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State Lawmakers Looking at Neglected Horse Case
Indiana state lawmakers are stepping in on a massive case of horse abuse and neglect, from Read more >>

Producer again talking move for Wellington’s horse show
Horse show producer Stadium Jumping Inc. is again threatening to leave the village, a Wellington, Fla., official said Thursday night. Months after deciding to keep the National Horse Show and the Winter Equestrian Festival in the village—but at a new location—Stadium Jumping is reportedly again raising alarms bells of a possible defection, from the Palm Beach Post. Read more >>

Zebra + horse = zorse
Eclyse the zorse is striking proof of how an offspring inherits genes from both parents–which in her case was a male zebra and a female horse, from The New Zealand Herald. Read more >>

Sam Houston cranking it up
Merle Haggard, Janet Van Bebber, Clay Walker, James Brooks, Poison. All will be stars this summer at Sam Houston Race Park’s Quarter Horse meet, which starts June 29, from the Houston Chronicle. Read more >>


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