Horse Show Ribbon Display


The new show season is almost underway, so isn’t it time to start wondering what to do with all those ribbons you’re going to win? One suggestion is to display them in a big glass jar. That’s right: a jar. But we’re not talking peanut butter or jam jars. Instead, visit a well-stocked craft store and buy giant, heavy-duty glass jars with a locking lid. Or troll flea markets and antique shops for vintage apothecary jars. Then carefully fold your ribbons and place them inside the glass jars, taking time to make sure that the outside of the ribbon tails (the side with the lettering) and the rosettes are visible. Secure the lids, place the jars on a shelf or your fireplace mantle and you’ve preserved your memories in a colorful, decorative way!


  1. I’m sorry but this sounds like the dumbest idea I’ve heard. You can’t really see the ribbons and read their details. Don’t think I’ll use this one.


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