Norwegian Fjord Registration Cost Reduced


While more than 5,250 Norwegian Fjord Horses are currently registered in North America, it is estimated that many more remain eligible but unregistered. In efforts to encourage registration, the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) is conducting a registration amnesty program.

From April 1 through May 31, purebred Norwegian Fjord Horse owners are invited to register their horses through the NFHR at a reduced cost. All current registration requirements will remain the same. This registration amnesty is being offered in hopes of encouraging unregistered purebred Norwegian Fjord Horse owners to register.

When the NFHR first conducted a registration amnesty in 1991, 43 percent more Norwegian Fjords were registered. This suggests the registry may see a rise in numbers again this year.

NFHR registered horses are eligible for participation in NFHR evaluations and award programs. In addition, registration enhances a horse’s value for breeding and in sales. 
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