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Horse Center Shutting Down at MCAS Miramar
A 52-year-old equestrian center at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego is being closed, it was reported Wednesday, from Fox 6. Read more >>

Hong Kong unveils six-star hotel for Olympic horses
Horses competing in the Olympic Games in August are to be pampered in six-star, luxury stables complete with play rooms and warm and cold showers, equestrian officials in Hong Kong confirmed Wednesday, from the Bangkok Post. Read more >>

Comment: Herds of horse manure: How USA Today misled America about horse slaughter
Blame for current horse welfare problems in the United Stated is placed squarely on the closure of US horse slaughterhouses in a March 23 article appearing in USA Today, from Horsetalk/New Zealand. Read more >>

Delayed bond sale could kill Horse Park hotel
The proposed luxury hotel at the Kentucky Horse Park could be in jeopardy because the bonds to finance the deal haven’t been sold, from the Lexington Herald-Leader. Read more >>

Ricardo Amaya, horse trainer, dies of injuries
A horse trainer and rider critically injured last week has died, hospital officials said Wednesday, from the Ventura County Star. Read more >>

USRider Provides Safety Tips to Reduce Tire Troubles
Traveling with horses adds another set of tasks, such as prepping the horse for shipping, packing feed and supplies for the horse, tow vehicle maintenance, to name a few, from AHP. Read more >>


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