A Super Scooper of Holiday Gifts


Ah, the dreaded holiday question: What sort of inexpensive yet thoughtful gift can I give to my horse loving friends? One idea is to stick to something that’s useful, yet cleverly packaged. You can do that by tucking a few small items into a colorful plastic or shiny metal feed scoop.
First, buy a feed scoop at your local feed store. Red or green plastic is especially festive, although a silver metal one looks quite nice as well. Next, decide on a theme for the small gifts you’ll fit in the scooper’s depression. Suggestions include things to keep a rider warm and cozy, such as socks with horsey designs and a pair of one-size-fits-all knitted barn gloves. For the horse show mane braider or bander, choose a package of elastic bands, a metal mane comb and a small sponge. General grooming items can include a tail brush, a rub rag and a hoof pick. Or, to keep things really easy and simple, just tuck a bag of horse treats into the feed scoop. What horse wouldn’t love that? When you’re finished packing your feed scoop, simply overwrap the whole thing with clear, tinted or printed heavy duty cellophane, which you can find in the wrapping paper section. Tie a bow at the end and embellish it any way you desire. Your functional yet unique gift will be a holiday favorite!

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  1. Or for bigger items you could use a grooming tote. I am filling one with homemade treats and cookies for my instructor, her husband, and their horses. ^_^


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