Green Monkey Runs Like Green Horse


If you have a young horse that’s not exactly living up to your expectations quite yet, take heart. Things could be worse. Chances are you didn’t spend $16 million on your potential prospect. That’s the amount a trio of investors paid for a beautiful, flashy Thoroughbred colt last year with the unique name of The Green Monkey. After a few setbacks that kept the blaze-faced wonder from starting in a race, he made his debut at Belmont Park on Sept. 15. There were only five starters in the race and The Green Monkey finished third. True, the race was plagued by a raucous start when several of the young horses—including The Green Monkey—decided they really didn’t want to get into the starting gate. But nonetheless the very expensive horse did not run like a very expensive horse. So, just like your troubled young horse, perhaps he’ll do better next time.


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