How to Tame Your Horse’s Mane


Tricks to manage your horse's messy maneCreating small braids in a horse’s mane is one of the common tricks used to control a mane. However, if your horse’s mane is thick, wispy, or a few inches too short, then you’ve probably realized it can be especially difficult to tame. You can encourage a mischievous mane to cooperate by applying a wet towel to your horse’s neck between rounds of braiding. You’ll get desired results faster, and fewer braiding sessions mean that your horse’s mane is less likely to become frayed, broken or kinked from excessive twisting and pulling.

To ensure the towel stays in place long enough to do its job, only try this during times when your horse is tethered to a hitching post or secured in the crossties. This can be after your ride or during any bathing and grooming session. Then if he shakes his neck or lowers his head, you can re-adjust the towel and convince your horse that he cannot avoid this beauty school makeover. 

To start, thoroughly wet an average-sized bath towel. Wring out a lot of the water, but keep it enough wet so that it has some obvious weight. Next, comb or brush your horse’s mane. Then, slightly dampen it so that it lies as flat as possible. Drape the towel lengthwise across your horse’s neck, checking to make sure that the mane is lying flat while it’s tucked underneath the towel. Finish your grooming session or allow your horse to dry from his bath while the weight of the wet towel presses your horse’s mane into position.

One or two times with a wet towel won’t work wonders. However, if you consistently use the wet towel technique interspersed with periods of braiding, your horse’s mane will ultimately surrender.


  1. Now I know why I’ve seen horses with wet towels around their necks! Sometimes I see them with a safety pin holding the towel together under their neck. Good idea!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will certainly try this one. I have a few minis that I have difficulties with their manes laying flat even with the braiding so maybe this will help them along.


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