HI Spy: Share Your Horse Show Memories

What is your favorite horse show memory?

Horse shows are about more than winning ribbons. They challenge our horsemanship skills. They teach us how to deal with adversity when things invariably go wrong.  Through the emotional ups and downs, we develop close bonds with our horses and many of our fellow exhibitors. Whether we spend a lifetime on the show circuit or just compete occasionally, horse shows are responsible for some of our fondest memories.
Betty Jean Bullman recently recounted her favorite horse show memory. It concerned her faithful old horse Turning Point, a fiery chestnut Thoroughbred who maintained his zeal for showing until he was well into his twenties.
“He was a great horse,” Bullman recalls wistfully. “I’ll never forget the year I showed him at the big Del Mar horse show in an amateur jumper class. My horse had spent many years as a showjumper before I got him, and he seemed to recognize that he was about to be ‘on stage.’ He was all pumped up.”
Bullman explains that to enhance the atmosphere of the high-stakes class, the show management played loud, upbeat music as each rider began their opening circle. The musical accompaniment seemed to evoke an extra zing of competitive spirit in her veteran show horse, and he arched his neck and bounded into a sprightly gallop.
“All the spectators — including people from our barn — could see that I could barely contain my horse. They were laughing and cheering me on at the same time. The lights, the crowds, the fancy jumps, the music … it all made my horse act like he was five years old again. I had a great round,” she concludes, “but I don’t think I won a ribbon. What made it all so memorable was just the thrill of riding my horse under those special circumstances. I got a sense of what he must have been like in his prime. I think he had just as much fun that night, too.”
What’s your special horse show memory? Can you recall your first blue ribbon? Was there an instance when you overcame incredible odds to ride to victory? Did something funny happen at a horse show that still makes you laugh? As another installment of our monthly “HI Spy” series, we’d like to hear from you. Just click on Submit a Comment below. Some of the responses may be selected to appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated magazine!

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  1. I had bought a mare named Hershey’s Marilyn Monroe as a yearling to be my new show horse. In 2004 when she was three, she and I went undefeated all season in the Youth division of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. She and I even won the RMHA and UMH/KMSHA Youth Grand Championship. The following year she and I got beat a few times during the regular season. We didn’t show at the RMHA International because we went to Equine Affaire. At the KMSHA International, she and I got third in the qualifying class. I was disappointed in this placing greatly and had decided not to show in the Championship. I hadn’t been focused on my riding anymore because I had “gotten used” to winning as shallow as that sounds. I expected to win all the time. Getting third in that class made me realize that I had to keep working hard and focus in order to do well. My trainer finally talked me into going into the Youth Championship later in the week. As I prepared to enter the ring, I took a deep breath and focused my mind on riding Marilyn to the best of my abilities. We won the 2005 KMSHA Youth Grand Championship, I think even unanimously. That win had meant more to me than any win had ever before. I knew that I had to get my mind in the right place to do well, otherwise I was just hurting my horse. I am so proud of my mare. As far as I know, we are the only horse and rider team to win all three association Youth Classic Pleasure Grand Championships.

  2. I have been riding for 4 years. I don’t have a horse of my own, (I’m 11) but I atke lessons. I was in a local show last year. I only did 18′ jumping, but I got 2nd place. I didn’t get first, but was stil proud of my horse! =)

  3. My first blue ribbon with my new two year old quarterhorse gave me an amazing feeling.When we placed third out of about seven horses in a halter class, I knew that all of our practice was paying off. I was happy even though we didn’t get first place.

  4. My favortie Memory was when we took the horse I had just got in April of 2006 to our first show together in july we unloaded him and I could hardly get the saddle on him he was so nervous I forgot the lunge line and had to borrow one after some lunging I was finally able to get on and ride after some riding time we entered one class and got first.

  5. Probably my funniest horse show experience was my second year showing at the Washington State Fair. I brought my horse, Sterling. It was his second time up there so I thought he would know the arena. I first have one thing to say about that arena, I hate it!! If you have ever shown in it’s the worst posible arena you could imagine!! I think anyone would agree with me! With its tarp like cloth hanging from the ceiling as a wall getting sucked up against the rail. It was my bareback class, we were going around at the lope and all of the sudden he spooks and jumps about 4 feet!! I drop my split rein!!! OH NO!!! So I stop him and reach down to grap my rein WITHOUT the judge looking, I got a hold of it!! And we were off, going around the arena at a lope just like everyone else!! It may seem like it wasnt that exciting, but believe me it was!! At the end of the class, I ended up geting a blue in that class and the second to getting High Blue Return for the Championship class. The ringstewart saw the whole thing happen and told the judge after.
    Another time that was a good time was at out local posse club. We had an annual show for the first year! It was a good one! Me and my horse got a 1st in Showmanship, English Equitation, and Pleasure, and 2nds on Bareback, Western Equitation, and Pleasure, only because the judge thought that my reins were to tight and that my arabian could hold his head by himself. I have had a lot more show experiences, but are to long to share!!! Thank You and have fun with your horse!!!

  6. My best horse show memory would have to be my year in Medium Ponies. I had this great pony, Shooter, and he was a power house of a pony. It was my first year ever showing in my life, and he gave me a great sense of confidence. I showed all summer, every weekend, and we did really well. I even won a first at our very first show. At the end of the season we were second in the standings and I got to go to the huge finals in Toronto. They were a huge deal for a kid that had always gone to watch, and now I was partaking!! I was up there with all of the kids that had been riding since birth, and it was just an amazing experience. I woudln’t trade it for the world. Sadly, though, the pony had to go cause i had out grown him. But, a year later I ran into the horse of my dreams, Holiday, my 10 y/o TB. My best horse show memory might not be being at the top, one of the best in my division in Canada, I think it might just be the last show of last season, where Hal and I finally won champion, and I finally figured him out. The most amazing feeling on earth, that amazing connection between a horse and a girl, he’s my soul mate.

  7. My First Ribbon/overcoming the odds
    My first show where i got first ribbon ever came from a noble young man named Glue. Glue was a spunky 8year old racking gelding. He was my first horse, i love him today as i did then. Well we had been practicing for everything all winter and spring, nobdy thought we could do it i mean a green contesting rider with a green contesting horse, not exactly the best pair! Well i remember i was thinking to myself “I HAVE TO WIN ATLEAST ONE CLASS!”
    we were bad at every class, turnning to wide, not going fast enough, getting confused. But as i entered the ring for Flag race i enter and looked at all the competers thinking “whats is this girl doing she should just stop!” Well i did my circle and off we went, Glue wanted to show these Quarter Horses hwo was the real “horse” here! he got me right where i needed him to be and i ripped that flag out of that bucket and kicked glue shot up like a rocket and went. When we got to the other side he slowed and i stabed that flag in! Glue walked out of that arena with pride, his head tucked, doing a jig. I waited for the rest of the people to finish their runs and waited by the gate, when they annouced the ribbons we didnt get first, second, third or even fourth we got fifth, but that was just as good as the first place ! i walked by my uncle who had serious doubt i would ever be good at contesting with Glue. He looked up at me and said a simple “Good Job”.
    i felt like i reached the moon!
    That was my first ribbon and my most important, when i look at all the ribbons on my walli dont go for the first second places i go straight to that fifth place and smile.

  8. My most memorable horse show moment was when at my first schoolie show. I won TONS of ribbons!! I have only ridden this schoolie Quarter Pony twice now! I won three blue, two red, one yellow, champion, and reserve champion! I did lead line just for my young two year old Paint named Cherokee. We wanted her to get used to all the show business early. Of course my mom lead me. Everyone got a blue ribbon and a prize, but they knew I had a horse so they gave me a blue ribbon, hoof pick, and a rake! I was so sore!! Nothing could ever beat that day!

  9. My favorite horse show memory was when I went to a 4-H premium day show that allows us to go to state for what we are competing in. My horse and I were in a pleasure class. We did really well in the ring. When it came time to hear what place everyone got. I was so excited when I heard I got second place and a blue premium! My horse and I were going to state!!!!!! I was so proud of my horse and with my performance as well. It is a day I will never forget.

  10. My biggest moment was definately when I beat my instructor in a hunter class…I was riding a very well trained horse and she was riding a green horse first time at a show for her horse and just for experiance but still I loved it!! I told anyone and everyone I beat my instructor. Even if I didn’t beat her fairly…

  11. Oh goodness. I have several – I took a mare to her first show once, and we were in a flat class. Seeker was doing VERY nicely and listening to me. She was moving out quietly. We started to canter, and Seeker got a bit boxed in and she got upset. She kicked out and got free. A few seconds later, she jumped to the side and nearly ran over the judge.
    Another time, I was on my old hunter. This was about three years ago, and I forgot all my courses except one. So when Teddy and I went into the ring, we did the same course every single time.
    The worst horse show mishaps always happens to me as well. Once, with Teddy, I was tacking him up and I thought I could groundtie him. He has groundtied at shows before many times and doesn’t move an inch. I wasn’t thinking and forgot that he was a rescue. A bit of ways down, a girl was lungeing her horse. She tapped the horse with the whip and the horse exploded and started bucking. Of course, this startled Teddy and he took off.
    The pony hunter classes had to be stopped for half an hour while everyone ran around trying to catch Teddy.

  12. It was my first horse show and i was showing my 1st horse, Joey, who was 27. He was very arthritic and was getting beat in every class. Finally the costume class came and i just knew we would do good. I had used my old halloween costume, a joker, and we covered a saddle blanket with poker chips and cards and bells. We even made a little poker hat for Joey. He was “Poker Joe”. We ended up winning 1st place, even though the saddle blanket kept falling off and he stepped on my foot. I will never forget that fun day!

  13. We had gotten there around 5 O’clock that morning and started warming our horses up in the jumping ring. Me and my horse Commentary were about to go over a 2 foot oxer and we knocked the entire thing down. I fell off and the entire jump fell on top of me. My horse stepped on the inside of my lower left leg. I didn’t break anything but it hurt, I got back on and rode over the jump so I wouldn’t be scared. My classes weren’t until later that day. Around 5 O’clock that night was my first class, it was a jumping class. I had gone over 2 of the jumps but my horse swerved the left. So I tried to take him over it again, and he did it again, he swerved to the left, because he knew I couldn’t stop him with my hurt leg. I had to have my friend Sammy get on him and ride him in the class just to make him behave.

  14. I love horse shows!! The article on it was amazing! My horse is the oldest one out there and we aren’t the best show riders but we have so much fun. The experiance is the most amazing and the adrenalen rush is even better. You know when a horse and rider are ment to be together when the rider gives her horse a hug for getting last place.

  15. I have a lot of great horse show memories. It’s hard to choose a favorite. One of the funniest ones was when I was showing one of my friend’s horses. She told me over and over again NOT to leave his stall door open or leave his halter or bridle off for even ONE SECOND because he’d run away. Well, guess what? I think 3 times that weekend he got loose and took a tour of the barn area and the showgrounds. I spent half my time hunting down that horse. At least he was tired for his classes!

  16. At a small show near Olney, MD many years ago, I had entered my mare Tippy and my father’s horse Shane. I was tacking Shane to warm up for a class and he got loose and took off up the hill. As I watched him run away all I could think of was the closing scene in the Alan Ladd movie with Brandon DeWilde crying -“Shane, come back Shane!” I don’t remember anything else about that show, but can still see Shane running up the hill.

  17. I used to ride a horse named Memee and we always did bad placing wise in the shows but i always thought we did ok. One time i rode in a show and i thought i did the worst i had ever done on her but i got first place in the show. That goes to show how good i actually was.

  18. I’ll never forget when my 17 years-old bombproof dressage horse spooked at the judge’s hat (which was very large, with a feather on top of it…) he took off, and the judge looked so offensed that I couldn’t stop laughing! All you could see was a horse galloping through the arena at mad speed with his rider laughing her head off!

  19. I haven’t been to to many horse shows. But probably my most memorably one was the one that got canceled because of a thunder storm. It was in the middle of an open field and we had gone through one class. During that class it was sprinkling a little. Then it all of a sudden just started pouring with thunder and lighting. After that class they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to cancel or not. Everybody went back to there cars and trucks. While waiting there they decided to just cancel the rest of the day. After all the preperation before hand and all the practicing all but 2 people didn’t compete. Who knew?

  20. One time at a horse show i had just turned the crner and was heading for the last jump. i still had about 50 feet to go before the jump and all of a sudden my horse let out a huge fart!!!! it echoed all around the barn and a couple people started to laugh. i gathered up my reins and tried to ignore it but right as we approached the jump he stopped and i flew off!!!! luckily i only landed on my butt so i jumped up and ran to grab the reins. he wouldnt bugde he just sat there pooping and everytime i tried to get him to move he would just grunt. normally i would have smacked him but i didnt want to in front of the judge. he finally finnished and i trotted him out of the arena. i didnt place in that class.

  21. I guess my favorite horse show memory is of my Daughters very first show! She was only 8 years old. We went to the show fully expecting to get a real education on what to do and not to do at a show! It was a great day full of fun and adventure. When my daughter was in the arena she looked so proud and happy, I remember thinking how lucky she was to be living a dream that I once had! No one in the crowd could have been more surprised when my daughter won the class, I was so busy looking at how cute she was, and how proud of her I was, It never occured to me that she could even place in the class! She went on to win all her classes that day, as well as the Equitation Championship! and now four years later, she still loves the thrill of a beautiful horse! And I still could not be more proud of her!

  22. I remember B.J. ‘s moment at Del Mar.
    I am a Horse Show Mom that was looking for the next great horse to fall from the sky for our daughter Kiersti. We trusted our trainer Susan Smith to find us the right one. Kiersti was riding Susan’s Appaloosa Mare, Cassie at the HITS show in Indio Ca. Kiersti was having a very nice show in the short/long stirrup arena with a very colorfull horse that was not a typical hunter look. Susan entered Kiersti in the Limit Eq. flat class with a horse named Oliver. At the time, Oliver’s family was thinking of selling him because the daughter would be going to college but it was not for sure. The family let Kiersti borrow Oliver, the 16 hd bay Oldenburg, for this class. Well, she won the blue and the family then decided it was a good match and he would stay at Camp Cornerstone AKA Conerstone Equestrian Center. We still feel like to this day he was a gift sent to us with a blue ribbon attatched.

  23. I have a lot of great horse show memories, but I think my favorite happened at the Indio horse show. It’s a HUGE A-rated show. I was not having a good warm-up session and I was running out of time before my classes. My trainer was at her wit’s end because I kept riding to really bad spots and making poor jumping decisions. She finally gave up and told me to stop because I was just punishing my horse by making him jump more schooling fences when I was the one making the mistakes. At first I was embarrassed. Then I got mad at myself because I knew I could do better. I decided I would show my trainer that I really was a good rider and that I could pull it all together. Guess what? I did! I placed second in all three of my classes (I guess it was a red ribbon day) and ended up being reserved champion in my equitation division!

  24. My best memories are from years ago. Many horse shows weren’t these mega events like they are now. They were held as part of the local county fair, so you’d have western and saddleseat and even driving classes mixed in with hunters and halter classes. I just remember going from the horse show area to the actual fair. We’d take the tram or just walk. We’d be in our show clothes and people might stare at us, but they knew we were riders competing at the horse show. It just made me feel really special, like I belonged to this great club. Those were the days!

  25. One memory that I will always remember isnt really a good one, but i did learn a lot from it! I have done C Shows all my life in hunters, equitation, and flat classes, and just last year my trainer and I figured I was experienced enough to move up to B Shows. So, all last year I went to quite a few B Shows, showing in Childrens hunter and some equitation classes. In one of the shows, I entered a medal class, and won! So, that meant I qualified for the final ride off in september. I was soooo nervous, but excited at the same time! When it finally arrived, the names were drawn and i was chosen to go SECOND. Man, did my confidence drop! It was my first time in the finals, and I was going SECOND?! We all walked the course, and I could hardly think I was so nervous. Even worse, I didnt even get to see the first pair go because my trainer was giving me advice! When the moment came, my horse and I walked into the arena and began our course. I was shaking the whole time! We jumped the first fence in, and it was good. then, we came upon a 10 stride line. we jumped in, and BRAINFART. i couldnt remember what the rest of my course was! so, we jumped the second fence out and made a wrong turn! I gathered my thoughts and remembered where we were supposed to go. we made a circle and jumped the rest of the course beautifully. turns out, i crossed paths, and that counts as a refusal. we didnt even place! i beat myself up inside! so, this year, i hope to qualify again for that very same medal, and get a high placing. but this time, im going to try and relax and not be so nervous! even though i made a mistake, i learned from it and i will do much much better this year. i know it.

  26. I think my most memorable horse show experience is when I took my skittish Arab/Percheron cross to his first show. I was…oh, 13 I think. I was deathly afraid because he didn’t exactly have a good reputation for behaving, at home or anywhere else. And my mom decided I should try a 2′ 9″ jumpers course. Let’s just say that my lil’ boy didn’t like jumping higher than 18″ because he became overly hyper, out of form, uncontrollable, reckless, and careless. The minute I walked into the ring when my name was called and I halted quickly to gather my breath, my horse turned around, seemed to look my in the eye, and gave that kind of horsey smile. We jumped a perfect, clean course, neat, organize, and shy free. We got first place, a gleaming trophy, and the most wonderful nuzzle from my lil’ boy. I have to definitly say that that was the start of a wonderful, wonderful show career with my wonderful boy.

  27. My first show was when I was 11 years old. I rode my instructors horse, even though I had my own horse. I rode her horse because mine didn’t have his coggins test taken yet. I took jumping lessons, but we didn’t know of any jumping shows around there, so it was decided that I would enter a western one.
    We got all ready, and entered. I didn’t win anything, that is except for good memories. Many of my family’s friends were there. My father is a sign painter, so he made a little banner that read “Go J!” I loved it so much. I felt proud of my Dada, I was the only one in the ring who had a Dad that could make cute little banners like that. I will never forget that day!

  28. My first show was when I was 11 years old. I rode my instructors horse, even though I had my own horse. I rode her horse because mine didn’t have his coggins test taken yet. I took jumping lessons, but we didn’t know of any jumping shows around there, so it was decided that I would enter a western one.
    We got all ready, and entered. I didn’t win anything, that is except for good memories. Many of my family’s friends were there. My father is a sign painter, so he made a little banner that read “Go J!” I loved it so much. I felt proud of my Dada, I was the only one in the ring who had a Dad that could make cute little banners like that. I will never forget that day!

  29. My first show was when I was 11 years old. I rode my instructors horse, even though I had my own horse. I rode her horse because mine didn’t have his coggins test taken yet. I took jumping lessons, but we didn’t know of any jumping shows around there, so it was decided that I would enter a western one.
    We got all ready, and entered. I didn’t win anything, that is except for good memories. Many of my family’s friends were there. My father is a sign painter, so he made a little banner that read “Go J!” I loved it so much. I felt proud of my Dada, I was the only one in the ring who had a Dad that could make cute little banners like that. I will never forget that day!

  30. i was riding a little pony named lucky he was the laziest fattest horse in the world! i was riding in a show i was about 4 and he stopped in the middle of a in and out and he pooped! right in front of the judge i kicked as hard as i could! it didnt work.. oh well it was a great show 🙂

  31. My first show was an open show. I rode agaist 12 people 13 and older and at the time I was 12.I rode my first class English Pleasure, and won the class. I thought that there was a mistake! Surely I couldn’t win the first class in my first show.
    But I did and ill treasure that moment forever!!

  32. ahhh horse shows. i love it. so does Dayzi. i think thats why we end up doing so well. i compete in 4H and open shows. i have A 3 year old POA who came from the auction at 18 months old. she was a wild thing…and let me tell you, shes bombproof now. =D we have been to an open show and did very well for our first open show. we took first in western equitation, 2nd in english pleasure, and 3rd in western pleasure. wow. isnt that amazing? i thoght so.

  33. At my first ever show, I jumped Roli in the 45 cm round. I got elimnated for a refusal on the third jump. Roli was a devious little shetland who could escape from his stable, take his bridle off and had been through countless rugs and halters in the paddock
    My second show I won on Elsie!

  34. last memorial weeked, i competed in the Mule Days celebration in Bishop California on my aunt Randi’s twenty-six year old mule. This was my first year competing at mule days, and i was quite nervous with the huge crowd of spectators. Through my ten days there, i learned something special. No matter how old you are [reffering to my mule] as long as you are teamed up with your best friend, have enough trust and faith in eachother, your can win. Only i won in two ways, yes, i did receive the title “world champion, youth 14-17” but i also won something better then that. the undivided love of my best friend that i have been riding with since i was two.

  35. Last year i was competing in a dressage sho with my mare Mindy. We were doing great all week until a new horse came to my farm. mindy didnt like it and it bothered her so much that she wouldnt / couldnt concentrate on her job. at the show it started out wrong, we were late, mindy was in the same trailer with the horse that just arrived, i couldnt find my saddle pad, we got the wrong test and on top of that my saddle slipped DURING the test. Mindy did her best and i am really proud of her. then there was a thunderstorm and it poured we got moved into the indoor arena (mindys first time in one) and it went well … the only thing that whole day. it was horrible but i learned from it. then two weeks later we went back minus the other horse and placed in all three classes we entered!!

  36. my horse Posidon and i worked so hard to win our hunter class and after we got our first tri-color ribbon the horse is the stall next to his ate it!

  37. Ive only shown my horse once and it was about a year ago. she won 3 second places and a 5th the fith was my faut though because i was posting on the wrong lead. it was a lot of fun and im going to show again soon but i was so proud of her it was her first horse show and my first horse show at the same time

  38. Away shows are the funnest, we rented an rv and stabled right out side our horses stall for a week and had the most fun i have ever had. we came away with ribbons and a love for away shows. Party’n it up with your barn mates is always the best memories. there are to many to write down

  39. I’ve never acually been in a show, yet. I have to admite, i’m scared to.
    But when their is 14 of your family at the stable for this one day, people buzzing every were like ants on an anthill, and your riding instructor, you most likely get the same addreniline rush. I really flip out, but i all was come back in time to control and colloect. Besides being yelled at 42 times a minute, It is the best feeling I’ve ever had

  40. I have had some great show memmories. I think some of the best ones were when all of my horse friends were with me. But alot of people think shows are serious and winning is everything. It’s not, have fun and dont worry about the ribbons its great when u get one but make sure your having fun.

  41. one of my best memories, was last year, at horse fair [4H] i was second to last in showmanship, we did an amazing pattren, i got a blue, a score of 90 points out of 100, and a call back. a call back is where you go back into the arena after all the classes are done, and you compete with the-best-of-the-best for a chance at a medallion. [which is a VERY good thing] in a class of 17, i, yet again, was second to last to go, in mid-july, in 90 degrees in an outdoor arena, we, yes, Dayzi and i, did a perfect pattern, and MEDALLIONED in showmanship. she was amazing and i could’t have asked her to do better. that year, we got callbacks in every event, but showmanship, we did very well, and i love my once-wild-little-auction-pony. =]

  42. My favorite memories was when i got my first first place last year. It was with another horse i was leasing and we had not done very good so I was thrilled to hear my back number and name anounced for first place. It was probably the best show moment yet.

  43. my favorite horse show memory is when i was done with a class and i came out of the arena with my ribbon and 3 of my friends followed and we all went in a deep puddle with our horses because it was so hot out, and it was just a nice way to relieve some tenseness. also i love when you pull up to a show and the sun is barely rising and the horses have that buzz. uh! love the feeling!

  44. When I was in 4-H protege and I was at a warm up show. The judges were only supposed to give us particapation ribbons but they accidently placed us and I got first!

  45. when i was on my way to a horse show we stopped to pick up another pony and my trainer Lisa , so we loaded the pony along with mine who was already on and all the sudden the goats decided it would be fun to hop on the trailer , luckily we have to amazing bombproof pony’s and unfortunately for Mr goat he got kicked a few times. That was quite the morning.

  46. I was at my first horse show riding my quarter horse/paint named Lola.One girl at the rail kept telling me I had the perfect horse each time I passed her. I never got to thank the girl for all of the encouraging things she said to me at the rail.Lola and I got 4 first place ribbons that day!

  47. The night of my first show we had to stay at the barn until 3:30am because we had a mare about to foal any day. That was quite the night. We worked at the barn all night cleaning stalls, checking on the pregnant mare, etc. It was about 40 degrees outside. I busted my lip open on a pitchfork cleaning stalls and had to get up at 6am to go to the show. We were exhausted in the morning and my lip kept re-opening. I looked really tired and I felt half asleep the whole day. The gelding I was showing decided that he was going to act up on me. He was prancing around neighing at every horse in sight. I took him into the ring for my classes and he kept on prancing and wanting to canter in a walk/trot class. We ended up getting two 1st places! That was one heck of a first show, but it was worth it!

  48. In my frist show i entered in a jumping class. It was raining and it was muddy. So we got out there and my horse slipped, galloped off, tryed to skip the jump, but i made him go over it, my foot slipped out of the stirrup and I fell off. I got back on and the same thing happened. I got all muddy and I was not happy but two days later tryed the same jump again and i did it very good.

  49. Last April, Laverne threw me off in front of the judge’s box. The paramedics came even though I got up! Then I got back on and won Grand Champion in jumping!

  50. Mostly, all shows are memorable! But one of the best ones was quite recent and it was when I ended up winning three first places and a second place in my dressage show. And then a few weeks later, the dressage horse magazine HDS had photos of me and my barn buds at the show. I even made the front covor of the magazine!

  51. A few weeks ago I went to my first dressage show with my horse. We entered in the USEF Walk-Trot Intro Test A and B. I was very nervous that my horse would spook at the smaller fencing or would stick her head over the bit and not behave. As we waited for the results to be posted, my stomach fluttered. When the results were finally up, my trainer turned to me and gave me a huge grin and hug. For our first ever dressage test, we had gotten a score of 61 and came in first! For the second test, we tied for first with another rider with a score of 65! I was so proud of me and my horse!

  52. My favorite horse show memory is when I qualified for the state 4-H horse show. I was so nervous going over those huge solid, not to mention colorful fences, but Bobo went over every one like they were nothing special. As I went back in the ring and waited for the results the loud speaker announced me as 4th place! Bobo and I pranced over to get our ribbon. What I didn’t tell Bobo was that they drug tested all the horses that placed.

  53. My Dad and I went to a show in Cazenovia, and we were walking by the makeshift stables. We were looking at this Friesian (my favorite breed) when the trainer let me pet him. I was thrilled!

  54. My first show with my first horse. I had definitely been around the block with shows and was comfortable with the A-circuit. It was so weird that at this barn show I wanted sooo much for people to like Flyer and think that we were a good team. I was really nervous but calmed down for the horse’s sake. My friends all loved Flyer on the ground and thought he was beautiful even in my lessons. It is so different when you are competing. I had worked hard on his coat and tight neat braids. I was second to last in the class and everyone out of the eight that went had a clear round but two. My turn, all of my friends were giving encouraging smiles. We cantered slowly into the ring. I was relieved Flyer collected and on the bit. He was so calm and gave big suspenseful jumps, arching beautifully over the meter high oxers & verticles. As If in a dream we finished and trotted out of the ring. My friends all looked at my- probably afraid I would faint. I was shaking so hard. we came in first and it was the sweetest victory in my 18 years of riding.

  55. I was competeing in my first showmanship class with my gelding Velocity. We were walking around the arena and my gelding’s ‘girlfriend/best friend’ Maggie was standing at one end with my sister. My gelding bolted across the arena to see her,i fell off. When i got up i saw my horse nuzzeling with my sisters mare. It was so cute ( even though we were disqualified) Now Maggie isn’t alowed to be near the fence while were competeing. 🙂

  56. When I got my new horse Charlie and 6 year old Quarter Horse I decided to do Walk/Trot classes at my first show. I didn’t know how Charlie would be at a show since he had only been shown once. When we went into our first riding class I didn’t think he was slow enough at the jog. The class was over so everyone went to the line up and places where announced me and Charlie got our first first place. That was also my first first at a open show. I started to cry because I was so happy. That’s my favorite show memory.

  57. This is my first year with my first horse, and at this years fair, it was my first show. Ever. I haven’t even seen one! I had spent all year training my 2 year old for the showmanship class. So, I memorized the pattern and was the first one out there. We lined up and she nodded for me to come forward…It all went so fast! And Shasta was amazing. Before the show, I forgot to see what my number was, so when she announced my number as Grand Champion, I had no idea and my friend next to me said “Hey, that’s you!”

  58. My first open show, me and my barn bud Keiran were awaiting the judge to call one of our numbers. Keiran was first. She walked confidently out of the warm-up ring. Her pony, Haley, dead-end stopped at the second jump. Keiran flew over her head and broke the standard. Unharmed, she got back on and rode out. Considering we have a show today, maybe this wasn’t the best topic to write about.

  59. I have not been in a show, but my first one is coming up soon! I hope to make wonderful memories that my horse and i can share for the rest of our lives!

  60. I was in my first class ever and while waiting for the judges decision I kept thinking just don’t let me be last! It ended up that we got first! I was thrilled. I looked at my horse as we got the ribbon and her look seemed to say, “Duh of course we won ameteur! I always win.” She held up to that look throughout the season where we only got second and not first at one show in that particualr class. I will never forget that look.

  61. One of my most greatest memory i’ve had was at one of my very first jumper shows. We came into the ring for our first round and got eliminated. When we came back in for our next two rounds, we kicked butt! I got this feeling i’ve never felt before and we went through the courses like there was no tomorrow! After my rounds were done, i found out that we got Champion! It was one of the most amazing shows i’ve ever had to this day!

  62. The greatest show jumping memory was when I was competing in an extremely hard Equitation class (jumping) with about 50+ other riders. My horse is a great horse to ride for Jumpers, but he isn’t exactly the greatest Equitation horse. I remeber entering the arena, my heart almost beating out of my chest. We did a large opening circle and then cantered smoothly to the first line of jumps, we rode the line in a perfect 6 stride and cantered into a roll back turn to an oxar. We barely cleared the large oxar and then cantered on to a vertical diagonal line and then another roll back turn to a vertical. We then cantered a closing circle. We walked out the arena, and the judge called the next contestants name and number. I was so nervous, my coach had told me I had done great, but I still didn’t believe her. I was on pins and needles. And then the judge announced the winner, I had won! I was so excited! I had finally qualified for the big national show! That was for sure my best memory ever.

  63. My favorite horse show memory is that I like to polebend and me and my horse keeped trying and trying to win it for 2 years and finally I did and we both were so happy 🙂

  64. my favorite horse show memory was when i was either 12 or 13. it was my first time competing against 40+ riders in the barrel racing at the county fair. i had just started to barrel race that year. it was the first big show that i ever competed in. the horse i was riding Navajo was older than most of the other horses at age 24. i never raced at a full out run until that night. we competed in the dash with a time of 7.3 seconds taking 3rd place. as we left the arena everyone came running over because they thought that i was coming off when actually i was leaning forward to give Navajo a big hug after hearing my time. that is my best horse show memory.

  65. my favorite horse show memory was when i went to a hunter show. my horse and i usually just do jumpers and eventing, so he knew nothing about hunters, and how you need to have your head down low and that kind of stuff. we went into the hunter ring (i was showing just for fun) and he did AMAZING! we got one 1st place and two 3rd place ribbons. I was so proud of him!

  66. My favorite horse show memory was when I took my QH gelding to the trail arena. We got through the gate smoothly and then he sped through every opstacle, took down cones, tripped and refused the bridge. I was so embarrassed! And when they announced the placings I got 4th out of 12 riders who had done a beautiful round!


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