Horse Guide not Just for Dummies


Do you have a friend who’s suddenly hooked on horses? If you’re tired of answering all of their questions, there’s now an easy-to-follow guide you can foist upon them. Whether your new best barn buddy is interested in competition or trail riding, Horseback Riding For Dummies supplies all the basic information they’ll need. The handy softcover book was written by equine expert and American Horse Publications member Audrey Pavia, with Shannon Sand. Advice on how to select the best stable and instructor, how to make the best choice in tack purchases and a bare-bones look at English and western riding styles is included. The title notwithstanding, Horseback Riding for Dummies is a smart handbook for every horsey novice.


  1. I actually was disapointed in this article, as it did not state if the book was out or not. Doesn’t help me at all.


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