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FEI Tribunal Issues Decision in the Case of Jessica Kurten
The FEI has issued its decision in the case involving Jessica Kurten at last year’s CSIO 5* in La Baule (FRA), resulting in a two-month suspension of the athlete, from the FEI. Read more >>

Racing Continues in the Spotlight

Filly Eight Belles’ death prompts rally, protest outside Kentucky Horse Racing Authority
About 20 animal-rights protesters waved signs outside the offices of the state’s horse racing regulators Tuesday in response to the death of filly Eight Belles after the Kentucky Derby, from the Star Tribune. Read more >>

A Chance to Revolutionize Horse Racing, Instead of Going Around in Circles
Was the death of Eight Belles good for something, or nothing? from the Washington Post. Read more >>

Vet that treated Eight Belles trackside talks about injuries in horse racing
The emotions still run deep over the tragic end to the Kentucky Derby, from Wave 3. Read more >>

Monticello Raceway driver injured in crash; horse euthanized
Driver Jimmy Marohn Jr. was hurt in a racing accident at Monticello Raceway in New York on Tuesday and a horse involved had to be euthanized, from the RecordOnline. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Horse experts see more unwanted horses, abandonment, neglect
Horses are being abandoned or neglected because the cost of keeping them has skyrocketed and many people don’t understand all that’s required of a horse owner, panelists said recently at Montana State University’s fourth annual equine conference, from Montana State University. Read more >>

Eastern Cape hit by African horse sickness
African Horse Sickness (AHS) has broken out in the Eastern Cape of Africa, the department of agriculture said on Thursday, from Pretoria News. Read more >>

Film captures moment horse bolted
The moment a Shire horse bolted into a crowd injuring six people at a show in Hampshire has been caught on film, from the BBC. Read more >>

International Buzz

Guards Polo Club to recreate historic polo match
A polo match recreating the 1908 London Olympic Games final between Britain and Ireland will be staged at Guards Polo Club later this month, from Horse and Hound. Read more >>


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