look and sound, since he is a Paint. So, being a professional writer, I did research and started playing with letters and sounds. I couldn’t find a real Native American word that sounded like Colby Joe, so I played around until I made up what he is now called: Kobeejo. Everyone always wants to know how he got his unusual name.

  104. SW Tofu Tonight is my farovite horses show name. Its not the most normal name to begin with but i love it. The most recent name i have given him is Blubber Nugget. He has alot of beginer riders on his back 24/7 but he still doesn have the muscle he used to. I normally call him this when i find a spot that isnt very muscley

  105. When we brought home Hes Dun In Treasure as a weanling, it took two weeks for his name to come to us. We settled on Nickel, because he is exactly the color of nickel. We lovingly refer to him as Nickel Pickle or just “the pickle”.
    My gelding is JE Cracker Jacks, which is as goofy as he is. At home he goes by Cee J.

  106. Our Haflinger Cross gelding was rescued on Thanksgiving Day…the rescue organization named him Butterball and his name has never changed. His show name is Ladies Man…everywhere we go, he’s made over as if he were a movie star…he’s an awesome dressage pony and puts on his dressage face as soon as he enters the ring…he’s our BB and we love him!

  107. My registered APHA mare’s name is: KC TITANS ROCIN’ ROSE (a mouthful!)…. But at home she is better known as Dottie, beacuse of the spots brigding down and over her white face… she is also called Silly Girl because she is sooo funny, she has a VERY funny personality, all who meet her, non-horsey included just adore her!

  108. Our Haflinger mare has a huge white blaze down her face… well.. you should of guessed it her name is Blaze for this reason lol

  109. ohh the nicknames. ; ] Dayzi, my 4 year old palomino half POA half who knows, (haha) goes by,(in the show ring) Grazin’ For Dayzis’
    (in general) Dayzi, Dayziss, D, Poni-oni, Daz(like DAZE)spottimus bottimus, Pinky, and more recently, toast…?? haha. it definately give her charachter!

  110. I love nick names for horses my horses nickname smelly because he smells but I love him . Nicknames are a short way in saying there personality or how you feel about your horse.
    Any way every one has a nickname for everything or something

  111. Buttons is know as Butt butt.
    Watson is Fuzzy Man.
    Topaz is Toey.
    WEsly is Wes.
    Max is Max Mandamnut.
    Daisy is Daisy do.
    Blue is Bluey.
    Guy is Guyster.
    Sparky is Sparklys.

  112. My welsh pony cross’ full name is Dandy Boy, and we mostly call him Dandy, but he is sometimes also lovingly known as Dandelion

  113. The horse I am leasing is a friesian named Jericho Lord Of Thunder, but i call him Jerry or Jerr. His sister is nicknamed Izzy and his mom Talina.

  114. My horses show name is Flower Power. Her barn name is Flower. She has loads of nicknames!
    Plower(she sometimes likes to plow you over for hay haha)
    mare mare
    soo many more

  115. I have a horse named Centaur when I’m alone or in the barn with her i call her Aqua, i always loved the name of Aquamarine and it is a perfect nickname for her.

  116. I have two horses. One is named Caramel Cookie, after my childhood horse, but I call her Car or Buddy. My other horse is named Bright Jewelz, and she is nicknamed Baby.

  117. My horse’s barn name is Logan and his show name is Black Tie Affair. He’s got about a million nicknames, though! He gets called Logie, Loman, Bo, Bogan…the list goes on and on. Since his middle name is Trevor, he is also called LT on occasion.

  118. My quarter horse/paint mare’s barn name is Lola. Her registered name is Plain Lois Lane. Her nickname is Peppy because at times she can be so full of pep.

  119. I have 5 horses,and they all have registered names,and nicknames.Twistin Pegasus(Paint)is called Penny because of a round copper colored spot on her side.Jasmine actually had ner nickname before she was registered as I’m Totally Jazzin.Hop Scotch Broker has the name of Ben,and I’m Diamond Tuff is Breezy.And lastly theres Skip This Spot,who was named Nevada after a trail horse I rode in the past.

  120. The horse i ride is really named miss red roan doc bars, but for short ruby. but for double short-just around the barn we call her rubes

  121. My horse is a TB X QH who’s show name is Diamond in the rough, but his nickname is Titan, or Titanic (he’s huge) or big lug, monster, or giant,

  122. One of the horses that I ride is a big, perfect dressage mount in an Andulasian Breed. He has a gorgoues gray dappled coat and a pink blaze. His registered show name is Fantastico De Caval, I know, a beautiful mouthful. The other showing competitors tremble at the sound of that fancy name: The name leads up to greatness. But, everyone is surprised at the end of my dressage test when I pat him and say his regular stable name: Tico.

  123. We purchased a Thoroughbred/Andalusion with the registered name of Blue Duck. Well after a short time we gave him the barn name of Buckwheat, He is such a dork and yet very sweet and quiet. Instead of looking at you like a normal horse he turns his head sideways and then stares at you like “What are you doin”

  124. My horses nickname is Heffalump but his real name is BlazingSpirit. Heffalump is a Mustang and I went out to the barn one day and I caught him trying to itch his back leg and to my surprise he was having a little trouble. He couldn’t keep his leg up because his belly was in the way. All I could do is laugh and out came the nickname ” Blaze your such a Heffalump”.

  125. My new Arab is registered as Platinum Lancer, and after ponies he seemed so big. Lance has plenty of names (Lance, Lance-y, Lancelot, Sir Lancelot, The Nutty Knight, The Noble Knight, and Lancey-poo are just a few) but I prefer to think of him as my “ultimate problem child.”

  126. Laverne:
    1. Vern
    3.Super Nacho
    And a few others that my trainer would murder me for if I put them on!

  127. My 28 year old quarter horse gelding’s show name is My Smokes Poka San. we personally just call him Sandy!!He actually used to be a trick horse but now he’s retired and the only things I can get him to do is back up and move over when he is in the way!!Hahaha!

  128. I have a gelding who’s registered name is Poco’s Kay Jo Cowboy but I like to call him Hotdog. haha One because he’s the same color as a hotdog and two because he thinks he’s sooo hot, like a hotdog. πŸ™‚

  129. my un-registered “mutt” mare’s name is Sassy we either call her that or Sassafras. we call my registered Saddlebred mare Asia. I’m not quite certain on her registered name.

  130. We have a mare thats regestered name is something to do with luck, its so long i can’t even remember it! But at our house she goes by either “Lady” or “Lucksters.”

  131. I’ve heard some wonderful nicknames over the years. One horse, an ex-racing thoroughbred, is registered as Little Marshall but his barn name is simply Marshall. He’s such a character and winds up having his barn name extended . . . Marshall Mayhem, Marshall the Martian, and Marshmallow. There’s a quarterhorse at the stable with a wonderful palamino paint coat, a little child had named him Banana but when he arrived at the barn it was changed to Jazz, so when he’s good we call him Jazzercise and wehn he’s bad we call him Nanners, and he knows the difference. And lastly there’s an 18hh Belgian Gelding who was originally named Captain Morgan. The barn didn’t like that so it was changed to . . . Twinkie. Even then he has nicknames, being a fine dressage horse Twinkletoes is most common, but Monster is also a common moniker since you can feel the ground of the ring vibrate when he canters!

  132. I have heard cute names about my horse “Breezin Cowgirl). Usually When she’s not in the show ring I call Cowgirl,Mary,Cowmare,Cdg,Cdg e a Breezy.

  133. The Arabian I ride now is registered as Farnley Bayard, but people normally call him Bayard. A lot of times I call him Bubby. Sometimes I ride a horse that is registered with One Last Wish, but people call him Tator Tot, Tator, or Tator Snot when he is bad.

  134. My paint horse is My Hunka Moonshine. He goes by Moonie.
    My welsh pony’s name is Smokey but I call him Pony-maroni just as much.
    My TB mare, her sire is Comedian, Her mother was Folly. Her reg name is Our Last Laugh, but goes by Giggles.

  135. Moon Shine is Moonie, Duke is Dukie pookie, Storm is big mama, Chance is Chancy pants
    Timmie is Tiny Tim, Willie is Wee willie they are minature horses and referred to as mini whinnies
    adding a few gost names:
    Belle is belly button, Windy is Muncher or Munchkin and Snowflake is Nibbler

  136. My black AQHA mare “Blondys Classic Redford” is called LIBERTY. The story behind Liberty is when I took Liberty’s Mother to be bred, the street name that I missed my turn and ended up wheel deep in MUD was “Liberty” so I named the foal that so I would always remember that night in the MUD!
    Cynthia Kehoe
    Sullivan, MO

  137. I have a Haflinger that will eat any thing and will push you out of the way to get to food. One of her nick names because of that is Molly the monster. And when it comes to eatting we call her hoover.

  138. We bought a 2 yr old AQHA gelding named “Ima Stink Bug”. He was an orphaned foal who was bottle fed. Stink Bug stuck as his nick name & definitely discribes his personality and at nine yrs., he’s still into everything! One note, He’s doing good as a barrel horse.

  139. I think the article is simply great!!! My registered two year old Quarterhorse filly,,,,,,,,I named “Moulan”,,,,,,I call my six year old Bay Quarterhorse,,,,,,”Najee”!!

  140. I own a true white horse (pink skin, blue eyes) who was named Crackers when I bought him. Since I am in the Navy and our dress white uniform is commonly known as “Cracker Jacks,” I kept the name and use Cracker Jacks as his show name.

  141. there is an Arab at my barn and his name is Laddie. he has multiple nicknames. one being Alladin (as his dad is alladin bred) and Laddercize-cause he has a ton of energy and a total blast to ride.
    and for my horse, her name is Merna, so i call her merna-bo. it started as a joke, and just kinda stuck.

  142. The Welsh Cob I ride’s show name is Thornlea Red Red Robin…It’s a mouthful for such a small pony!!! We call him Bobby most of the time, but when he’s cranky, we call him Robert.

  143. My first horse is called Bart (i didnt name him) however my friends call him Barticus πŸ˜› started as a joke and just stuck. His nick name is Bubba-Doo πŸ˜›
    By other horse is called Herman Munsta πŸ˜› however his nick name is Hermy or Herman.

  144. I have a mare than is a little on the heafty side and we originally named her Honey Bee but my dad’s horse’s name is Honey so we just called her Bee and since she is so heafty we call her Butterball Bee! Her papered name is Tarde Soxs Sal and that sounds like some type of Japanese tartar sauce! πŸ™‚

  145. I have adopted a MorAb that came with the name, Little Boy. It just didn’t fit his personality. He is much more proud and regal than a “Little Boy”! So I let my husband pick a name. He wanted to name him Hurcules…No Way! So to follow the Greek God theme, he was bestowed, Zeus. It fits him very well, I think!

  146. My youngest Son is 21 months and he seen this paint at a friends farm and called him Okie. Well we bought him and we started riding him and his name turned into okie pokie. He is so slow for an 8yr old 17hd paint gelded.

  147. After I bought my new horse, who’s name at the time was Bart, I decided to rename him. He had an incredibly spunky additude, so I had to have a name equally as spunky. I finally came upon the name All That Jazz, which we shortened to Jazz. The name suits him perfectly!

  148. One nickname I had for a horse at the barn I ride at was “Harley.” His real name was Big, and well that name speaks for itself. He was a huge horse; at least 18 hands, maybe more. But, Big was so boring and he was such a hunk of horse, and huge and awesome, like a Harley-Davidson, so I decided to call him Harley. πŸ˜€

  149. Years ago, I had a horse named Jackpot John, we called him JP and sometimes Potty (he had the habit of, well, dirtying the barn floor when tied). My Arabian, Phantom Dancer became Good Dog when we were trail riding one summer and I jokingly told him to ‘heel’ and he did. I told him good dog, and it stuck. I also called him Alpo when he misbehaved. lol

  150. My horse’s name fits him perfectly. He was named for his appearance: one brown eye and one blue eye = Blue. I call him Stinker when he is naughty though.

  151. My 27 year old grey Tb gelding is called “Casper” aka Gottagance, Native Dancer lineage.My rescue sicilian 8 month old donkeys name is Patriot. My ex breeders cup 2nd plce winner on the dirt in the mile is Reagan, the candidate.We have A Fabian for a black TB rescue, Armagh for 4 year old OTTB black filly with a whitcross on her forehead with a double whore we also call her Alfa Diablo ,she is a dominant Wild again offspring.We have a Claddagh, arab/Qh, Donnegal OTAQH, Lunar Expectations a 3 year old OTAQH,We have a shnookums puppy, skipper, Slainte,Pilgrim,Rianna QH, and Miralgopuppy. we also rescued a big ole grade dog and call her Honetcomb. Kat & Kuan ipswich equine Rescue corp

  152. My horse’s name is Lexion, so naturally he goes by Lexi. Then came Lexi Rex, Tyrannasaurus Lex, T Rex Lex, The Lexxer, Lexiamo. Of course there’s Pretty Boy, Handsome, My Guy, Bubby, and so on and so on :D! Because he is truly God’s gift to me, I never run out of endearing things to call him.

  153. My Palomino QH was a trail horse before I bought him. His name was Turtle…because he was sooo slow! I decided to call him by his registered name…My Tuck. He truly is my Tuck.!!

  154. My horse has several nicknames. His registered name is Bar of Blaze but his barn name is Cooper(i have no idea where that came from, i bought him with it) but some of the other names i call him are monkey, when he acts silly or mischevious, goof, for goofy the disney character when he acts like a cluts, but my favorit is super cooper, which started when i bought him a neck sleezy that was navy blue and he looked like a super hero.

  155. My horse’s registered name is Faraway’s June Cresent. “Junebug” came out of my mouth when I first bought her over 10 years ago, and it stuck. I’m originally from NH where the Junebugs are reddish-brown. I now live in KY where the Junebugs are greenish, so the nickname is not quite as appropriate, but she’ll always be my Junebug.

  156. I have been told that every woman has a “poopsie”! An animal that can do no wrong, one that is love unconditionally and is the favorite. My cremello quarter horse stallions’ name is Poopsie! His registered name is Stormy White Magic, my husband can’t stand calling him poopsie so we also use the name Luke or “Lukey”. Once, I entered him as Poopsie, since we won quite a bit that day, I forever promised him I wouldn’t do that again!

  157. My horse is called Ernie, after the sesame street character. His registered name is Kanoka Kid. He was given the name by stable hands, because he has a very large head with a wide white strip and his forlock is always sort crazy, like Ernie’s hair. The name suits him well as he is quite the character!

  158. Our quarter horse is named Cadillac Jack, but he has an array of nicknames. He’s just “Jack” around our place. As for nicknames there are Sugar Plum, Pumpkin, Silly Boy, Stinky, Stouty, Jackie Bear, Jackie, etc. However, his best nickname is Smoochyboo, because he loves giving and receiving kisses!

  159. Our miniature horse stallion is named Philia Blazes Daring Deception and we call him Rocky, Rock Man and Rocking Horse. The name Rocky fits him because he is small but mighty.

  160. My horse is named Royal Roman Brick but we call him Larry, Grumpy Boy, Sir Larry or Lawrence. He was nicknamed by his old owner because he is the grumpiest horse EVER and his old owners uncle was really grumpy to. But be careful what you nickname your horse because if you nickname him after a person chances are that their personality will be like that persons to. Thats what happened to Larry haha.

  161. my first horse, thunder an app/cross, i often called bubby, or porkchop when he was at his fattest. i had a standardbred named dusty who we called dust-buster, after watching him vacuum up fallen leaves. we also called him hoodini. he was constantly breaking out of his paddock. i have an arabian we call hemi. my husband came up with the name and it just stuck. my husband had an app named smokey he would call smoke-stack. the same goes for all of our beagles. they all have their own special nickname too! i think the one horse name i will never forget, i heard at a horse show. the horses name was elvis thank you very much, which he was called elvis. i was told by his owner this was his reg name! good article by the way.

  162. My Appy has a lot of nicknames, but none are quite as origional as his registered name. You can’t really beat “Tardee Chicken” !

  163. My appy’s registered name is Sunny Sid Up, you would think her nick name would be Sunny. It’s actually Mocha. Her nick name is Mocha because her coat looks like it and we already had a sheep named Sunny. But my dad calls her Mocha Milka Fudge because there was a food commercial for something called that and he started to call her that.

  164. I nicknamed Dakota “Koda”, like the bear in Brother Bear, because in the winter he gets such a thick coat, he looks like a teddy bear!

  165. i volenteer at a farm and we have a horse called miller microbrew and you would think we call him micro but i call him kicker because one night he got impatient when we didn’t give him his food fast enough for him he kicked a whole in the stall wall

  166. At my barn I have Annie(short for Cheyenne), Little Joe(thanks to my little nephew, a “Bonanza” fan),Boney(born a full month late and nearly dead), Little Bitt(half horse/half pony),Black Jack(color black and great-grandson of Two-Eyed Jack), Butterscotch(she’s a light dun color)and Bo(cuz we couldn’t think of anything else to call him!).

  167. My horses name is Chance – but his nickname is Houdini- he can get out of any enclosure and halter!! he has unlocked the door to the tack room when the key was left in the lock. He truly fits his nick name

  168. My horse is an ex-racehorse, I think his registered name is Ripple and Dale, but his common name is Joey. I call him Cotton-eye Joe, or Caribbean Joe or Pirate Joe though because he’s blind in one eye =P

  169. My filly’s registered name is Double Sweet Six but her REAL name is Double Trouble. Our vet named her when he checked her Mom and found out there were twins. Her Mom’s name is Trouble. Unfortunately, she has tried to live up to her name. I told him next time he names a horse to name it Angel or Mr. Perfect or something like that.

  170. My horses’s real name is Storm, but I call her several different names. Like “Love Bug, Stormy, My Girl, Sweet thing, Troublesome.” I guess her nickname depends on how she’s acting that day.

  171. My horse’s registered name is Top Notch Nickle. She is 16.1 hh, but her barn name is Minnie, and she certainly is not little! I also call her Big Kid and Cheese Nip when she is being bad.

  172. My horses name is Pocket, but one of his nick names is “Drama Queen”. Hahaha funny story about how he got it too, One day we were jumping a course, and he had hit one of the jumps, and he totally freaked out. He just got really angry haha. So we have called him the Drama Queen from then on.

  173. My bay’s show name is Auburn’s Nightshade Flyer. Pretty right? Well, my gelding’s a shrimp. 15.5 hh jumper Hanoverian. He is so loving but will be a troublemaker by knocking over the hoof oil, then looking innocent. I like to call him Troublemaker, Minimouse,Burni, and Nutball. His barn name that everyone calls him is Flyer.

  174. I have a horse named Rusty, but his nickname is Energizer Bunny!! lol!!!!! He’s a drama queen and freaks out for like no reason. Thats why I nicknamed him that!! My other horses names are Spiritana (Isn’t that pretty? Her nickname is Spirit), Stellar (Royal, cuz he’s so like, i duno, royal!! haha, and Velvet, cuz he has the SOFTEST muzzle EVER!), Alana (Lana, or Sweetie Pie, she’s a sweetheart!!), and Odie. They are great horses!!

  175. My three year old filly’s registered name is Sweet Bur Cat. That’s kinda long so we wanted to find a name that was easier to say but still fit her. One day she tried to steal a sweettart candy from my hand and we’ve found that she loves to eat them! She’s been Sweettart ever since!

  176. I call my Thoroughbred “His Majesty”. He’s very spoiled, arrogant, aristocratic, and he believes himself to be the king of the barn. He also believes that I’m his humble servant, which is pretty much true.

  177. My horses name is Percilla and we call her Silly or Princess. She has a rather royal personality and can be rather silly sometimes, including not listening to mom when she should ;).

  178. My horse’s show name is Fashionably Late, no I didn’t pick it, around the barn she has several pet names including Star, Starling, and Starbucks, among others.

  179. There’s a Quarter Horse mare at my barn with a name contradictary to her character: “A Beau Kay For Daddy” (She’s stubborn and far from a “beau”). Her name around the stable is “Tilly”, and as you know has no relation to her registered one.

  180. My geldings name is Charlie, his track name was Eye Catcher and his Show name is Charlie Asher. He answers to: Charlie, Charles, Char Bar, Chuck, Chucktastic.

  181. My horse’s Registered name is Coy Dancer. He is better known as old man (he’s 28), boy toy, coy boy or anything that rhymes with his name.

  182. My QH mare’s registered name is Nightime Drift,and several names.Such as Dolly,Dolly Pop,Chick,Sweetie,Sweetheart,or just about anything I can come up with…she answers to just about all of them.

  183. My sorrel QH gelding’s registered name is “Putt Puttin’ Around”.. we call him Ace, and when he’s being good he’s refered to as “Cowboy”, “Orange”, or “Big and Orange”. My bay QH mare’s registered name is “Iwanna Say Im Sorry”.. more lovingly called “Sorry” or “Girly”

  184. My 4 yr old mares name is RegretaDunTwisted and is called Greta for short. The name came about as the breeder was really “Regretting” selling her as a weanling once they saw her potential.

  185. Her show name is Velvet’s Lunar Eclipse, and her barn name is Luna. Nicknames include: Baby Girl, Baby Brat, Looney Tunes, Moose, and Monster. She had the name Luna when she was given to me at three months of age, hence the Baby Girl and Baby Brat. Looney Tunes, Moose, and Monster are self-explanatory.

  186. Here are all the nicknames of all the horses I’ve ever had:
    Miss Muffin-Muffing
    Uncle Buck-Buck
    Marilyn Monroe-Marilyn, Fun Dip
    Bandit-Buddy,Big Boy, Big Bandit
    Sandy-Sandra, Honey Bunches, Sweetums
    Aurora-Aurora Borealis,A,Ace
    Dixie-Dix,Dixie Chix
    Those are all my horses nicknames.

  187. My Mares show name is Abba-Zaba (after the california taffy bar. Taffy on the outside peanut butter in the inside) She is a Palomino. But at home I call her Abby or when she is in trouble I call her Abigial Marie. One of my best friends is also named Abigial Marie (Abbie). Both are Blondes…lol! I have called Abby my horse all different names tho but they are orginal names tho like Sweetheart and BabyGirl…I have called her my Golden Girl before.

  188. OK so my mount is a 17 hand Dutch Warmblood jumper named Waanderlust. Pretty impressive right? But around the barn, she’s known as plain old Wanda!! How cute.

  189. My horse’s name is Ezmerelda. Her name is a long one to say when I am calling her from the pasture or telling her, “Hey.” I came up with a nick-name for her and she loves it! Her nick-name is Ezzie!

  190. in show, my horses full name is KhanQuistador, for he is out of a local fame, Jamhaal Khan. here at home, he has a few nicknames. Because most people call him Sundance, i ended up calling him Sunny-D. Also, he is an hyper-active arabian yearling, so many people, including me, call him butthead.:)

  191. My horses registered name is Mr.Mustard. The guy I bought him from named all his horses after Beatles songs. My horse is a bright Chestnut with a white blaze, so we started calling him Blaze. I only call him Mr.Mustard when he misbehaves, other wise he’s Blazey boy or Blazey baby

  192. My horses name is Poco, He was the first horse I fell off of,So we bonded after that I guess. I don’t know were it came from, or how its related to him,but i nicknamed him Bubba. On other occasions, I kind of hum a coo to him saying, Poco poco poco. Or I call him a butt when he’s bad.

  193. My horses registered name is GMF Le Saber. But his previous owner called him Sammy. Which I think sounds cute and fun like his personality. So I call him Sammers, Sammy Boy, and Bubbers. Don’t ask where the last one came from!

  194. The pony I used to ride was named Spot, now that I have outgrown her she has earned the nickname of Puss. Her nickname started out as Spotopus, because she could wrigle her way out of anything like an octopus. Now my mom shortened it to Puss and it’s stuck

  195. My horse believes himself to be a prince, and must be treated as such. I call him “Prince Victor” or “His Majesty” most of the time. Unless he’s in one of his broody moods- then I call him “Lord Fussy Britches”.

  196. My horse’s name is Precious Little Gem. I hardly ever call her that so instead I call her Little Bit. Like every horse somedays they are a little moody. So on those days she is Big Bit. =)

  197. My bay Saddlebred mare named Cin-bar Superior Penny was aptly called “Penny” before we bought her but we changed her name to Isabella because we already had a Penny. So now she is Isabella, Izzy, Izzy Mae (my trainer is from Georgia) Precious Little Princess, or Diablo…needless to say, Izzy wasn’t the best behaved horse when we first bought her!

  198. My horse’s name is Penny. She isn’t registered, or so I think. She is known to everyone outside the barn as Penny but inside the barn she falls under many nicknames, such as my favorite Squiker Toy, but also Pigpen and Penpen. Penny got the name Squiker Toy by her horse buddy at the barn picks on her when ever they are out playing and when we are riding and taking a break together. Bella her buddy bits and gets penny to squiel which is why we gave her the that nickname. Her Pigpen nickname is because she is a pig in her stall and her little turnout.

  199. The horse I ride is named Captain. A few years ago, I was trying to think of a cute nickname for him and came up with ‘Snow Caps’ (like the candy). I thought of it when I brought him inside and he was covered in snow (which was a pain to get off). Now, I call him that year-round instead of just in winter.

  200. I call my horse shmeegle, which is a word i made up wich means “silly boy” to me and my friends at the barn. My horse is a very silly boy :).

  201. my 17 year old horse Cody is a poa and he is kind of a bluish color , so i call him blue boy… i also call him things like cody-baby and dotty-spotty-thing …

  202. My horses nick name is P.S. standing for poop stain. He is a palomino tri-color and is very hard to keep clean because he is always rolling in his poop!

  203. My nationally pointed Paint gelding is also known as the Erkel pony, after Steve Erkel, the goofy awkward dork that dressed funny….My horse is all business in the show ring but given the chance to relax, he is a complete meatball…I love his dual personalities!!

  204. My Arabian quater horse “Phantom”s name is Bubby. Since my favorite tv show was the mv misadventures of flappjack. He always neighs when I call him that ha its so amazing.

  205. My thoroughbreds name is Rico Suave so of course he is super sexy! His nicknames vary from Sexy Suave to Rico Baby but my favorite nickname for him is Sexy beast, what else would you call a solid black thorughbred???

  206. my girl Little Laila of Hamra was known as Jidda Boo or BOO Sometimes just Lai. My new horse hasnt been in my life long enuff to figure his nickname out side of Jackyass. He came to me with the moniker of Jack Sparrow. He is a one eyed horse so that told me his name should be One Eyed Jack. He is the leader in the pasture, so hes an asshole. Hence Jackyass. Hes a sweety and I cant wait to see what he developes into. I rescued his scrawny ass and he has already put on about 100lbs. I can ride him now.
    Im all about nicknames and give them to the deserving ones

  207. My horses names are Tess, Pepper, And Yada Hay. Tess’s nickname is Tessy girl or Tessy. Pepper’s nickname is Peppy or Piggy. And Yada Hay’s nickname is Yada and sometimes I like to call her Yadie.

  208. I now own Like Stardust the grey Trakehner mare, but she was sold to me with the nickname Jolie. I know very little about her history, and would love any info.


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