Create a Crafty Gift for Horsey Friends


Is the gift-giving season galloping up on you? Here’s a fun, easy gift to make for your horse-owning friends. If you’re a creative type you can embellish it as much as you desire.
Visit your favorite craft store and buy a box of large plain glass Christmas tree balls. You’ll also need paint that is designed for use on glass. Suitable paint pens are handy to use. Then you’ll need something to place inside the glass ball that’s of a horsey nature: crimped oats, clean wood shavings (stall bedding) or even artificial pine garland that resembles hay. Finally, pick out some coordinating ribbon. Earth-toned raffia looks nice, too, as it resembles straw or hay. Now gently wash the outside of the glass balls with plain water and allow them to dry. Next, remove the metallic top of the ornament and set it aside. Using your paint, print the name of your friend’s favorite horse on the outside of the ornament. If you’re really talented–or brave–add a drawing of that special equine or some horse shoes, blue ribbons or even carrots and apples. Once the paint is dry, fill the inside of the glass ball with your choice of stuffing. Replace the top, add your ribbon and voila! You have made a Christmas tree ornament that doubles as a reminder that someone’s heart is filled with love for a special horse this season.

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  1. I came upon this a little late in the season, but it gives me a chance to plan ahead for nest Christmas. Another idea might be to get a clean pickle jar and decorate in a similar way but fill with horsey treats or your friend’s favorite treats for a birthday or other fun occasion.

  2. I used the idea of the Christmas tree ornament this years for a gift idea. I made 2 of them! One I made for my mom with the name of our horses on it and the other I made for the lady who we bord our horses with ( I put all the horses names on it; her horses and the ones dhe bord and added the year). I filled them with sweet feed. They both seemed to love it!


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