HI Spy: Did Your Mom Support Your Horse Habit?

How did your mom support you as a rider?

A variety of Mother’s Day cards fill the market shelves, but there aren’t any that thank Mom for aiding and abetting her child’s love affair with horses. There should be. After all, where would most of us be if it weren’t for our mothers indulging us in our horsey habits? If you competed, no doubt you had a Horse Show Mom. Her involvement in your pursuit of blue ribbons probably ranged from idly cheering you on from the bleachers to rabidly confronting the judge if his score card didn’t agree with hers. Or you might have been blessed with a mother who also rode. Such a horsey mom dispensed maternal wisdom on how to groom a horse, feed a horse and climb back up on a horse once you’d been tossed off. Linda Hanson, whose pre-teen daughter Kristin is fully involved in riding and showing, fits somewhere in between.
“Kristin wasn’t really horse crazy to begin with,” Linda recalls. “But when she was 5 or 6 she attended a summer camp in our community and it included riding lessons at the equestrian center. After just four days, the parents were invited to watch the kids participate in a little horse show and there she was, this itty bitty tiny thing up there so proud, on the back of horse. And I thought, ‘Wow, this is really great!’ And that,” Linda says, with a hint of a sigh, “is how it all started.”
Suddenly thrust into the role of a Horse-Crazed Kid’s Mother, Linda had to quickly acquire skills she’d never embraced before. “I had very limited exposure to horses,” she admits, “but I’ve learned that being involved with horses is an all-or-nothing sort of thing in order for your child to be safe and successful.”
The Southern California mom can now hitch up and haul a trailer, strap splint boots on a jumper, groom and tack up a pony and decipher a horse show premium. Sometimes she’s exhausted, but she figures it’s all for a good cause.
“Riding keeps Kristin busy. It keeps her out of trouble,” she says. “And it’s something she loves and really seems to be good at, so…”
So Linda Hanson, like many other moms, will probably be spending Mother’s Day somewhere near a horse.
What about your mom? Was she supportive of your horse habit? Do you have a Horse Show Mom worthy of her own trophy? Does your mom ride with you, or with her own group of horsey moms? We’d like to know! Share your stories by clicking on “Submit a Comment” below. Some of the responses will be featured in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated magazine.

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  1. My mother grew up in Pacifica, CA and rode at Seaside Corral, leasing a Morgan mare named Velvet. When she wasn’t surfing or at school, she was riding. My aunt is the one who really caried on the “horse-bug” on for the rest of her life- competing in dressage and show jumping, but my Mom knew just enough to get me hooked. She showed me how to saddle and bridal, how to get on and what to do with my hands but soon enough I was flourishing enough to teach HER what to do.
    My mom doesn’t ride with me too much now because of work, but when I was smaller and needed supervision when I’d take off with my mare, she would climb aboard the farm’s roudy sweethard Goose.
    We would ride all over the place! My mom at a slower pace, but nothing was slowing me and Jenna [my arabian] down.
    I really will apreciate my mom for teaching me the so-esential basics forever and especially for financing trips to the barn and the vet and aparel fees. 😉 She does her best to support my dreams and to get me where I need to be! Go mom!

  2. My mother introduced me to horses. As soon as I could sit up she would take me up on the horse with her. I grew up trailriding and when I switched to hunters and decided to start showing she was right there every step: cheerleader, chauffer, coach, groom.
    She would drive me and horse to the trainer’s for my weekly lessons. When the only time slot the trainer had available was too early in the afternoon, she would hitch up the trailer, load the horse, drive to school, pick me up and off we’d go. Pony club rallies, lessons, horse shows, she did it all. She learned to back a horse trailer during my lessons and how to turn around in unusual places when we missed the turns to the horse shows.
    We had many adventures together riding the trails. Her patience has always amazed me. Once when I was a child and we were on a trail ride, my pony acted up. In turn I got so upset, the only way to calm me down was to put me on her horse and then leading both animals, she walked home (fortunately we weren’t that far away from home).
    She’s gone along to try out countless horses, hold horses for the vet and farrier, and doctored sick horses. She’s bought horses, tack, board and lessons so I could pursue my goals. I certainly couldn’t have done it without her.

  3. Great article. Hooray for our moms who let us be horse crazy! My mom grew up poor and really could never afford to be around horses, let alone own one, so I think she sort of lived through my horse adventures. That’s fine with me, because I have always enjoyed having my mom cheering me on and supporting my love of horses.

  4. My mom was never “into” horses before she had me, but she didn’t know what she was in for when my first word was “horsie”! She has backed me up 200%, comforted me through my tears at horse shows (there have been many), and also risen at ungodly hours to braid my unruly hair and make sure everything was in the trailer and ready. She has always been there to cheer me on whatever happens; she was the one who really showed me what the meaning of sportsmanship is. Thanks, Mom!

  5. I am 14 and I have been riding since I was four I will be 15 in july. I was a horse girl because my brothers were it was just natural. Mom is not really a horse person and does not know very much about horses. She does not adhere to basic horsekeeping principles and so horses do not recieve good care but I do my best to keep them in good condidtion. She trail rides once in a while. Though she is not a horse person she has always supported me and helps me in trainging and competition she pays all the bills takes me to lessons and comes to all my shows. If she wasn’t willing to allow me to do thid I proably wouldn’t be doing this today. I sure like most girls I would have been horsecrazy for a time but it probably would have drifted away when I couldn’t be involved with them.

  6. Nope, my mother did not support by horse addiction. I had to do everything myself but she did allow me to buy a horse so I guess that’s something.

  7. my mom didn’t like to watch me ride. she would sometimes come, but then later wander around. she said she was too scared to watch me ride, in fear of me being flattened by the horse or something. i suppose thats perfectly reasonable, since if i had a kid i would also be concerned that a half ton four legged animal might unseat her and squash her.

  8. My mother was actually afraid of horses, but supported the passion both my brother & I shared. She learned how to haul a horse trailer and carted us to shows all over the area. She overcame her fear and learned to ride “Old Bill”, our 20 year old babysitter paint, when she was in her 40’s. She hauled us out to the barn in all knids of weather no matter how tired she was after working all day. Mom was the primary earner in our household and a good chunk of her earnings every month went to our horses. When I think back on everything she gave up for us, I realize how very much I owe her.

  9. Well I can honestly say my mom has been my greatest supporter. She has always been there at every fence of every show I went to (except for one time where she absoloutely couldn’t be there) cheering me one and no matter what placing I got she said I did great. She always is there no matter how stressed out I was (and will be) She paid for ten horse shows in one season and got up at 5 in the morning to make sure we met my instructor on time. She was up the night before to pack and load everything in the car. She sat there in the heat and/or rain at every show, ran and got me something that I needed. She did everything for me including my hair. That is just showing too.
    In the lessons she stayed for every one and sat there even when it was below freezing watching me to show how much support she had for my ongrowing habit. She froze in the arena sitting there watching me ride on a warm fuzzy horse. She sat through 95% of my lessons and will probably sit through the more I have to come. She held my saddle, tote, halter, bridle, you name it she’s held it. She has even got bitten by horses while holding them. She held my horse when I bathed him and she sometimes even braided his mane for me. My mom is the greatest person, my idol and I hope to be just like her when I grow up!
    She sat there waiting for me to pick the right pair of breeches. She sat there with me flipping through Dover to find a new saddle pad or show boots. She paid half of what I wanted to pay for. She made sure I looked my best in the ring.
    She sat there when I talked nothing of horses and my horse and how I love my lessons and how cool of a horse I have and how I can’t wait for showing to start and how I love all my barn buddies. She sat there listening to my whole story.
    Summarizing my mother is impossible because the list would stretch to eternity and behond. In my eyes God has created the perfect woman and I would be thrilled to grow more like her every day.

  10. At my first show, Mom couldn’t be there because she was on a trip. I knew she was really disappointed because she couldn’t come, so I decided to do my best. On the day of the show, I was so nervous I could hardly talk! But I walked into the ring in my equitation class knowing that I had to do my best for my mom. My pony was being a little antsy, wanting to canter in a walk/trot class, and I had to keep him slow. But at the end, we all lined up to get the ribbons and I thought, “No way I’m going to get the blue ribbon.” I hardly listened to the name of the blue ribbon winner. But then I realized it was me! I had gotten first! Later that day I got another blue ribbon, and I was really excited about it because I knew it would make mom happy. Mom might not ride horses, and she might not have inspired me to ride, but she is the best mom to me.

  11. I’m one of those blessed kids who has a Mom that rides. At shows she helps groom and always gives me advice. Sometimes I even convince her to ride my horse. 🙂 Happy Mothers Day to all horse Moms out there!!!

  12. My mama was the one who introduced me to horses. She’s really afraid of animals but she saw something in me that i didn’t, a love for horses… and all animals! So she struggled hard not to pass on her fear and spent countless days waiting for me in the car. I couldn’t thank her enough for all she did for me. I love you mama, you know me better than I know myself.

  13. I love my mom. She’s great.
    We were going over my registration for the state championships this July and the regional championships in August, and she absolutely forgot how old I was. One part asked, “Age of exhibitor as of 1/1/08.” She put down 16 at first (that’s how old I am), scratched it out, and wrote 15. I had a good laugh over that and she fixed it.
    She points out really random things when I’m riding. At one point, Bucky was giving me issues. I got on him and he whipped around and bit my stirrup iron. I gave him a jab with my toe to get him to let go. He then proceeds to lash out with his teeth at every step. After I corrected him with the biting, he goes on to bucking. He was just in a really foul mood. My mom goes, “He seems a little bit antsy.” Ahem.
    I love how my mom doesn’t know much about riding in general but she does try. She critiqued my old jumping pictures from literally eight years ago and goes, “You need to stop throwing yourself at Leo’s neck. It’s not that attractive.”
    Another time – I was about to go in the arena at a show, and my mom runs up to me, wipes dust off my boots, washes Bucky’s face, and polishes his hooves like she always does. Then she stands up, and I think, “Oh no…. pep talk.” She says, “Gina, please remember to release halfway up the neck. Grab mane if you need to.” I turned to her and said, “Mom. I’m about to do a dressage test.”
    The first time I rode a pony, my mom was there. I think at that point she realized I had been bitten by the horse bug. I was two years old and after that I always begged for lessons or a pony. She has gone from the mom who just stands on the sidelines at my lessons to actually participating. When my horse gets hurt and I can’t get out to the barn to put ointment on him or slather goo on his hooves, it’s my mom who does it. She knows how to groom a horse, pick out a hoof, tack up, and the proper way to hold and lead a horse. She learned how to put on a rope halter. She can stick splint boots on Bucky faster than he can react. She can hook up a trailer, back it up, load horses, and get out there in fifteen minutes.
    Go, super moms!

  14. I wish my mom was like that! Im a teen, my parents indulge my horsecraziness by a riding lesson once a week. I wish i went more! I ocasionally lease sn arabian pony who i love! hes my baby. But im glad my mom somewhat supports it. She will evntually take me for new boots after a while of egging and they’ll be nice ones not like the cheapeest not good quality my dad would wnat to but. Ane im glad they let me lease and put up wiht my whining and crying and complaining when i have to miss my one lesson. But I love her.

  15. My Mom always supported my in my riding and thought it was great that I liked it, but she never helped me out much.
    If I wanted lessons, I worked them off. When I leased a horse, I payed for it myself. I think she thought it was just a phase that would pass,
    How wrong she was!

  16. My mom will always be my mom, even when it comes to horses. When I go trail riding she always says, “Don’t forget your cell phone.” When we go to horse shows, she packs enough food for an entire army. I swear, more than once she’s offered food to complete strangers who were parked in the trailer next to us, or to the show staff.

  17. Most 18-year-olds think their mom is old and un-cool. My relationship with my mom, though, is much different. While horses were never her “thing” she has spent countless hours caring for my horse and countless dollars on my passion. During our long hours at the barn, I have found I feel comfortable enough to share with her all of that day’s trials and tribulations. Our barn time is our bonding time, so I encourage any mom whose daughter is discovering this wonderful sport to become fully involved; you might even get to be the cool mom as she grows up.

  18. My mom and I were a 2 person horse show team for more years than I can remember. She was always there to support me – rain or shine! She was groom, saddle rack, clothing holder, longe line anchor, support system, zipper-up-of-too-small-chaps (“1-2-3, think thin!”) and food-run-diva, just to name a few of the many things she took care of. I couldn’t have gotten through countless horse shows without her through my youth years…and even now, as an adult amateur, my mom is still there for every show. Helping with anything I need. She is truly my rock and hard place. I couldn’t do this horsey-thing without her!

  19. My mom never supports me. She doesn’t even care how much I love horses. I think she hopes I grow out of this horsey habit. She’s so unsupportive. I didn’t even know how to ride until I was ten. ( I am eleven.) She doesn’t even care how good I am at riding, and turns down every question about buying a horse. Within this past year, I have learned more than most adult horse “experts” (or so they say.) But she or my dad still don’t seem to care about my unending passion for horses.

  20. My mom a had a gelding as a kid. She was a good rider, but not a horse lover. She is not into horses now, but she supports my passion and is willing to drive me to the barn every day of the week so I can work or ride. I’m the only one in my family who is horse crazy, but my mom doesn’t mind my difference from everyone else, she just accepts me and loves me for who I am-the avid horselover whith the ultimate love for the ultimate animal-horses.

  21. My mom was never into horses. When I first started taking riding lessons, she would refuse to drive me to my lessons. But, once she saw how much it meant to me, she started taking me to my lessons, but she wouldn’t get out of the car. Slowly, she got more and more interested in horses, from the stories that I would tell her. Now, she loves to walk around and pet all of my trainer’s horses. And the horses love her!! She still won’t ride a horse, but who knows. Someday, I may convince her to let me give her a pony ride!

  22. My mother has “tolerated” my equine habit for many years (33 to be exact). However, she still cannot understand why I do it and wishes that I would just stop everything equine related and sell off my horses. She really doesn’t care to listen to all the ins and outs of the horsey lifestyle either. It’s just not her thing. Needless to say, I did not turn out to be the dainty girly girl she hoped I would become. Hey, does wearing pink at the barn count for anything???
    My father, however, was my main influence with horses and always supported me. It was our connection point and a passion he passed along to me. Since his passing, I really miss having a parent that can relate to and discuss horses. I really miss that.
    So for those of you who do not share this bond with one or either of your parents, enjoy sharing it with your fellow equine friends. They can totally relate and enjoy horsey chats!!!

  23. my mom is the one who got me into riding she found a place in the yellow pages we went and i am still there! she loves my horse to death!

  24. Yes! My mom was always very supporting of my horsey habits. Considering that she had horses of her own, it was normal to pick up on the trend. Family traits!!!!

  25. Yeah my mom was a huge influence. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be the rider and horse lover I am today!! I hope I can be that big of support to my children someday.

  26. My mom supported me in some ways, like taking me to the barn before i got my license, but..that was pretty much the extent of it..she did come to one of my shows..once in a blue moon she’d come to the barn with me and watch me ride..but that was usually after we would fight about it… 🙁

  27. Yes my mom supports me with my horses very much. I mean it would be great if she would ride with me and do things with my horses but she at least supports me in what i do. I guess we all can’t have the mom in FLICKA!:)

  28. I totally agree with Jane, PA. My mom would never come to the barn with me, always aking me to quit this sport. Though she helped me financialy, wich is very nice…she still hates horses. Now that I am in my 20’s, she respects it more. But I was always jealous about parents encouraging their kids, and making it easier for them.

  29. i love this article and it is all true!! my mom is always there for me….. Thank you soo much Cindy (my trainer) for writing this about my mom!!

  30. My mom is awesome and very supportive!! She is the one that bought me Mindy and is the one who let me buy Allie. she is always there and listens to my problems and successes i get from my lessons and practicing at home with my horses. Thanks for buying me my first horse it was the best day of my life!!!

  31. hi my mom is kind of supportive of me but she wont buy me a horse.
    P.S. kristin hanson is my best friend and when she read her own comment she actuallly started to cry and it was only two sentencs! she a dork.

  32. My mom is really supportive of my horse passion, and she’s reeaalllyy scared of horses(wow, what a great mom).It means so much to me that she is there for me and tries to learn more about horses for me! I love her so much! Thanks Mom!

  33. My mom is the ultimate horse show mom. Whe we went to the thunderbird show in langley she was always there willing to help. also Alberta winters are COLD! she braves through the cold to come and watch me jump every week, twice a week, and practise through out the week just so i can live my dream. she’s the best.

  34. My mom is a wonderful supporter of my riding. Even though she grew up on a horse farm and rode as a youngster, horses are not her thing but she has always been there for me. Now that I have two daughters of my own I appreciate that support all the more. Every year she takes the three of us to the Equine Affaire and buys whatever riding equipment my girls need as well as attending Year End Awards Banquets.

  35. My mom didn’t ever own a horse but she had to jump of a runaway pony when she was a kid and she had to jump off a charging pony, now that’s what I call a horsey backround! hee hee. She loves watching pole bending and barrel racing at the 4-H horse show and she knows a few things about horses. She’d like to move west and get a ranch!
    She appreciates horses and thinks they are beautiful. So she is very supportive of me and my horse craziness.

  36. my mom was the foundation of my horse life. she was riding while eight mo. pregnant with me(a story she loves to tell….trail riding, had to get off and couldn’t get back. after about half an hour of hilarious effort her Walker laid down so she could get back on….)so I’ve been riding since before I was born! we’ve always been just hobby riders–no show arena for me! just great wide open and lots of fun. I’ve grown up with horses, helped with training them to be trail safe and watched mom when she was a farrier(she quit that when she met an 80-yr-old shoer who was permanently bent over)we are a family that notices all the horses when we travel and discuss the soundness/conformation/breed of any horse we spot. we look at horse ads for recreation when we can’t get out and ride and excellent family time is spent cleaning and repairing tack. an adventure is trying a new training technique, a new horse, or a new trail. although I’ve been blessed with a horse-crazy mom–all those who haven’t, take heart! mom’s family lived in Fairbanks, and she never had a horse(her mother shuddered at the thought)so when a cow moose walked into town, she thought it was the horse she’d been praying for!…she went on to be a trainer/farrier/boarder and then retired to hobbiest….you can do it too! just have fun.

  37. My mother has went up and beyound her abilities to give me a chance to live my dream. She spends more time with me at the barn then she does at home. Over the years she has taken me to countless barns, shows, and clinics. She allways makes sure that I have a good horse to ride, and a trainer that I get along with. She even got over her fear of trailering so I could take my horse an hour away for lessons. I love me mom.

  38. My mom never really was crazy about all the horse stuff. So it was hard for me to actually begin. I begged for years until I started at age 12. I offered to pay for everything with my own money too!! Now that I’m 16 I compete in A rated shows with my horse Belle. Still.. I am thankful for what my parents did to help me!

  39. my mom is not into horses. she loves to watch them, and pet them, but for her, she would rather not be up on their back, or near the rear end. my mom supports Dayzi and I as we show and compete. she loves to watch us ride and show, and to cheer us on. =] i do, however know a lady who is like my mom, i have known her since i was born, and so she is considered my ‘horse mom’ she takes me for poker rides, and hauls my horse. that, i am very grateful of. i love my mom, and my ‘horsey’ mom. =] my dad is not into them at all. but oh well, they aren’t for everyone!

  40. I’m still a tween, but so far in my equestrian career my mom has been more generous than I expected! Of course, I have to work for my show clothes and other expenses, but my mom is actually letting me start saving far a horse this coming summer!

  41. My mom has been the best! I have been through a lot trying a million and one horses till the right one came and switching trainers. If it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have pushed my self through. Thanks Mom!

  42. My mom started out really scared of them for about 6 years we’ve been pushing her to just try horses. She is now smitten with them. She hasnt ridden them but she is seriously considering lessons. She will get us what ever we need. We have 3 horses possibly getting another one. We needed a barn and our mom tells our dad what he needs to do for our horses and he does them. She is even making our arena bigger. She is even learning to drive our trailer. I love my mom shes the best. Even our dad loves them. Its wonderful to have a family full of horse lovers. :0)

  43. my mom grew up around horses! She would love to own a horse of her own but with the budget we just cant! We get Horse Illistrated to bring some happiness for when we are down! We both love horses and wish we could have one but it just doesnt work out!

  44. my mom is great we have one pony but he is a hard keeper and she keeps smiling as she pays his bills. she goes to every show, she supports me even when i have a bad day

  45. not really. at first, she was actually against getting a horse. the only thing that she could think about was bills, but they weren’t as expensive as she thought. she even said “when I saw that look on your face when you told me you were getting a horse and when that scraggly mare get out of that trailer, everything changed.”

  46. My mom is a little weary of me getting a horse but now that she understands how much they mean to me and how much I love and care for them, she is looking in the paper for horses and is supporting me for getting one. But she is worried about the cost a lot too. But I am buying the horse with my own money!

  47. My mom has always been the #1 supporter in everything i do, especialy with horses. she ust to show Arabs when she was young. She buaght me two of my very own horses and always made sure that i had everything i needed for them. She was at every single one of my shows never missed one. sure there were times she was alittle hard on me but in the end i realised she was trying to help. My mom recently passed away, ill never forget her or what she did for me. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have the passion I do for horses and showing.

  48. my mom had horses when she was young, so i was basically born on a horse. when i grew older, she taught me everything she knew. she was supportive in everything i did with horses, buying horse equipment to show clothes and everything in between. my mom was my #1 fan and was supportive with whole way, even going to college for horses. when i moved away from home, a couple of years later, she sold everything, so we were both horseless. sadly she passed away unexpectely a couple of years ago, after 18 years, i decided to get myself a horse. now im wondering what she is thinking.

  49. My mom is amazing. She was/ is a dressage rider and didn’t really have the chance to ride until she was 16. Lucky for me, she didn’t want to make me wait. withing 3 months of life I was in the saddle in front of her on her thoroughbred Tarbrush. I learned to care for, ride, and respect horses before I could talk. After a while she realised I liked dressage, but had a passion for jumping, and as I got older, would often catch me galloping wildly over oxers with Tarbrush, just for the love of it. I loved the rush. Therefor, I was put in training. Now i can do what I love. My mom supports me tirelessly and gives me guidance when I get frustrated or scared. She always goes back to the basic days when I did dressage and helps me with her dressage tactics. I owe her so much.

  50. My mom has always been deathly afraid of horses so when I said I wanted to ride horses she was not to happy. Luckily, she let me try and I immediatly fell in love with the feeling of being on a horse. When I was 9 I began riding at the barn I ride at now and at age 12 I got my first horse.My mom may still be to scared to lead or ride but she can yell at me to put my heels down and can tell leads like some of the best. I am very proud of how she came over her fear and can now hold my horse at shows with confidence. We are slowly working on grooming and I hope she will eventually get in the saddle!

  51. My mom doesn[t really care much for horses, but she thinks that it is a good thing that I ride. Her mom had a pony when she was little, and then got 2 horses when she moved into her current house. My aunt (who gave me riding lessons) was the real equestrian of that generation, but my mom said that she did groom/ride Buddy + Garridy. I was SHOCKED!

  52. My mom was a social worker for 22 years and was really busy so we couldn’t afford or spend time with a horse of my own but she knew i was nuts about them. When I was around 8 years old i started taking lessons but had to stop after a few months because we didn’t have the money. She tried. Thankfully after she retired we adopted my first horse. She helps me out at the barn with Charlie, my second, and really does love horses. When I have my own farm she is going to buy her own horse.

  53. My mom has never been one to volunteer to be real near a horse right away. But, she is my #1 supporter. My mom works so hard to make horses a part of my life, and even figured out a way to buy my pony. Even if she doesn’t love being around horses as much as I do, she still is there on the side of the ring at shows, her baseball cap, muck boots and a camera, a huge grin and a thumbs-up!

  54. My mom was never been too thrilled about my horse life. She wanted me to be passionate about gymnastics and springboard diving, which I am. But the chemistry wouldn’t allow me to give up horses. She eventually bought me the mare that I had been riding for about 4 years, Hawk Hill Psychic, and saw the beauty and emotional connection between my horse and I. She stood by my side and did all she could when Psychic fought for her life through a case of colic. She was there for me and cried with me since a piece of me died along with my horse, and my mother knew that. Although horseback riding wasn’t her favorite of all my sports, she saw the companionship and connection between her own daughter and an equine beast that loved, and took care of me. And for that, my mom couldn’t have been more thankful that Psychic was in my life for as long as she was.

  55. My mom is actually the one responsible for my horse craziness. She introdused me into this wonderful world of horses. She has always been the one there to take me to one of the horses that I was ridding. She has made every effert posible to allow me to continue in this horsey world. My mom has always tried to help me and has sapported me in every way possible….. Thank You mom I love you!

  56. I as a 15 year old get full support from my awsome mom! She doesent know anything about horses but she just tags along and is always there for me.

  57. My poor mom is scared of horses and got stuck with a horse loving daughter! She does what she can helps with grooming, holds tack while I tack up, stands in the pen to help me keep him on the rail for free lunging, she’s my personal jump crew picking up knocked rails and raising up the heights, cheering as we make out jump record higher, and covering her face when she’s sure I’m gone and cheering when she looks up and I’m still on. She’s the one who takes me out to the barn and watches me ride every day. She’s learning to like horses and learning the basics the best way – hands on! She may never get on a horse or be comfortable with them but she’s getting better and learning to love my big guy that eats her whole paycheck.

  58. My mom is scared of horses. But yet, she is right there with me. Yes, she supports me all the time! Even though she is scared she helps me brush them, care for them, and holds them for me when im showing. Even though she is scared of them, i have gotten her on my pony blossom. Although she is only around 12 hands. I’m proud of my mom!

  59. My mom was hardly ever involved with horses but one time she went riding with her friend. Her friend’s brother told her as soon as she got on to say “canter”. Since my mom knew nothing she did and the horse ran and ran and ran. Luckily she at least knew whoa and the horse eventually stopped.

  60. My mom is a very suportive horse show mom. She goes to all my shows and has helped me become successful with my riding. She always makes sure I have what I need to care for my horses and for horse shows. She even bought a house and barn to keep my retired horse at! She’s been there cheering me on and at the sidelines showing concern. No matter how my ride has gone she’s always there to make me feel good and to help me fix my mistakes.

  61. My mother did NOT support my horse habit…it was very sad; I struggled with school, a job, and riding my bicycle to the barn…I was 10 yrs old but my struggle proved my determination to make it today. At 55 yrs of age, I have made horses my priority all my life and it was SOOO worth it!

  62. My mom puts up with the shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts in the laundry that are covered in manure and horse hair. The muddy boots sitting in the laundry room. The tack that gets cleaned in the dining room and the saddle and horse blankets that get snuck into the washer and dryer.

  63. My mom is definatly supportive. She still brings me to lessons even though she has watched me fall off and get stepped on too many times to count. At the moment I don’t show but in a short time I will. And she will be the one I can count on to always be there supporting me…and of course driving me to shows since I can’t drive yet!


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