Anti-Doping Testing Overview


The year 2006 was a most productive year for the Fèdèration Equestre Internationale (FEI) with regard to testing, in terms of numbers of horses tested as well as the number of events covered. In total, the FEI tested 3,173 horses.

The rate of positives was a bit disappointing.

As far as the different disciplines were concerned, the absolute number of positives coming from jumping is inevitably the highest, as the events tested by the FEI are mostly jumping events. The breakdown of positive cases by discipline was as follows:

Discipline: Positives
Jumping: 30
Endurance: 9
Eventing: 14
Dressage: 6
Vaulting: 1
Driving: 1
Reining: 1


  1. It’s a shame that that they have to drug thier horses to win…..and it’s mostly the top riders doing it. If they made it to the top without a drugged horse they can win without one so I wonder what makes them think they need to do it? If they have to drug their horses to win then they shouldn’t be in the top riders.


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