East Coast Horses Get Luxury Stable


Hampton Island Preserve, a private lifestyle retreat located off the coast of Georgia, has added a $2.2 million, state-of-the-art stable to its equestrian offerings. As you can imagine, these aren’t pipe corrals. However, in a nod to being environmentally friendly, the 6,612 square foot facility was constructed with reclaimed wood, tying in with the island’s preservation philosophy. The 12-stall barn is home to horses trained for dressage, hunters, jumpers and an assortment of breeds used for a variety of equine disciplines.
“Hampton Island’s residents and members feel a deep connection with the earth and share a commitment for conservation,” states Ronald S. Leventhal, developer and managing member.  “Our new stable and equestrian center allows this connection to deepen from a special relationship with horses, the noblest of all creatures. We
foresee Hampton Island’s equestrian center serving as a model for other high-end communities.”
So how grand is it? The 30 foot high barn is topped with a hand-crafted copper horse weathervane and anchored with massive stone-encased beams. The 12-by-12 tongue and groove stalls feature individual ceiling fans for continuous circulation. The center aisle of the breezeway barn is illuminated with large iron coach lights. And yes, there’s 24-hour security.


  1. This article is completely misleading. Yes, the barn is nice, but the horses are sub-par. I think that some may have been bought at a local auction. I certainly saw no hunters or jumpers or anything better than what I would see at a local 4-h show. And there is no 24 hour security. At all. Please research your articles before publishing.


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