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Darren Chiacchia Discharged from Hospital
Darren was discharged from the rehab hospital in Buffalo today after tremendous strides on his road to recovery, from Read more >>

AAEP to tour Mexican slaughter plants
Four American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) leaders want to visit Mexican horse-slaughter plants following widespread reports of equine abuse and inhumane euthanasia, from DVM News. Read more >>

Baroness: Europeans see wild horses as representing America
It’s not only Nevada residents who are debating the fate of the state’s horses that roam the Virginia Range – residents of Europe are interested as well, from the Nevada Appeal. Read more >>

Varsity Equestrian National Championships Kicks Off
The seventh annual Varsity Equestrian National Championships (VENC) are slated to begin on Thursday, April 17, at the Heart O’ Texas Fairgrounds, from the USEF. Read more >>

Police Investigate Fatal Shooting of Baby Horse
Who would deliberately shoot and kill a newborn baby horse? from MyFoxHouston. Read more >>

Durham Horse Crematory Plan Has Friends, Foes
Town planners Wednesday night heard fervent arguments for and against what would be the state’s only full-time horse crematory — an idea proposed by Killingworth, Ct., horse boarder Jeff Blaschke to fill what he said was a pressing need in a state with nearly 50,000 horses, from Read more >>

Yuma County man faces federal prison for horse abuse
Federal prosecutors say a Yuma County, Ariz., man has pleaded guilty to failing to properly feed horses and a burro he acquired through the government’s wild horse and burro adoption program, from azCentral. Read more >>

Horse Neglect Case
There’s been another case of horse neglect in Kentucky, from WTVQ. Read more >>

Top 5 Signs of Potomac Horse Fever
The name is deceiving, but Potomac horse fever (PHF) is not just a concern for horses near the Potomac River, from AHP. Read more >>

Keeneland and Toyota Give Grant to KyEHC
Kentucky’s at-risk horses are set to receive a gift from the Keeneland Foundation and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky in the form of a $20,000 grant to the Kentucky Equine Humane Center, from BloodHorse. Read more >>


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