Horses can Travel to Shows in Luxury, Style


The Equine Motorcoach is the newest way to travel with horsesMost longtime horse show competitors can recall days when they got themselves to the showgrounds crammed in the backseat of a rickety sedan coated with a flurry of barn dog hair.  The horses, of course, always traveled in more refined ways. Now, however, the options are even more glorious for shipping horses to shows. A new horse transport vehicle, boasting the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship, luxury fitting and the most modern vehicle technology, is making its way to the United States.
The concept for the Equine Motorcoach was envisioned at Great Britain’s Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 2006. A trio of Americans, who shared a love for horses and British society, combined with firsthand knowledge of the RV industry in the United States, fell in love with a Lehel Horse Box. A “horse box” is the British term for what Americans call a horse trailer or van, but this was something special. Made in Lexington, Ky., by Lehel Coach Builders, the British version was changed somewhat to reflect more “Americanized” tastes and is now being offered to the horse-owning public. Well, to the discriminating horse-owning public. The Equine Motorcoach combines the latest in a Volvo chassis with the yacht-finish of Lehel Coach Builders. In other words, you can now sail to your competitions in style, charting a course on the highway to a berth at the next showground. Indeed, this is a horse trailer with human living quarters taken to a luxurious extreme. Dog hair, however, is optional. For more information, visit /redirect.php?



  1. Lehel have a very bad reputation in the UK & Europe, they are actually made in Hungary a former communist state, and have huge reliablility issues.
    Would you transport your horses in an Eastern European car?

  2. LEHEL i am amazed by Davids comments!We have owned and used a Lehel horsebox for six years & have travelled over 200,000 miles all over Europe.Our whole family & our horses have enjoyed reliability & super luxury. Mr Ripey.London,England

  3. Having just visited the factory in what David in Palm Springs calls rather disparagingly a”former communist state” I can say the build quality and attention to detail of Lehel appears to be second to none.
    The international three day event team we accompanied is delighted with its current Lehel horse lorry and is already looking forward to taking delivery of their next vehicle.
    I find it frustrating when people leave negative feedback without backing up their criticisms. Just sounds like sour grapes to me!
    And regarding “an eastern European car”, Skoda, now owned by VW, produce some of the best sensibly-priced cars in the world, with a build quality that several motoring journalists claim now rivals Audio and BMW!
    When experience in manufacturing is coupled with business sense, great things really do happen.
    I could be rude about the USA’s reputation in this field, but given I only drive cars made in Europe, what do I know!


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