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Weber Finds Time to Win Sixth Consecutive USEF National Four-in-Hand Championship; Graburn Narrowly Defeats Ying in USEF Single Horse Championship at Live Oak International
Chester Weber added winner and his sixth consecutive USEF National Championship to his list of titles at the Live Oak Plantation Combined Driving Event presented by Budweiser, from the USEF. Read more >>

Fairclough and Graburn win Marathon in USEF National Driving Championships at Live Oak – Weber and Ying Lead Overall after Two Days
The marathon got underway at 9 a.m. at the CAI-A Ocala and the first of two USEF National Driving Championships started after lunch on Saturday March 29, 2008, from the USEF. Read more >>

Barefoot trimmers in Britain to get code of practice
Rogue barefoot trimmers are to be curbed with a new code of practice for equine hoofcare being drawn up by the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC), from Horse and Hound. Read more >>

Starving horse video creates controversy
A video on followed by anonymous telephone calls to media throughout North Texas created a buzz among horse owners and lovers, from the Herald Democrat. Read more >>

Horse patrol starting at airport
Anna Zinkhon will get to take her horse where it hasn’t been before, from the Lexington Herald-Leader. Read more >>

Horse gives rare birth to twin foals
Something miraculous happened in Frank and Nancy Preston’s horse barn as the minutes ticked down this year to Easter Sunday, from Quad-City Times. Read more >>

Dressage Foundation’s Carol Lavell Adult Amateur Scholarship Increased
The Dressage Foundation is pleased to announce that the Carol Lavell Gifted Scholarship is increased to $900, for recipients selected in 2008 who will train in 2009, from the USDF. Read more >>

North Dakota Horse Council
Horse Lovers were in the Capital City to talk about what else… horses, from KQCD. Read more >>

Cowboys giddyup for Grand National Rodeo
Rodeo enthusiasts can saddle up for the 63rd Grand National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show starting Friday at the Cow Palace. It ends April 12, from Read more >>

Crazy chief constable Richard Brunstrom in Britain is employing a new undercover weapon—a horsebox, from The Sun. Read more >>

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