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State OKs $1 million to improve horse park
The Florida Horse Park has hosted some of the state’s most prestigious equine events, from  Read more >>

New Mexico thoroughbred breaks record
It was an easy win for Peppers Pride. About three lengths, in fact, from WTVM.  Read more >>

Human Interest

Young Loma Linda singer practices her craft on her horses
Ashley Renee Childers, 11, of Loma Linda, Calif., loves music and horses, from The Press-Enterprise.  Read more >>

Contest pairs horse trainers with wild mustangs
As a Johnny Cash tune played over the loudspeakers, horse trainer Gary Main Jr. coaxed Victory through a display of discipline and skill inside the Wyoming State Fair arena, from the Charlotte Observer.  Read more >>

Event celebrates Horse Guard’s 200th
Drum beats and the clumpity-clump of horse hooves drowned out the sound of traffic around Connecticut’s New Haven Green Saturday morning as the 2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard celebrated its 200th anniversary, from the New Haven Register. Read more >>

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Lion Rides Horse
A lion rides a horse in a circus show as part of celebrations to mark National Day, the 59th anniversary of the founding of communist China, from National Geographic.  Read more >>


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