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Vets seeing more horses with nutritional issues this year
While much of the Midwest has recovered from the drought that parched the area last year, horses are continuing to experience effects from the hot dry summer of 2006. Due to a bad hay crop, University of Missouri-Columbia veterinarians are reporting an increased number of horses with chronic selenosis and vitamin E deficiency, problems that can be fatal, from Read more >>

Horse farm fights planned fireworks
A judge will resume a hearing today on a request by a thoroughbred horse farm in Evesham, N.J., to stop fireworks planned for a graduation party for Cherokee High School seniors Friday night, from Read more >>

Horse still at work at 43
At 43 years old, it would seem he should have been put out to pasture long ago—most horses, after all, only live to be 25 or 30. But “Tuffy” the therapy horse may just avoid retirement for a few more year, from Fort Frances Times Online. Read more >>

Student-Raised Horse Auction
On Saturday, June 23, a crowd of 100 potential buyers and horse enthusiasts are expected to gather for the 15th annual Horse Production Sale, coordinated by the students and staff of the University of California, Davis, Animal Science Horse Barn, from UC Davis. Read more >>



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