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State court allows lay horse dentistry
A long-time lay horse dentist is expected back at work today, following a state Supreme Court decision that overrules a ban against such practices, from the Saratogian. Read More>>

German horse cleared in doping case
A doping case was dropped because of procedural problems following a positive test involving a German show jumping horse at the Equestrian World Cup Final in Las Vegas, from Sports Illustrated. Read More>>

County seeks high court for horse case
Columbia County, Wis., will ask the state Supreme Court to hear its case after an appellate court ordered the county to pay for expenses associated with the unlawful seizure of a horse in July 2003, from the Portage Daily Register. Read More>>

World’s Tallest Horse title challenged by a Tennessean
The title for the World’s Tallest Horse could soon be taken from an East Texas equine. Tina, an English Shire from Tennessee, stands 20.1 hands tall (6.75 feet) and weighs 1600 pounds, from Read More>>

Woman has helpful horse
“I’ve loved horses all my life,” 60-year-old Springfield Center, N.Y., resident Kathy Wallace said Thursday. But since last year, she has also relied on a Miniature Horse to help her deal with her disabilities, from The Daily Star. Read More>>

Ancient horse on the move
The statue of a horse, dating from 500-490BC, is removed from the Acropolis Museum in Athens, from the Times Online. Read More>>



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