Hands-on Ideas for Last Minute Gifts


If you’re running out of time but still want the personal touch that goes into a thoughtful gift, here are some ideas you may find helpful.
Buy a pair of knee high boot socks and fill them with carrots and wrapped peppermints and horse treats. Tie both together with a pretty ribbon. That way, your horsey friend gets a pair of warm boot socks and their horse gets some yummies, too! As a variation on the theme, stuff the socks with handy little items to use around the barn: a hoof pick, a mane comb, a horse thermometer, etc.
For your favorite riding instructor or barn manager, buy an oversized coffee mug with a horsey design. There are plenty on the market, from cowboy-themed mugs featuring Roy Rogers and Trigger to English foxhunting scenes and even horsey cartoons with humorous captions. Then fill the mug with your choice of several goodies, depending on the personal tastes of the gift recipient. Choose from an assortment of teas, a ready-to-use collection of mulling spices for hot apple cider or homemade bon-bons.
Grooms and horse show helpers are always losing their favorite rub rags. You can help them out by buying several terry cloth hand towels at your local discount department store. Kitchen or garage shop towels seem to work best. Then, stop by your neighborhood embroidery shop (you can often find them at tailors and sportswear retailers) and have the person’s name embroidered on the spiffy rub rags. No one can accidentally walk off with them now!

By adding a personal touch to small gifts you can really make an impact. (And it’s fun for you, too!)


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