Kentucky Working to Save Unwanted Horses

The John Henry Memorial Adoption Fair helps find home for unwanted horses

Kentucky is trying to do as much as it can to feed its hungry horses. The John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair, named for the Kentucky Horse Park’s beloved racehorse who passed away last fall, takes place on June 28 and will help find homes for some of the state’s unwanted horses. The fair will take place at the Kentucky Horse Park and bring together a number of equine adoption organizations to showcase their rescued, adoptable horses.

John Henry spent the first several years of his life being unwanted, until he came into the hands of a trainer who recognized the value of a horse that the rest of the world saw as small, plain, ill-tempered and poorly conformed. John Henry rewarded those who finally wanted him by earning more than $6 million on the track.

During the fair, a silent auction will benefit the Kentucky Horse Council’s Save Our Horses (SOHO) fund. The fund provides financial support for feed and veterinarian care when a good Samaritan or a county in Kentucky cares for a horse that has been confiscated due to its poor condition. In addition, the fund is providing an Equine Abuse Investigation Class to train local officials on how to successfully identify horses that need help, and how to ensure prosecution when it is warranted.

If you would like to donate an item to the silent auction and assist in this life-saving effort, contact Kathy Hopkins at 859-259-4291 or Tracy Walker at 859-259-4262 for more information. Donations are tax-deductible. For more information on the John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair, call 859-233-4303 or visit


  1. I read an article in Young Rider about a girl who adopted a horse from the Kentucky Horse Park. wish i were in her shoes!

  2. I’m all for helping unwanted horses. I’m so glad that someone is atleast putting forth the effort instead of jumping straight to euthanasia such as the article stated about BLM. I really hope things work out for those Kentuckians who are trying for our horses && making things work for them && being able to provide a once neglected/unwanted horse to a wonderful && well-loved family pet. KEEP ON GOING && DON”T GIVE UP!!! ?PlEaSe?


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