Ring in Holidays with Trail Bell


Two Horse Enterprises’ Trail Bells are small Swiss bells that attach to a cinch, the edge of a stirrup or a chin strap.  They alert other trail users and the area wildlife that a horse is approaching.  Surprise is often what causes spooks, and with a bell, that spook can be avoided.

“Two Horse Enterprises’ Trail Bells were so popular for Christmas last year, we decided to provide another bell for Christmas this year,” says Bonnie Davis, owner of Two Horse Enterprises.  “With all orders placed between Nov. 1, 2007 and Jan. 1, 2008, we’ll include another Trail Bell!”

Trail Bells can also be attached to halters at night so a person can hear their horse moving around in a corral.  Or they can be snapped to the collar of a camp dog.  Adding one to a wreath on a stall door or the front door of a house adds a little extra Christmas cheer.

“Each bell measures about an inch wide [and] a half an inch thick with a breakaway loop so it’s easy to attach.  But if it gets hung up in the tall grass or weeds, it will come loose.  A Trail Bell rings just enough to get your attention but is not intrusive to the quietness of trail riding,” Davis says.

For more information, visit www.twohorseenterprises.com.



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