Horse Killer Sentenced


A year ago October, a yearling filly named Cowgirl Chic was brutally slashed and beaten to death in her pasture in the otherwise quiet town of College Station, Texas. Former Texas A&M student Kenneth Ryan Peterson, 22, was found guilty Oct. 18 of torturing the young show horse. During sentancing, Peterson admitted to being an alcoholic at the time, claiming he blacked out and doesn’t recall attacking the horse. However, two Texas A&M students who lived in Peterson’s apartment said he came home that night covered in blood and wielding a croquet mallet, bragging about going after the horse.

Peterson was sentenced to a total of 9 months in jail, 5 years of probation and some community service. He will also have to pay the filly’s owner restitution.


  1. He doesn’t deserve just 9 months of jail time and 2 years of propation, and communty service. He desearves at least two years jail time.

  2. This guy got off easy. I would have been alot harsher with him. What he did was dispictable and cruel. On behalf of the filly I would like to hit him with a mallet. What is wrong with you? You need help? I think you should sit in jail for a long time and have to take anger management and AODA classes. You used a easy cop out…….Good thing you dont live near me……

  3. What a little piece of crap, I would love to beat him with a golf club and slash his throat. I hope everyone in his life hates him for what he did. What goes around comes around !

  4. Personally it should be the same length in time as a human. Its murder. Just because it is a horse, does not mean they should get a reduced sentence. It not fair. Horses are living breathing animals, he should be in jail for 25 years to life.


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