Summertime Tip: Watch the Water


During these hot summer months it’s important to keep an eye on how much water your horse is drinking. If your horse doesn’t consume enough liquid, he could become dehydrated. Worse, he could develop impaction colic because there isn’t enough water in his digestive tract, making his stools hard to pass. While you’re inside sipping lemonade, your horse could be refusing to drink due to an accumulation of algae in his water. Or he might be dropping pellets or grain into the water, which quickly sours in the heat. And of course there is the chance that your horse took dead aim and pooped in his water. All of these possibilities are reasons why keeping your horse’s water clean is a daily chore in the summer months.


  1. I thought it was good, but you might want to add that adding molassas to your horses water ( 1 cup/ 5 gal. bucket) is a good way to give them natural electrolytes and encourage more drinking.

  2. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS ARTICLE UP! Just yesterday my beloved pony colicked because of dehydration. (A pasture buddy kept chasing him away from the water.) I would not ever wish that on anyone else!


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