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    Q & A with Darren Chiacchia
    Darren Chiacchia continues his recovery from the riding accident in March at the Red Hills Horse Trials, from EventRider. Read More >>

    Please Help Tornado Victims and Equestrians in Iowa
    The victims of the recent tornadoes in Iowa have lost almost everything they own, including their homes, barns, many horses and ponies, and all of their equipment, from Phelps Media Group. Read More >>

    Equine Welfare

    Three EIA-Positives Found in Indiana; Horse Owners Advised to Test Animals Regularly
    Horse owners and veterinarians should watch their horses, mules, donkeys and other equine closely for any unusual disease symptoms, in light of a cluster of recent positive cases of equine infectious anemia (EIA), from the USEA. Read More >>

    More Horses Abandoned In Weak Economy
    The slowing economy means many people are cutting corners; in some cases, it leads to heartbreaking results, from NBC17. Read More >>

    Human Interest

    He lost a horse but is keen on keeping reputation
    The photograph of Eight Belles fits underneath the sun visor of Larry Jones’ truck, and that’s where he keeps it, from The Philadelphia Inquirer. Read More >>

    Penning cancer in its place
    When life throws you off your saddle you get back on the horse and keep on riding. This is exactly what 270 women did at the Alberta Team Penning Association (ATPA) second annual Breast Cancer Penning, from the Drayton Valley Western Review. Read More >>

    Colorful twins make their debut at Charlie Daniels’ Twin Pines Ranch
    After devoting more than 25 years to raising quality Paints and advancing the American Paint Horse breed, country-rock legend Charlie Daniels recently received the prize of a lifetime at his Twin Pines Ranch—a set of healthy, twin Paint fillies, from the APHA. Read More >>



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