Horse News – July 10, 2010


Check out horse news from July 10, 2010.

Equestrian Sport

Sweden bids for 2018 WEGs
Earlier today Gothenburg, Sweden entered the running for the 2018 World Equestrian Games.  Goethenburg will be competing with Wellington, FL and whichever other cities enter their names for consideration over the next few months. From Eventing Nation. Read more >>

In Other News

A Horse of a Different Color: Equestrian “Circus” Comes to Town
New Yorkers may think they’ve seen everything, but they haven’t seen the pageantry, acrobatics and equestrian tricks of Cavalia, yet. From NBC New York. Read more >>

Cull delayed, but fate of 5,000 brumbies in balance
Wild horse advocates welcome a delay to plans to truck up to 5000 animals from the Kimberley region to slaughter, but warn the fate of the horses is uncertain. From Horsetalk. Read more >>

Horseback choreography
There’s a new dance team in town. Rather than performing on a stage on their own two feet, however, the venue of choice for this group is a grassy arena with more than a little help from their four-legged friends. From Read more >>

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