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Equestrian Sport

Statement from the FEI regarding the German National Federation press
The German National Federation has expressed their intention to appeal the decision of the independent FEI Tribunal in the case against Christian Ahlmann, calling for stronger sanctions, from the FEI.  Read more >>

USEF Announces ParaEquestrian Dressage Training Session
The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is hosting a ParaEquestrian Dressage Training Session for potential Para Dressage Equestrians and Elite Riders with US ParaEquestrian Team Coach and international eventing rider Missy Ransehousen and Assistant Coach Sharon Schneidman, from the USEF.  Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Four Receive White Horse Award from the Race Track Chaplaincy of America after Rescuing Horses from Fire
The day before the 2008 Breeders’ Cup began, four heroes were honored at the Race Track Chaplaincy’s annual luncheon, from the USEF.  Read more >>

Estray horse adoption likely
Three animal rescue organizations have expressed interest in giving homes to 28 horses that were about to go on the auction block, and possibly to slaughter, from the Nevada Appeal.  Read more >>

Horses and the Law

Horse enthusiasts GallEP into Bozeman
Horse enthusiasts galloped to Bozeman City Hall in Montana Wednesday to persuade local leaders to include equestrians in the city’s area transportation plan, from Montana’s News Station.  Read more >>

Human Interest

A whinnying ticket: Horse names bet on Palin, GOP
Long after Sarah Palin’s wardrobe has gone to charity, her namesakes may still be campaigning. The vice presidential candidate could be running again in horse shoes instead of heels as “Sarah Barracuda” and “Sarahcuda” come of age and head for the racetrack, from the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Read more >>

Will rides Gibson’s horse for ‘Grace’
Singer Will Young rode the same horse Mel Gibson did in the movie “Braveheart” for his music video “Grace,” from New Kerala.  Read more >>

Japanese teacher punished for horsing around
A Japanese teacher was reprimanded after leaving her classes more than 150 times so she could take horse-riding lessons, the education board said Wednesday, from Yahoo.  Read more>>


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