Whoa, Sushi, Whoa!


Not everyone likes sushi. But there’s no denying that the bite-sized creations made with fresh fish excite a lot of palates around the world. Unfortunately, sushi lovers are being hard hit with a lack of sushi quality tuna, now that countries like China and the good ol’ USA are gobbling up more than their share of the deep sea fish. Japan is really feeling the crunch, and sushi chefs in that country are chumming the waters, so to speak, to come up with an alternative to the increasingly rare and pricey tuna. The answer they have come up with may lie in horsemeat. Yes, that’s right: Japanese diners, who already consider horsemeat a delicacy, may soon be seeing horse sushi in their favorite restaurants, at least until tuna makes a resurgence.  The thought leaves a bad taste in our mouths, however.


  1. This is absolutely horrible! Horse Sushi? I think its nonsense!! I myself like sushi, but I don’t think I can ever eat it again.

  2. The Japanese have been eating horsemeat forever, and see no problem with it. Neither do I.
    We don’t eat horse here in the U.S., but it’s not our call to say what other cultures may or may not eat.
    I get very weary of people trying to cram THEIR prejudices down everyone else’s throats.

  3. I think that this is simply, in short, barbaric. In reading the other comments to “Whoa, Sushi, Whoa” I am siding with those of you who are just as appalled and angered as I am. As for people who think eating horsemeat & horse slaughter are okay, ya’ll obviously don’t know what the poor animals have to go through their journey to death as well as in line to die. Most horses that die in slaughterhouses die alive!!!!! (Usually by bleeding to death) The Japanese need to get real in their sushi situation. Tilapia & salmon sushi are rather delicious.

  4. I don’t like this at all! I’ve always thought the Japanese were wrong in eating horses, but this is just SICK!!! Why horses? Why eat noble animals? Several other meats are available. Why not use beef and prepare it like steak carpacio? Horses are slaughtered differently from other animals. Most of them die a slow , painful, scary death. Instead of using humane killer guns to the head (although slaughter advocates {curse them} say they do), I have seen horses die at these “kill shacks” in all sorts of ways: long knives similar to daggers, hammers, electric weapons, etc. Even if horses were killed ina humane way, I wouldn’t eat them. Horses are far to noble for us to do that to them.

  5. That is discusting! God, i cant even amagin how many champions have been eaten by people. And i thought shushi was sea food, when did horses start living in the ocean and grow gills and fins!!!!!!!! i just dont get people! if someone stole my horse and choped him up i would die (seriously)!?!?!?! there should be a bill stating that we should stop exporting horse meat… and to top it off the way thoes poor horses are treated before they are killed sickens me…….. DOWN WITH HORSEMEAT… UP WIT TUNE lol

  6. I think that if a horse is primarily used for riding and a companion, they should not be consumed. It’s like eating your dog or your best friend.

  7. Why does Horsechannel put these articles about horses on dinner plates on here?!?!? They are disgusting and mean. Please stop these articles.


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