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Horse Dragged For 5 Miles Along Highway
A 1-year-old horse that was dragged along an interstate for five miles may have to be euthanized if it doesn’t recover soon, from Yahoo News.  >” href=”” target=_blank href_cetemp=””>Read more >>

Remembering Ruffian: Horse won fans’ hearts like no other
Dinny Phipps is heading to a meeting, so maybe that explains his abrupt answer. Or maybe it’s the line of questioning: about a horse, about a day, that might be the darkest in thoroughbred history, from  >” href=”″ target=_blank href_cetemp=”″>Read more >>

Pedicabs Nipping At Heels Of City Horse Carriages
City horse carriage operators said they are having problems with a new competitor – the pedicab, from the  >” href=”″ target=_blank href_cetemp=”″>Read more >>


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