National Farriers Week


July 8-14 marks National Farriers Week, and the American Farriers Journal has a special recognition certificate at it website that will let you thank your hoof care professional for a job well done. Pay tribute for dedication and professionalism by visiting to obtain the downloadable certificate.
Along with the certificate, here’s what you can do to show appreciation:

1. Pay your farrier on time.
2. Make sure your horse is well behaved for your farrier.
3. Provide your farrier with a safe area to work that also offers protection from the elements.
4. Have your horse ready for your farrier when he or she arrives.
5. Take good care of your horse’s feet in between farrier visits.
6. Listen to your farrier’s advice on hoof care. and its horse-loving staff wish to thank all the professional farriers out there, especially the ones who work on our own horses. Happy National Farriers Week!



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