Mini Jumps Made Just for Munchkins


Are you tired of venturing out to the arena, only to discover that the barn kids have lowered all the jumps so they could play Horse Show? Or has your backyard become a jumble of picnic benches, criss-crossed shovels and overturned laundry baskets so that your (much) younger siblings—or kids—can canter courses on their own two feet? Then maybe Jumpswest has a solution for you. The West Coast manufacturer of pre-fab horse jumps has introduced a line of colorful mini jumps. These charming pint-sized obstacles offer ways for kids to play together and challenge each other ‘over fences.’ Possibilities are endless. They’re even great for practicing with those canines that get volunteered into masquerading as show hunters. Hardware is included and all you have to do is some minor attaching of feet to hold the jumps upright. Sound like a potential gift for the holiday season? To take a closer look, visit



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