FOSH Analyzes Soring Data


Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH), a national organization that fights abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses, has analyzed five years of data on Horse Protection Act (HPA) violations that resulted in over 3,800 suspensions since 2002. The violations include soring, scarring, pressure shoeing and the use of foreign substances on horses’ legs.

In analyzing the soring suspension history for Tennessee Walking Horses for the five-year period to determine where soring incidents are most prevalent, the state of Tennessee tops the list with Kentucky and Alabama taking second and third places, respectively:
Suspensions For the Period 2002-2006          Percentage of Soring 
Tennessee                                                                40.4
Kentucky                                                                 13.3
Alabama                                                                    8.8
The violations most frequently leading to suspensions were scarring (39.5%) and soring, which included violations involving one or both front legs (49%).
For more information about FOSH, visit or call (800) 651-7993.


  1. I believe these practices are appalling and from what I have read in the past it sounds as though more needs to be done to end these practices. I only hope that FOSH can become even more vigilant.

  2. The abuse of the TWH has gone on far to long. Any owners who use any of the methods mentioned should have their horses taken away. And be banned from showing for life. The Walking Horse of his/her own have beautiful gaits, My mom once owned one, Why go to such excesses, of the breed was meant to gait at those extremes they would have been born that way. Same goes for the Saddlebred. I have seen it, watched it, and I stopped going to the shows because I can’t support shows that allow this to go on.


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