Le Samurai Fund Established

The Le Samurai Fund was established by Amy Tryon and Rebecca Broussard

April 21, 2008–After the loss of their eminent eventing horse Le Samurai in 2007, rider Amy Tryon and owner Rebecca Broussard have turned their attention toward an effort in memory of the great four-star mount. The Le Samurai Fund has been established by Tryon and Broussard to continue the support of the United States Eventing Association’s (USEA) Area Adult Rider Education Programs.

The Le Samurai Fund replaces the Laura Posten Fund started by Joyce Hampton and Chris Brown in memory of their friend Laura Posten who died in 1997. The Laura Posten Fund was created to offset the expenses of USEA Area Adult Rider Educational activities. As the Laura Posten Fund became depleted, concerns were expressed about how the Area Adult Rider clinics and camps would continue without essential funding. In response, Broussard and Tryon offered to continue helping eventers across the United States by creating a similar fund and naming it after their much-loved horse, Le Samurai. The amount of funding available will be $1,000 per Area per year.

Le Samurai was euthanized after sustaining an injury while competing in the 2007 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event last April. Tryon, who was riding the horse, underwent intense scrutiny. Le Samurai showed signs of lameness during the final moments of the Rolex course, but Tryon didn’t pull him up until the last fence was jumped. As a result, Tryon was suspended from competition through Sept. 19, 2007, and ordered to pay fines. In a statement, Tryon, who is highly regarded by her peers and the equestrian community, expressed deep sadness and remorse. “Had I known that Le Samurai was injured in any way, I would have pulled up immediately. In the sport of eventing, the welfare of the horse must be paramount at all times.”


  1. That’s sad that Tyson was suspended for awhile. Did no one even ask her if she knew the horse was lame? I mean, come on, it wasn’t like she was driving this horse into the ground, knew it was lame, and jumped it anyway. She felt the horse was doing fine, and it had to be at least a little bit if it cleared the last jump. But anyway, that’s not the point, I hope the fund goes over well.


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