Oh Say, Can You Sing?


Okay, so it’s not American Idol. But if you like horses and can sing a few notes, you might be interested in an opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a horse expo. The producers of the upcoming North Carolina Equine Extravaganza have announced their plans to hold a contest for aspiring young vocalists. The NCEE will take place at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, Aug. 3 – 5 and will attract horse lovers from all over the eastern United States.
“We thought giving local youth the opportunity to share their vocal talents with our attendees would be a great way to give our show the home town appeal that an expo can sometimes lack,” said event producer Vicki O’Hara. “We also felt that giving promising young talents the opportunity to sing in front of our large crowds would be beneficial.” 
The contest will produce three winners that will have the opportunity to sing the Anthem at the beginning of each day’s popular East Coast Trainer Challenge competition, a highlight of this year’s event. Nashville recording artist and songwriter Templeton Thompson will be singing tunes from her album “Girls & Horses” throughout the event and will introduce the winners before their performances. 
Like every contest, there are some rules. Entrants must be under 18 years of age at the time of the event. And there’s an audition: Contestants must send a DVD of their version of the National Anthem as well as a song of their choice. If you’re in the region and are interested in singing your heart out, you’ll need to submit your DVD by July 16.

For complete details, visit www.equineextravaganza.com.


  1. hi my name is katrina,
    i whould like to enter this contest….i never grow up around horse but i have been around one and rode one before and i think that they are sooo cute and can be silly at times…i can sing and i do love horse so I waswoundering would this be a good thing for me to do because i have never sang in front of a large crowd of people I didnt know and I want to be a singer when grow so yea I want to give this a try.

  2. hi my name is victoria,
    i would like to enter this contest, i grew up with horses when i was little and i just adore them. I can sing many different notes from high to low. I have sang in many competitions in front of over 500 people. i think this contest will be good for me because, i love to sing and i love horses, and i want to be a good singer when i grow up, and i think this will be good practice for me to achieve my goal.

  3. My name is Brittany. I LOVE Horses and singing.<3 I have been singing for about 7 years. I know all the words the National anthem so it would be an amazing opportunity for me, plus I can sing. My voice range is a soprano. If you pick me, you will NOT be disappointed. 🙂


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