Workshop Teaches Healing Touch for Animals


Learning how to increase relaxation and improve a pet’s general wellbeing through the simple touch of human hands is the goal of a workshop taught by Healing Touch for Animals. This is the first of a four-level program leading to certification.  During the workshop, easily-applied HTA techniques provide hands-on experience as participants work with dogs and horses. Students learn how to assist animals in areas such as injury, illness, trauma, bonding, general wellness and behavioral and stress-related issues.
Just what is this hands-on therapy? Carol Komitor founded the Healing Touch for Animals program in 1996 when she combined her experience as a certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor, certified massage therapist, and certified hospital-based massage therapist with her 13 years of experience as a veterinary technician.
“The techniques taught in Healing Touch for Animals are meant as a cooperative application of animal healthcare working in conjunction with our veterinarians,” Komitor explains. “The varied techniques taught in HTA can support the animal’s physiology, helping to improve the immune system and promote the healing process.”
Laura Surovi, DVM, of Brightwood Animal Hospital in Colorado, agrees. “As a veterinarian I am always faced with new challenges in the treatment of my clients. When I first learned about HTA, I was excited at the prospect of combining traditional medicine with complementary therapy. While conventional medicine continues to make great advancements, clients frequently ask about using holistic remedies for their pet’s healthcare. The techniques employed by HTA can be easily utilized in any veterinary practice.”
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  1. I have two horses at my place who were so scared of people, I touched then every chance I got, when feeding I would run my hand over the back, when they walked up to me, I would touch the head, when offering a treat, they had to be touched first. Now years later, they both come running to meet me. Both of these horses has some abuse issues, but with simple touch, they came around!


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