Goat Food Lethal for Horses


Goats are one of the most common four-legged barn buddies for horses, but veterinarians continue to caution that some goat feeds contain an ingredient that can be lethal to horses. Rumensin (monensin sodium) is often included in commercial feeds designed for ruminants like cattle and goats. Although actually an antibiotic, when fed continuously in low doses Rumensin promotes weight gain and milk production in goats. But in equines the product damages heart muscle and can lead to cardiac failure. Horses that do survive chowing down on feed containing Rumensin are usually so debilitated that they can never resume normal activities and may require euthanasia. Therefore, unless you are absolutely certain that the feed you’re offering your goat is free of Rumensin, keep the goat grain far, far away from your horse.


  1. This comment is in regard to the goat food being lethal to horses. I want to THANK YOU so much for alerting me to this! I do not have a goat, nor is my horse stabled with or near goats. However, it never hurts to know these things. If we do get a goat, I will make sure the food the goat eats does not contain anything toxic to my horse. Thanks again for such valuable information!!!

  2. Oh, thank you thank you thank you for this article!! My sister has four goats and I have three horses. I had a feeling the goat feed wasn’t healthy for my horse’s, but I never imagined it could be deadly. I’ll be sure to keep my horse friends far, FAR away from the goat feed!!! 🙂 Thanks for alerting me of this – I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  3. My son breeds goats for 4-H, and for profit. I usually board my horse out but we are building a barn and will be bringing him home soon. Feeding them seprate and keeping the food seperate is not a problem. But they will be pasture rotated off and on the same pastures. What about the fecal matter from the goats after being feed this food, is that ok to put the horse in that field after the goats have been on it?


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