Horse Tripping Ban

    Arizona became the eighth state to outlaw horse tripping

    On March 26, Arizona’s House of Representatives gave tentative approval to Bill 2539 that would make the deliberate tripping of horses and other equine animals illegal in the state.

    Horse tripping mostly occurs in charreadas, or Mexican rodeos, where contestants score points by lassoing the legs of a galloping horse, forcing it to crash to the ground. Animal welfare organizations have long pushed to make horse tripping illegal in all states.

    Bill supporters acknowledge horse tripping is part of Mexican rodeo tradition, but they say it often leads to serious injuries and death for horses.

    “If anyone respects the Mexican culture and community it’s me, but it’s wrong to support hurting animals for sport,” says Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix democrat and the bill’s prime sponsor.

    If passed, House Bill 2539 will make horse tripping a class one misdemeanor in Arizona, carrying a sentence of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. In addition to horses, the bill will apply to ponies, mules, donkeys and hinnies.

    In an amended version of the bill under consideration, equine tripping would not include horses that accidentally fall during jumping, steeplechase, racing, calf or steer-roping and a number of other Western rodeo events.

    Seven states, including California, New Mexico and Texas, prohibit horse tripping. Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska are considering legislation to ban the practice as well.


    1. This is great!! This is actually a good thing..unlike closing the slaughter houses!Come Visit my Page: Thanks you horses…THANK YOU♥

    2. I think that horses in Mexico are scarce enough. Why would they put these somewhat fragile animals in possible danger?? Not all people have soft hearts, but I should think that the horse or other equine relative should be used, but not for this tradition.

    3. i think anyone who finds an event like horsetripping amusing is sick. these people should be ashamed of themselves for participating in such a barbaric act. there is no honor or glory in torturing an animal, and horsetripping is just another form of torture. why there should be any thought into banning this is ridiculous. after viewing it once, any decent person should know its WRONG!!!


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