Time to Leave for Hunters and Jumpers


Although it’s frustrating to have your hunter or jumper excused from the show ring due to refusals, don’t assume you have the right to school your horse over a more inviting jump before exiting. According to U. S. Equestrian Federation rules, as of April 1, 2007, hunters are not permitted a schooling jump after 3 refusals.
Jumpers are also supposed to leave when asked. And when is it time for them to exit gracefully? Jumpers competing in divisions below Level 5 (3’9”-4’) can accumulate 3 refusals before hearing the whistle. However, higher divisions are excused after just 2 refusals.
Since the majority of hunter and jumper shows operate according to USEF rules, it’s wise to be familiar with USEF rules, even if a particular show isn’t rated. That way you won’t appear ignorant and the judge will appreciate your timely exit.


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