Horse Tripping Banned in Nevada County

Horse tripping was recently banned in Nevada

On Feb. 7, the Lyon County Commissioners in Nevada unanimously approved an ordinance that bans the practice of horse tripping in that county. The vote falls on the heels of an ongoing attempt to ban horse tripping in Phoenix, Ariz. Phoenix councilwoman Thelda Williams presented an ordinance banning the sport to the Phoenix City Council last month.

Horse tripping, which many animal rights activists are actively campaigning against, is a common site at some charreados or Mexican rodeos. The sport involves competitors chasing a horse and roping it by its legs. The goal of the event is to crash the horse to the ground. Horses are commonly injured, suffering broken legs and broken necks, and many must be euthanized as a result.

Horse-tripping has been banned in only a handful of states: California, Maine, New Mexico and Texas.


  1. This is a sad article. I hope that they can stop this horse tripping in all the other states that is doing this. It is so mean on how people does this and it just shows that they don’t have a heart I hope that they do something about this and put a end to it..

  2. Tripping a horse is a terrible thing to do. I don’t see how ANYONE with feelings could do such a thing. It should be ban in all the United States, I thought it was.

  3. Horse tripping really doesn’t do anything good for the image of the Mexican culture. I would think that animal lovers and horsemen and women who are Mexican-American would be more vocal in ending this “sport.”

  4. i’m glad they are ending this horrible sport!!!!! who would do such a terrible thing to this sweet and loving animals? this is about as bad as sloughtering this animals.

  5. It’s great to slowly start banning Horse Tripping — but it mentions it’s just in /one/ Nevada county. Not the whole state. We as horsemen/horsewomen need to fight back to end these cruel acts for good. Man has not stopped to see all the havoc they have caused and as life goes on and this problem is unattended, we will soon have nothing left.

  6. Horrible. I hope it is banned across our great nation. currently, with the Mexicans its a big sport here and .. where else MEXICO. Then, when the horse cannot be “tripped” anymore, they could care less, they send it to one of their many very inhumane slaughter plants. Way to go Mexico… They get an F – as human beings


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