U.S. House Takes Up Horse Slaughter


The U.S. House has voted–yet again–to stop spending money on inspections of horse slaughter plants. The measure, approved late Thursday, was part of a $91 billion spending bill for farm subsidies and nutrition programs.

Only one horse slaughter plant remains open in the United States: Cavel International in DeKalb, Ill. The plant has been fighting a legal battle to stay open and has appealed earlier court decisions forcing its closure. In the latest round of legal maneuvering, the courts have ruled that Cavel can remain open while it fights its most recent appeal.

Two other horse slaughter plants, both in Texas, shut down earlier this year after exhausting all court appeals to remain open.

Congress voted two years ago to strip money from the Agriculture Department budget for horse slaughter inspections, and that bill was signed by the president. But the USDA then offered inspections on a fee-for-service basis, allowing the horse slaughter plants to continue to operate.

Cavel ships horsemeat overseas for human consumption, but without USDA inspections it won’t be able to continue business in this market. It is unknown yet whether the USDA will offer inspections on fee basis as it has done in the past.


  1. Thank you so much! I was heartbroken when I saw an article that said that horses were being slaughtered. I have a horse, and I cannot imagine the horrors of any horse going into a slaughter house. It is such a waste of a horse!!! Thank you so much!

  2. TANKYOU SO MUCH!!!i could not belive that some 1 could do that 2 1 of Gods most graceful animals!!!i love horses with all my heart!!& it made my day when i read this!!

  3. I really think all this horse slaughter business is stupid. As sad as it is it’s necessary, and if people would just realize that we wouldn’t be in this mess.


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