Take the Peeps Taste Test


Peeps can make a great treat for your horseNo doubt you’ve seen them invading store shelves. We’re talking about Peeps, those much maligned sugar-crusted candy treats, formed by contorting a marshmallow mixture into a mold that resembles a variety of springtime creatures. They have everything from blazing blue bunny peeps to the classic yellow chick peep.
While you may or may not enjoy discovering peeps in your Easter basket, many horses seem to relish the treat. It may not be a good idea to foist a whole peck o’ peeps into your horse’s manger, but there doesn’t seem to be any harm in allowing a horse—or pony—to snack on one or two. Or three. Try a Peeps taste test in your barn and see if your horse has a sweet tooth for the seasonal oddity. Maybe your horse will be among the few peep connoisseurs in the world!



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