A Kinder, Gentler Whip for Racehorses


The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) took significant steps in a continuing effort to protect racehorses by cooperating with jockeys and horse owners to allow for “kinder” whips that do not inflict injury on horses and a voluntary new equine retirement fund that would draw revenue directly from purses. While the Board’s rules on the use and construction of whips are already designed to prevent abuse, the action was yet another step to promote the health and safety of racehorses. The new whip differs from traditional ones in that the tip of the whip has softer, padded leather that is narrower and rounder without any hard edges, and the padded leather extends all the way down the shaft to the handle. Darrel Haire, Western Business Manager of the Jockeys’ Guild, described the whip as “equine friendly” and said most jockeys prefer it.


  1. it was a pretty good article except, you could have included a pic. of the traditional whip and the new one so we could see both. I dont see how a just changing the leather would help. isnt the whip padded already? otherwise i think the whole using a gently whip is a fantastic idea

  2. I am glad that they are now making gentler whips because I don’t like the fact that they use whips at all. I believe that if the horse wants to run, it should be able to run fast without the whip.


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