Go to School, Trim a Hoof


If you’re a fan of the so-called natural hoof care movement—where shoes are pulled and hooves are trimmed in a specific manner—you might be interested in a long distance (think correspondence) course in the topic. EasyCare, Inc., the makers of the original Easyboot and a company that continues to produce innovative hoof boots, will be offering a total of eight first-term scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to the Equine Sciences Academy.  Four scholarships will be awarded to the fall 2007 class, and four to the spring 2008 class.    
The goal of the Equine Sciences Academy is to be the most comprehensive and professional training program in natural horse and hoof care available. The program is designed as a two-year course, but actual completion time may vary based on a number of factors such as scheduling, ability to pass all required elements before progressing and prior experience.
But before you buy your backpack and book bags, take note: Applicants must first apply to and be accepted into the Academy.  Upon acceptance, students may apply to EasyCare. 
“As the field of natural hoof care continues to grow, so will the demand for qualified professionals. EasyCare is excited to be able to assist those looking to make natural hoof care a career,” says EasyCare president, Garrett Ford. “We are currently working on expanding this new scholarship program to include additional programs and organizations that educate and train qualified applicants in the natural care of horse’s hooves.”
For more information and application requirements, contact the Equine Sciences Academy at www.equinesciencesacademy.com.


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