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Equestrian Sport

Ludger Beerbaum and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum are not being investigated for doping, says FEI
The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has categorically denied rumours that German show jumpers Ludger Beerbaum and his American-born sister-in-law Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum are being investigated for a doping incident at the Olympics, from Horse and Hound.  Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Clemson urges horse owners to prepare for severe weather
Clemson, S.C., officials are urging owners of horse to take action early in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna, from Live5News.  Read more >>

Rabid Horse, Bat Found In KC Area
Rabies alert issued for Cass County, Mo., from KMBC.  Read more >>

Horse shot to death in Clackamas Co. pasture
A Clackamas County family was devastated to find their horse shot to death in the pasture over the weekend and now they hope police can help them find the killer, from KGW.  Read more >>

Horse gets stuck on a garage roof in Banksville, N.Y.
A cat up a tree may sound routine for firefighters, but the call to the Banksville Independent Fire Department yesterday – a horse on a roof – was anything but, from  Read more >>

In Other News

Rescue team needs horse and ATV riders
Kentucky’s Campbell County Search & Rescue tracks down lost or missing people with blood hounds, trained trackers and most recently, with horse riders and all terrain vehicles, from  Read more >>

Mary Jo Murray, accountant, horse rescuer
Mary Jo Murray spent most of her life adoring horses, the past 15 years owning horses, and the past 10 years rescuing horses, from Rocky Mountain News.  Read more >>


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