National Horse Issues to be Discussed


National issues important to the equine industry will be brought to the round table June 17-20 for the American Horse Council’s (AHC) 2007 National Issues Forum in Washington D.C. During the forum, industry experts and participants will come together to discuss a range of topics that are central to equestrians.

The general session day will be June 19, featuring key seminars that include:

• Disease Control: Who’s Really Responsible? Equine diseases have dramatically affected showing, breeding, sales, racing and the movement of horses over the last two years. This is an opportunity to take a look at prevention and management at the federal, state and individual levels.
• The Unwanted Horse Coalition: “Own Responsibly” With the closing of processing plants, the issue of the “unwanted horse” is even more critical. This seminar provides an update on the UHC’s recent activities and future plans.
• Equine Identification/National Animal Identification System: Is There Life Left? A candid look at the ID system in regard to horses. The USDA says the national ID system is voluntary. What does this mean for the proposed system?
• World Equestrian Games: A Great Opportunity for All. Featuring an update from World Games 2010 Foundation, Inc. CEO Jack Kelly. The 2010 games to take place in Lexington, Ky., will be an opportunity for the U.S. horse industry to showcase itself on the national and international stage.
• Horse Parks: Should Your State Have One? As more states consider horse parks, forum participants will be discussing how to ensure no state gets left behind.
• A Collaboration Success: Partnerships Pioneer New Programs to Maintain Trails. As access to trails diminishes, forum participants will discover to keep the remaining ones open to horses.

While in the nation’s capitol, the AHC will also encourage forum participants to visit their congressional offices in order to bring attention to these important issues.

More information about the 2007 National Issues Forum, including registration forms, daily schedules and more, can be found at the AHC website,


  1. Opening horse slaughter plants didn’t help in the past, it won’t in the future. Owner responsablity is the key. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, don’t get into it, start with a lease. Breeders/Racers, please, please stop sending your “unusable” horse’s to slaughter. Give them away if nothing else. Your name will not be tarnished.


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