Embrace Your Inner Horse-Crazy Child


Okay, so maybe you’ve outgrown your infatuation with My Pretty Pony, and you’ve moved beyond reading The Saddle Club series of books. But what horse lover can resist a cutesy horse cartoon? Think of it as a guilty pleasure while you’re eating breakfast on a Saturday morning. According to Lori Dolginoff of DIC Entertainment, a new animated cartoon about horses was launched last fall on the CBS kids’ block of programs Saturday mornings. Dubbed Horseland, the show was tailored for girls 6-11 years old, and spawned related DVDs, an array of figurines and books. Naturally, the show is set in the greatest stable ever, where kids and their horses compete and have adventures. Interwoven into the plotlines are lessons about life issues, although we wonder if those “issues” include scrambling to budget money for a farrier appointment or how to get muck stains out of your new carpet.


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